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[email protected] sings the iconic I Dreamed A Dream on the #AGTFinals.

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@SimonovaTV that was an amazing performance!!! You brought me to tears. #AGTChampions #AGTFinals.

[email protected] sings the iconic I Dreamed A Dream on the #AGTFinals.

Susan’s first performance with this song BACK on BGT gave me chills and now that she’s redoing it but on giving me CHILLS ONCE AGAIN #AGTFinals #AGTFinals.

OMG @BrianJustinCrum just made me fall out of my chair! I am so in awe of his talent. #AGTChampions #AGTFinals.

@terrycrews Follow me so I can brag about it to my dad for the rest of time #AGTFinals.

I love Shin Lim on #AGTFinals and on AGT in general. His talent just goes so smoothly and so freakin’ cool! Absolutely amazing!!.

Boy, as much as I would love to be a Suoerfan for #AGTChampions right now, I don’t know HOW I would choose between all the talents! I can’t wait for next Monday, to see who takes it home. @AGT is truly the best talent show on television! #AGTFinals.

[email protected] closed the night with an epic performance of a Les Misérables classic on #AGTFinals. Will she win #AGTChampions?! Recap:.

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@howiemandel I- DID YIU JUST “SKSKSKSKSK” I STAN 👏👏👏👏 #AGTFinals #AGTChampions.

hi @howiemandel i’ll watch the #AGTFinals if you follow my friend @DobriksPanic.

What a way to close the show! Susan Boyle is a classic. Now how are the Superfans going to choose a winner?! #AGTChampions #AGTFinals.

@howiemandel #AGTFinals i was on edge or had chills the whole time!! so much talent wow i-.

@AGT It was one of the best shows ever. Thank you so much. They are truly champions. #AGTfinals.

He might win. That was so good. Calling back to his Season 11 performances was brilliant. I nearly cried. Let us relive Season 11 again. Please. #AGTChampions #AGTFinals.

WOW @JonDorenbos is just amazing. How does he do it? @AGT #AGTChampions #AGTFinals.

Are you kidding me me @JonDorenbos that’s insane! #AGTChampions #AGTFinals you are absolutely insane. This is killer..

Holy crap! @JonDorenbos took it beyond full circle and is a wizard. #AGTFinals #AGTChampions.

I like Dorenbos, he turns magic tricks on their side, he is fun to watch. #AGT #AGTFinals.

@howiemandel @JonDorenbos Wow !! Crazy enough but then to match it up with his other shows cray cray #wildcard #AGTFinals.

If @JonDorenbos doesn’t win AGT Champions @AGT is so rigged. WOW WOW WOW. That was excellent. So entertaining. True professional. #AGTFinals.

wow, @JonDorenbos is incredible. That was looking kind of tame and then he just blew it out of the park at the end. #AGTFinals #NBC.

I haven’t watched one episode all year but my got the #AGTFinals is absolutely amazing. These performers are some of the best I’ve seen!.

@JonDorenbos is a champion to me no matter what. This guy is insanely mind-blowing! Now that’s some incredible magic! #AGTFinals.


💖💖💖Shirtless @PreacherLawson Funny as all get out! 😂😂😂#AGTChampions #AGTFinals.

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