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Speaker Nancy Pelosi: The most effective, accomplished, and consequential Speaker in our lifetime. With love and admiration, Thank You..

I’m full of admiration for @RichaChadha. As an actor, as an Indian citizen, and as a gold-standard example of an Indian celebrity..

Stan Lee
Stan Lee

Stan felt great pride and appreciation for the admiration and love shown to him by fans over the years, and we’re grateful to be able to continue sharing his work, life, and legacy with the world. #StanLee #HappyThanksgiving.

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TRT World
TRT World

Everything that has been on the media or Twitter, social media has been very far off exactly from what it is here. Florida football fans have expressed admiration for Qatari hospitality and the Imam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab Mosque, the largest mosque in Qatar.

Our heartfelt condolences to the Salming family and the entire Toronto Maple Leafs organization on the loss of Börje Salming. The admiration for Börje and his legacy will forever live on within the hockey community..

My admiration for Paul Chryst & Jim Leonhard will never change. Two of my favorites. I don’t know Luke Fickell personally(yet), but I know those who do. They rave about him, both as a coach & as someone who simply is a good dude. From one Ohio native to another-welcome to Madtown.


Noémie Merlant Channeled Her ‘Huge Admiration’ for Cate Blanchett Into ‘TÁR’ Performance.

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idk how many times this has been said but RedOne already has worked with big names in music but his admiration for Jungkook and how Dreamers is making history on the charts is really impressing him so much. There’s nobody like Jungkook, no records like the ones he breaks..

@Captaincoby00 To express their love and admiration for PMJT while offering a variety of designer socks as gifts 🎁..

Admiration Photo,Admiration Photo by Chris Robbin 🇨🇦🏳️‍🌈🇨🇦,Chris Robbin 🇨🇦🏳️‍🌈🇨🇦 on twitter tweets Admiration Photo

i’m filled with admiration and love whenever namjoon is respected and appreciated as an artist by others. like ofc his brilliance is a given without even mentioning but when people make it known explicitly, it makes my chest swell up pride..

I have nothing but respect and admiration for @AVindman and the family. This is what courage looks like!.

But But, Trudeau has a basic admiration for the Chinese Dictatorship! His new girl friend Melony rambled and denounced it today! Perhaps she is on the Sh’t List now! No more $ 6000 dollar hotel rooms for her.🤔.

Oooh shocking ! Non, je plaisante. Vous avez bien raison. Toutes ces personnes fières et courageuses qui insultent sous pseudo dans l’anonymat des réseaux. Toute mon admiration vous est acquise..

@ElectionWiz @BALENCIAGA The world should shut down their ability to do anything outside of a cold, dark prison cell. A Russian prison cell where no comforts will be allowed. The exploitation of children, the clear admiration for abusing children should deem them expelled from good standing in the world!.

such admiration and respect…..that’s what he deserves to hear constantly, i’m so so happy.

Happy Thanksgiving! 🍂🍃 This year was a bit of a mixed one for me, which provided many opportunities to focus on the biggest values in my life. This year was one of friendship. I am most grateful for my friends, who have reciprocated true love and admiration. 💕.

@xeretaBabu Oui la détermination, l’admiration, en font partie aussi et le champagne nous accompagne 🥂🍾🫠#EnTu 😄.

@fullaessedai @RationalNerd I wish I had their relentless energy! I stand in admiration!.

@acyl_azide i know it’s crazy! still working on making it earn the love and admiration of my family..

hier matin au festival du Livre, J’ai tenu à témoigner ma reconnaissance et mon admiration à @MarcVerillotte, policier d’élite au sein du RAID qui se trouvait en tête de la colonne d’assaut le 9 janvier 2015 pour libérer l’Hyper Casher, après l’attentat de Charlie Hebdo..

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I’ll never be able to accurately put into words the absolute love & admiration our girl has for her baby brother🥹.

Admiration Photo,Admiration Photo by Jenn but pregnant👣 #𝟚𝟚,Jenn but pregnant👣 #𝟚𝟚 on twitter tweets Admiration Photo

@red_mistress I love your Only Fans and I very fan of you since long time ago. you are the most hot mature women I ever see. My sincere admiration from South America..

@JasonLoch @danielneljack The constitutional customs and practices of NI from 1922 , especially the Governor and Senate, are a subject of great interest about which I know far too little! (Note: I very carefully said ‘interest’, and certainly did *not* say ‘admiration’…).

Not content to only encourage Dash regarding her recent weight gain, Soar can’t help admitting his admiration of her newfound figure..

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Transform negatives into positives: Failure = Lesson Anger = Enthusiasm Jealousy = Admiration Boredom = Room for Ideas Use negative energy and turn it positive. That will always reward you..

she stood up for her rights and dignity not only as a worker but as a person in a company known for exploiting, mistreating, and boycotting not only members but staff. kicking her out is a coward and irresponsible act and my admiration and respect goes to her.

@fpl_tactician 😂 nice Yeh playing a 10 player dynasty league with 2qb Not as good as your week but we both have admiration for the same QB ⚡.

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@chufanyan The only reason I can admire someone, but not in x respect is because admiration-in-x-respect has no special connection to my practical reasoning and so is a radically different attitude from admiration..

@chufanyan I agree but I think the same is true of admiration. Admiration in the robust sense, the sense in which what I admire is directly relevant to my practical reasoning, *is* all-or-nothing..

Your talent, by the way, has taken you so far, so high, that there is love and admiration for you in every corner of the world. And it is also for this reason, for having reached where he has, for the success he has achieved, that he has to deal with so much envy and evil. 👇👇.

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