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CBC News projects Jason Kenney will be the next premier of Alberta, with the UCP on course for a majority government. Follow the latest here: #abvote #ableg.

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Not so fun: 4:20 am PDT studio call time to talk #albertavotes on @TheCurrentCBC 😑 So fun: doing said intvu in pajamas 📻 Long live radio.

I’m scared for our future 🤦‍♀️ if you voted conservative please never talk to me and come near a 20 km radius of me PLS #AlbertaVotes.

You would be hard pressed to find stronger leadership qualities than those possessed by @jkenney. A well deserved victory for Alberta AND Canada #AlbertaVotes #AlbertaElection.

It’s orange in my constituency; I can be proud of that. 🧡🧡🧡#yeg #AlbertaVotes.

With 96% of polls reporting, w/ 1, 570 ,000 votes counted NDP leading >>> 21 CGY BUF Leth W St Albert EDM 18 Too close to call >>> 2 (under 200 diff) CGY Falconridge EDM W-Henday UCP leading >>> 64 Just 223, 000 advance ballots to count. #AlbertaElection #AlbertaVotes.

why is it that politicians can be white supremacist racist homophobic transphobic pieces of shit, but amazing humans like tanya tagaq who enjoy edibles and making out with peanut butter can’t lead our government ? 😭🌈 #AlbertaVotes.

Really happy that the election is over so everyone can stop acting like complete muppets on Twitter. #AlbertaVotes.

Alberta has spoken. Well over 50% have voted for the UCP into a majority government. They have also voted the liberal party out of existence in the Province. Trudeau - next #AlbertaVotes.

A great night for Alberta, and our economy! Finally, we can get back on track and have a party that will fight for us. Now let’s get rid of that coward @JustinTrudeau in October. #AlbertaVotes #EndSocialism.

Okiieeee doke. Kenny’s been premier for about 10 mins. I believe right around now is when the conservatives in Alberta were asking Notley why she hasn’t gotten a pipeline built or fixed the price of oil yet. Have at em NDP supporters. #AlbertaVotes.

Well, at least my former home city of Edmonton held strong. Alberta friends, get ready to fight & to mobilize. #AlbertaVotes.

With the blowout Conservative win in Alberta, strong message to Justin Trudeau - your oil killing policies are not welcome in Canada. #AlbertaElection #AlbertaVotes.

Well, nice one @ Alberta! You voted for an awful person with no plan! You’re SCREWED! #AlbertaVotes.

CBC News projects Jason Kenney will be the next premier of Alberta, with the UCP on course for a majority government. Follow the latest here: #abvote #ableg.

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I don’t understand how CBC is calling this a ‘divisive campaign.’ You have two pro-pipeline parties and one of them has white supremacists. A vote for NDP is a vote for damage control in a choice between mediocre and unconscionable. #AlbertaVotes.

Remember this? Seems so long ago. NDP debt forecasted to climb to $96 billion. Not a province I would want to live in. #AlbertaVotes.

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Barely anyone at my #yeg area polling station. If you haven’t voted, there’s still time! Have your say! #AlbertaVotes.

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#albertavotes is now trending in #Edmonton.

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I’ve had a large coffee and have a bag of chips ready. I think I’m set for #AlbertaVotes.

I voted! Have you voted yet? Don’t let other people make up your mind. Polls will be open tonight until 8:00 PM. Find your designated polling station here 👉 #ableg #AlbertaVotes.

Vote Kenney if you want to trim the freeloaders! #AlbertaVotes.

Only a few hours left to vote #Alberta! Use your voice! #AlbertaVotes.

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If I was a superstitious man I might say that picking up my guitar just now and the first thing that came out was Alabama by Neil young but I was singing ohhhh oooo al-Berta ... might be a bad sign. Good thing I’m not superstitious! Righttt?😐😞 #AlbertaVotes #AlbertaElection.

Just voted NDP and I actually like her. I usually vote for whoever I dislike the least but not this time. I would however vote for anyone else but UCP. #AlbertaVotes #AlbertaElection.

Saw this on Jud Hansell’s FB page. This totally sums up the election today in Alberta. Jason Kenney and his UCP are scary as hell! #AlbertaElection #AlbertaVotes.

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