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Remember to watch @730hook electrocute Danhausen EARLY tonight on #AEWRampage (7pm EST on the TNT network).

#AEWRampage Photo,#AEWRampage Photo by Danhausen,Danhausen on twitter tweets #AEWRampage Photo

A Blackpool Combat Club vence a luta, mas são atacados pelos membros da JAS e o caos reina enquanto o show acaba #AEWSpaceAoVivo #AEWRampage.

#AEWRampage Photo,#AEWRampage Photo by AEW BRASIL,AEW BRASIL on twitter tweets #AEWRampage Photo

O Bryan ter vencido lutas com diversas submissões dá sempre a sensação que os combates dele podem acabar a qualquer momento e isso é legal demais #AEWSpaceAoVivo #AEWRampage.

Holy shit, Kris Statlander. I already had a crush, but sheesh…I love this new character. #AEWRampage.

I’m humbling ask AEW to have either Swerve and Keith Lee or Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs have a friendly rivalry over the tnt title as soon as the triple threat tag match plays out. #AEWRampage.

Overall: Another Great Episode of #AEWRampage With Amazing Action as Usual Nothing Else To Say Really Other Than The Sammy/Sky Fued Fucking Sucks and It Should End ASAP.

Blackpool Combat Club vs. Martin/Sydal is far and away the best match on #AEWRampage, though the show itself minimizes on-camera the whole Bryan Danielson gets his leg caught in the ring/ramp gap business. #AEW.

Oh he gon do my guy Shawn, D I R T Y. @DamoMackle has ALWAYS BEEN the one to watch in the ring. Maybe now people will finally catch up! At least, I hope so!! #AEW #AEWRampage.

I don’t see how how putting the Acclaimed with the Gunn Club helps any of them. Both should be featured tag teams, especially the Gunn Club. This just treading water in the mid-card. #AEWRampage.

Looks like this #BlackpoolCombatClub thing is gonna stick. @MikeyRukus time to come up with a proper entrance theme for these blokes, sunshine! #AEWRampage.

How did Scorpio Sky Become a Champion Without a Title? | #AEWRampage, 5/... via @YouTube.

Ya esta disponible el Resumen de #AEWRampage, donde tuvimos el debut de Big Damo y mucho a través de @YouTube.

#AEWRampage Photo,#AEWRampage Photo by Wrestling Explosivo,Wrestling Explosivo on twitter tweets #AEWRampage Photo

The philosophical debate going on with the commentary during the main event of #AEWRampage is honestly pretty great..

wwe tellin girls to be sexy--🤬🤬🤬 same girls making money showing booty-🥰🥰🥰 #smackdown #AEWRampage.

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