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Jericho & Schiavone were SO GOOD together - the show was entertaining on another level #aewdynamite

Giovanna Morales ♐ ()

Two things: 1. This is the best I have ever seen out of Shawn Spears! I definitely see him as championship material! 2. Did Shawn realize that he was being pinned while trying to not submit to Cody? #AEWDynamite #AEWonTNT

All Elite Wrestling on TNT ()

🍊 @orangecassidy stays prepared with extra aviators #AEWDynamite

All Elite Wrestling on TNT ()

Tell us who you think will win it all by entering our TNT Championship Bracket Challenge! Head to: to complete a bracket and get more info on how to submit and check out the big prizes 👀

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BadLuckBubba ()

@abadon_rmp I hope that you are featured on @AEWonTNT again. We need more ghouls like you in wrestling

Wooster182 ()

@gurubajan @AEWonTNT Right. He’s got a name for it, so I would imagine he plans on using it frequently. I guess we’ll see.

Honcho ()

Words can’t express how happy I am that #AEW signed @LanceHoyt. The best big man in the wrestling business today, Braun Strowman can’t relate.

ShopAEW.com ()

For some real Cowboy Sh*t pick up one of these, now available on ShopAEW. @theadampage #AllEliteWrestling #AEWonTNT

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Michael ()

@KhalafSammy @AEWonTNT Although maybe Sammy over Allin with Inner Circle assistance makes more sense. Hope they managed to build a good few storylines and feuds off the back of this.

Michael ()

@KhalafSammy @AEWonTNT Allin over Cody with Lance interference Allin over Lance with Cody interference

DazWrestlingFanatico ()

@AEWonTNT I loved it Trent is very good and that match was impressive from Trent side Omega showing heel side it was just fantastic.

Sad sports fan , stay healthy everyone ()

@AEWonTNT @IAmJericho is gold. Great promo and absolutely hilarious that he was in the hot tub in his pants 😂😂. #AEWDynamite

Şคrēth ຖēฯ ()

I love how @AEWrestling is bringing back the somewhat mullets back to professional wrestling. Cheers to a new acronym for MAGA: Mullets Are Grappling Again. @AEWonTNT is my go to wrestling program on Wednesdays. They have me believing in good, bad & underdogs again. Thank you.

Wrestling Phantom ()

Great debut for @annamariejayy on @AEWonTNT. Real prospect here folks! Keep an eye on this one #bluechipper

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EricYeezyE ()

If AKI is really making this @AEWonTNT game, the AKI logo better be front and center

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Sam B. ()

I dunno how #AEWonTNT are getting around health guidelines but the small amount of noise that the ringside wrestlers provide creates a big difference to the empty arenas. I do hope they are being responsible though.

Nattie Frankenstein ()

@ColtCabana @AEWonTNT Shiiit, you’re on commentary this episode?! Sweet!! Can’t wait for the hubby to get home so we can watch dynamite! #ImWithAEW

All This Beef Wrestling ()

Why thank you @orangecassidy, this was indeed the best sign on @AEWonTNT. #FreshlySqueezed #USDAPrime

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Marcos Munoz ()

@AEWonTNT and @WWENXT are feeling equally dull lately and it’s obvious looking this week. They feel like shows that I can binge watch in one sitting before the PPV happens. I just miss the audience and feedback they bring to the shows too. #AEWonTNT #WWENXT

Mike #ImWithAEW ()

@AEWonTNT Cody vs lance with lance winning it. With that being said I want sammy to win

Angela Dawn ()

The highlight of #AEWDynamite was @sammyguevara & @Perfec10n gambling in the middle of the tag team match. It was utterly ridiculous & I loved every second of it. #AEWonTNT

Jason Knight ()

@AEWonTNT This muthaf***** is King he does turns into gold! @IAmJericho

RC ()

@MikeyRukus @AEWrestling is definitely something special #AEWDynamite #AEWonTNT gets better and better each week, with or without fans, i love the promotion and the show, the wrestlers/athletes give it their all to entertain us, even during this time of crisis in the world. They are AWESOME!

Wes Kirk ()

@AEWonTNT Excellent show, somehow you make the empty arenas just as good without fans as with it. AWESOME opener/main event

Sports&Stuff ()

The Exalted One is abusive 😂 just like every good old cult leader #AEWDynamite #AEWonTNT

Erick Jones ()

#aewdyamite I’m cracking up on @ThisBrodieLee doing his Vinnie Mac impression. Can’t wait to hear @TheJimCornette take on this lol #AEWonTNT

Todd Crawford ()

@CyrusAD81 @AEWonTNT Marko is a circus sideshow, nothing more. Having a big guy destroy half of an adult is a waste of time.

Chris Turnbull ()

@AEWonTNT What are the chances of Jake Hager defeating Jon Moxley? As Vince McMahon would put it: NO CHANCE IN HELL!


@AEWrestling is doing a great job with @ThisBrodieLee as the Exalted One. These promos are dark and great. #AEWonTNT #AEWDynamite

David Penzer ()

Never met VKM but getting to know his quirks through @ThisBrodieLee on @AEWonTNT is a blast. #AEW

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