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Seriously, I live in Ontario under @fordnation and it’s a toilet now. Don’t vote for @jkenney unless you want your own toilet. #Cdnpoli #AlbertaElection.

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Thank you @RachelNotley for your service, your class and your ideas. You will be missed as our premier. #AlbertaElection.

@JustinTrudeau @jkenney After 4 years of the NDP, Alberta’s economy has actually shrunk, despite owning the third biggest oil reserve in the world. Good riddance socialist NDP! #Alberta #AlbertaElection.

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No matter how you voted, who you wanted to win, you have to admire @RachelNotley for her class and her dedication. #AlbertaElection.

Oh, look! Parts of Canada have had enough lefty progressive bullshit. #AlbertaElection.

You are right Rachel notley, albertans have spoke. They have told you your type of division and fear-mongering by claiming anybody who disagrees with you is a hateful bigoted racist does not work. They saw through you tonight.#AlbertaElection.

Shocking that the smear campaign didn’t work. She did all this stuff she did in her speech, what she never said is, who is paying for all this? #AlbertaElection.

Calgary SE you shock and disappoint me to my core. What were you thinking?! @RickFraserYYCSE was one of the very best in this province and you let him go. What a waste of your votes. Thank you for everything you did Rick! It benefited all of us. Grateful. #abpoli #AlbertaElection.

Just gotta say, we must protect Rachel Notley at all costs. She is one of the most well-spoken, empowering, amazing politicians out there and this speech is killing me. #AlbertaElection #ABVotes.

Unbelievable night. I look at large numbers of my fellow Albertans with utter contempt for electing a morally bankrupt party and leader. #AlbertaElection No grace or class anywhere in that bunch..

Seriously, I live in Ontario under @fordnation and it’s a toilet now. Don’t vote for @jkenney unless you want your own toilet. #Cdnpoli #AlbertaElection.

I’m gonna vote for Regina George cuz she got hit by that bus #AbVotes2019 #AlbertaElection.

Happy #AlbertaElection day! Remember, there’s winners & losers today, just don’t be an arsehole about it. #TuesdayThoughts.

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@immigrantsnews Dear Immigrants & New Canadians to #AlbertaElection, NDP, Liberals, Greens & AP have many flaws, including picking their noses and eating boogers! Please go vote wisely, vote carefully!.

4 years was a brutally long 1 night stand. Please Alberta get it right tonite and don’t wake up with another 4 yr hangover again. You need a Premier not a Pushover #cdnpoli #AlbertaElection.

This is an incredible number of fake accounts and a very low low number of real followers @RachelNotley ... #ABvotes #AlbertaElection.

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#AlbertaElection Let the games begin. Get out and vote. Polls are now open. Let’s eliminate the @RachelNotley and @albertaNDP forever. We need a huge win people..

Another province in Canada is gonna go white trash today. #AlbertaElection Conservatives will eventually die out, but til then. ugh. What are they so afraid of? #ConservatismIsADisease.

Fake News from our newest eligible voters .. #AlbertaElection.

Not only have we got fear mongers telling us how to vote have Ontarians telling us how to Kinda unreal how people think that the world will end when the UCP win the #AlbertaElection today..

Please get out and vote today. Your voice needs to be heard on education, health care and infrastuctute because the polls are never right. It will be a close race. #AlbertaElection.

Voting for @Alberta_UCP means voting for: jobs, the economy, pipelines, and getting a fair deal for Alberta. #AlbertaElection #abvote.

Eh Alberta! Today is the Day! #AlbertaStrong #AlbertaElection.

Good luck to the entire @Alberta_UCP team on #AlbertaElection day. It’s time to turn Alberta around and there’s no better person than @jkenney to lead the charge to get the province back to prosperity. #AbVotes2019.

Young Albertans!! Get off your damn ass and vote today. Don’t let a bunch of old farts decide your future. #AlbertaElection.

#AlbertaElection #QueerKidsAB Please don’t fuck up my life by voting for Kenney. His changes to the education system can and will make it harder for me and many other queer youth to live comfortably and safely..

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