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Mario Alford is a potential free agent. #AlsMTL might want to consider resigning him.

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Fans are vexed at the #AlsMTL defense. But here’s a key stat, late in the first half: Edmonton ran 32-plays Alouettes ran 12-plays The defense looked tired. Edmonton just controlled the clock narrative. #AlsMTl.

If I’m the #AlsMTL #montreALS I bring back most of these & I make 1 change! Devone Claybrooks as DC!.

Les arbitres ont voulu voler le show en fin de match, mais malgré tout, merci aux @MTLAlouettes pour cette fabuleuse saison bien au delà de toute attentes!!! #AlsMTL.

Vernon with a critical error. Threw that right into the arms of Johnson. #AlsMTL #Eskimos.

I predict hearts will be broken around 4pm today ! Most likely #AlsMTL ....

@amandacstein One thing to love about the @CFL , it’s never over until the clock hits 0! #ALSMTL.

Crazy. From near perfect to rattled for #Esks Harris. #AlsMTL get the ball back now..

We are an #AlsMTL TD here away from Jason Maas flipping over some Gatorade jugs..

No sooner after this tweet, the AlsMTL defense come up with a HUGE interception..

Chad Cooper découpe la défensive des Alouettes et place Montréal dans une situation délicate en fin de troisième quart. #AlsMTL.

Tall task right now for #AlsMTL D. Edmonton has only punted once - and they got a point out of it! Every single possession had been fruitful..

I think the RTP challenge should’ve been called a few drives ago. This one looks like a failed challenge to me. #AlsMTL #CFL.

Oh no!! Just over threw that sure TD after an incredible scramble away from the blitz off the edge. #AlsMTL.

There you go. #AlsMTL finally itzing the QB. Good cover on the dump pass to CJ Gable to force a punt. Als defense needs to pin their ears back and just go for it. There is no next week if you don’t win. #CFL.

Does this team even care anymore?. What kind 2nd half performance is this for your fans? No push back #AlsMTL #MontreALS.

Not having a good feeling about the #AlsMTL game. It was a fun season. #CFLPlayoffs.

Look at the collective body language of these two teams. If the #AlsMTL don’t wake up, this is over #CFLPlayoffs.

About time #AlsMTL defence made some kind of a stop or make something happen, I dare say.

#AlsMTL might want to stop the eskimo offense mean once or at least stop the QB from completing EVERY PASS.

Mario Alford is a potential free agent. #AlsMTL might want to consider resigning him.

Quelqun peux me dire pourquoi les arbitre on pas siffler seigneur @LCFca @MTLAlouettes #AlsMTL.

Sans même compter le sideline stud @joeyalfieri, j’ai vu passer au moins 8 stories de différentes personnes aux Alouettes sur mon feed IG. Je ne me souviens pas avoir déjà vu ça #AlsMTL.

William Stanback scores from 4 yards out. Als trail 8-7 with 14:38 left in the first half. #AlsMTL #CFLgameday.

BTW, kudos to #AlsMTL organization for having a moment of silence for former head coach Charlie Taaffe.

Gotta love it. #AlsMTL Geno Lewis goes right to midfield and begins jawing with a couple of Esks. Energy is high right now pregame. @TSN690.

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