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Jadon Sancho is currently working with Dutch coaches recommended by Erik ten Hag. He is taking advantage of the World Cup break to keep fit and refocus. [@lauriewhitwell].

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Today, in Kyiv 🇺🇦, a family came by the gas station to take advantage of its electricity: They needed to plug-in the inhaler of their little girl. 😢.

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This is a thread about @SeiNetwork and Why the #LeonicornSwap team decided to build AMM on SEI Network. Sei is the first sector-specific Layer 1 blockchain specialized for trading to give exchanges an unfair advantage..

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Been a long time coming on this, and the platform is near completion :)! Really really hyped. Basically the focus for 2022-2023: - $SPIT Integration - Allowing ecosystems build on our platforms; while allowing LV to take advantage of anything built by them - WEB2 - Innovation.

Happy Thanksgiving! Today watch Benvi get his stuffing from @hans_rawXXX - plus take advantage of our #BlackFriday deal all week! Click —>.

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KU is pretty fortunate that Tennessee had an overtime semifinal, as well. Vols cruised in the first round, so they have a leg up on KU in terms of rest, but that advantage is certainly less now, thanks to going to OT with USC..

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Dellandrea takes advantage of the wisdom around him and its paying off via @NHLdotcom.

Teasing you in public and making you needy, as I bring you into a public restroom and take advantage of you while you’re pathetically wet for me.

Keep private information private. As cyber criminals prepare to take advantage of the annual #BlackFriday sales, follow our tips to shop online safely:.

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If we’re gonna force a big turnover like that, we HAVE to take advantage and score. A 3 & out like that is not acceptable. Offense has been out of sync to start. Lets get it together..

Whelp. We had a chance, but when you can’t take advantage of a Dallas team basically giving you the game, you’re going to lose..

.@RheaRipley_WWE and @WWEAsuka battle it out to gain the #WarGames advantage for their team this week on #WWERaw..

Ballistic Advantage Modern Series 16 NATO Government Contour 1:7 Nitride AR-15 Barrel - Mid-Length - 1/2x28. $.

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Machine learning has a distinct advantage over other methods for threat detection in Web3 🥇 In the Attack Detector and other Forta Detection Bots, developers tap on Machine learning to prevent hacks👇.

No sidepods is one of the most insane innovations I’ve ever seen in my time watching F1. It is truly groundbreaking and aero benefits will be huge, don’t need a wind tunnel to see that. With development on PU limited it’ll be hard to replicate - advantage locked in for years?.

@golgariguy Destroy it. Early game mana advantage is crazy strong. In green, destroying their ring and then hitting Three Visits on T2 is an awesome swing in your favor..


@Faceplant4Life I used to officiate HS football and the rule is 3 yards there. Never understood the logic of it as it’s usually not impacting the play in any way shape or form. No advantage is gained. If the OL actually interferes then it should be OPI! But if not it makes no sense..

You said yes?⁣ ⁣ Okay!⁣ ⁣ Tomorrow evening, my friend @bruno_nwogu and myself will be holding a FREE live webinar where we show you how this works and how you can take advantage of it ⁣ ⁣.

@NYGDaily execution is pitiful. Needed to take advantage of these opportunities. Hard to watch..

@dolphdippin6399 Most people don’t even carry that so I’m still at an advantage! 👍🏻.

@NotHoodlum You really need a full set of toes for traction in the mud. Advantage: Bobo.

Lmao foh… Ghana kicked the shit out of our should of had at least one red card if anything the ref gave them the advantage.

Holiday season & eager Chinese shoppers are camping out early to take advantage of Black Friday bargains on Chicom Bed & Breakfast Spa staycations, hosted by Xi Jinping!.

@RealJohnGaltFla @johncardillo Key word being YET. One more crisis for leftists to exploit their advantage when it happens, and they will do NOTHING to alleviate it..

@StarBiology Shi Wudu does his taxes in the rich person way where he does them to take advantage of as many loopholes as possible.

The Early Bird Delegate Registration is now open. With a Sold Out Programme and Exhibition Area, take advantage of the discounted delegate rate to attend our largest resources conference. Targeting 2,000 delegates at the 2023 Conference..

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@mtalrhd Ecocash @econetlesotho must take advantage, ewallet and Nedbank mobile bankings are very convenient for me, free of charge with my ewallet transactions will do.

Two more late goals to add to an already impressive tally. Hope you took advantage..

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