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NINE NINE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!🚨 @melissafumero is on @agt NEXT MONDAY NIGHT for the FINALE! #AGTChampions.

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@AGT #AGTChampions sucked. It should have been live and we should have been be able to vote. Such a horrible format. Who was even chosen in the 50 states? I haven’t watched since @NickCannon left and I won’t be back. ✌🏻.

I want someone who hasn’t won a Got Talent Show before to Win #AGTCHAMPIONS @AGT.

@AGT Congratulations @ShinLimMagic #AGTCHAMPIONS bravo 👏👏👏👏💯👌. I also would like to say congratulations to everyone else may God bless each & everyone of u & may God bless all of u with a wonderful life & a prosperous career💯💯💯👌👌👌 all of you are #AGTCHAMPIONS in my book.

Our. Minds. Are. Blown. 🤯 @melissafumero joined @ShinLimMagic for his #AGTChampions performance and it was ~mystifying~..

I gotta say this was a pretty cool way to combine the performances! 🎼👏🏻🔥 @AGT #AGTChampions.

Does @melissafumero really KNOW ME!? Like are we BFF level!?! #AGTChampions.

Behind-the-scenes of #AGTChampions results day w/ the awesome @howiemandel and the man who took a GOLDEN chance on me, @SimonCowell !!! Tonight’s the night, guys 😆😆.

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Angelica Hale impressed with her Impossible performance on #AGTChampions.

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Petunia and I had SO much fun coming back to perform on #AGTChampions!! Hope you all enjoyed our spin on Italian Opera 🎶 It’s always a blast being with my @AGT friends 💕😊 .

I’ve watched @BrianJustinCrum’s performance of Never Enough at least 27 times and I get goosebumps EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 😍😭❤️ #AGTChampions #allthefeels.

@ShinLimMagic performances keep getting better and more jaw dropping. Ready for your Vegas residency. #AGTChampions.

He is creepily phenomenal! Amazing performance every time! @ShinLimMagic for the win! @AGT ♠️♥️🃏♦️♣️ #AGT #AGTChampions.

@SimonovaTV beautiful name, beautiful art, beautiful ..just beautiful ❤️❤️ #AGTChampions.

West coast!! #AGTChampions is starting NOW on @nbc, make sure to tune in!! 👀📺.

@AGT Why is #AGTChampions Vote restricted only to so-called Super Fans? What the heck is a Super Fan? This is so wrong!.

@JonDorenbos absolutely amazing performance. You always blow me away but tonight is beyond words. Well done. #AGTWildCard #AGTChampions.

@JonDorenbos , what the heck is your secret??? That just blew my mind. #AGTChampions.

Jon Dorenbos was well worth the wildcard pick. This is how you make America rethink not putting him through automatically. An amazing act and worthy of the win. #AGTChampions.

That might be the best magic trick I’ve ever seen. 🤯 @JonDorenbos #AGTWildCard #AGTChampions.

See ya a lot of this I forgot about! And again that just blows my mind! #AGT #AGTChampions.

A special moment in a car featuring a guy who won America’s Got Talent, a guy who almost won America’s Got Talent but then the other guy ruined his life instead, and two dudes who just lost on AGT: The Champions. ❤️👬 #agt #agtchampions @AGT @KenichiEbina.

So impressive as always @jondorenbos! HOW DID HE DO THAT??? #AGTFinale #AGTChampions @AGT.

AHHHH!! I think @JonDorenbos is freaking AMAZING and I love him so much!! I have NO idea how he does it but he makes me smile and be in awe of his talent EVERY single time! #AGTChampions.

@JonDorenbos doing call backs to old performances is brilliant. He’s the best. Heidi drew a butterfly. Simon picked the 3 of clubs in his audition. Let’s go!!!!! #AGTChampions #AGTFinals.

NINE NINE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!🚨 @melissafumero is on @agt NEXT MONDAY NIGHT for the FINALE! #AGTChampions.

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