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I am angered and saddened by the horrific killings of four Muslim men in Albuquerque. While we await a full investigation, my prayers are with the victims’ families, and my Administration stands strongly with the Muslim community. These hateful attacks have no place in America..

The Inflation Reduction Act will be the most important investment America has ever made in our energy security and developing clean energy solutions for the future..

Cuando tienes un producto malo y caro como Fox Sports Que compite con uno MUCHO MEJOR como el de @MarcaClaro y @ClaroSports tienes que valerte de artimañas sucias como la de ayer en el #leon Vs #america aunque perjudiques a millones de aficionados. Les dejo el comunicado oficial.

America Photo,America Photo by Arturo Elias Ayub,Arturo Elias Ayub on twitter tweets America Photo

Investments in the CHIPS and Science Law will create more than 1 million construction jobs alone over the next 6 years building semiconductor factories in America..

.@RepLizCheney reportedly is not able to campaign for re-election at open, public events in Wyoming because of threats to her safety. This, in the United States of America, folks. Think about that..

Blocking veterans benefits out of spite and celebrating with a fist bump is a mind-boggling act of disrespect. The only way for Republicans to make this right is to pass the PACT Act on Monday. America is watching..

Political violence is about to spread all over America. Jan 6 was a centralized attack—incited by Trump—against democracy & the cops who defend it. Trump & his supporters are now inciting decentralized attacks against democracy & the cops who defend it. This is what they want..

When you realize that our government is run by an 82-year-old alcoholic and a 79-year-old Alzheimer’s patient, what America looks like today suddenly makes total sense🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️.

My response to @MSNBC and the man who called me the N word. @ReverendWarnock and the left wing crazies believe America is a fundamentally bad country full of racist people. But you and I know this is a great country, full of good people. #gasen.

@StephenKing Corporate America uses spin-doctoring to justify the immense gouge of customers & rip-off of employees by upper management; especially corrupt CEOs who manage to sleaze obscene salaries while doing little or no work but slave-drive workers for chump wages!.

@TeahCartel Starkly stated. Democrats are for America. trump and the republicans are for themselves..

No 👎puedo creer que vendieran el salar de salta @C5N - el negocio del litio se lo queda el amigo de Massa, Vila dueño de América? Espero que ningún presidente o funcionario de turno se arrobe el derecho de todos los argentinos de vender los recursos naturales..

@MayraFlores2022 You are colonized. You can love America while acknowledging its faults.

9/11 first responder calls Trump a ‘piece of sh**’ over recent comments - MSNBC. You get a lot more of this kind of behavior if you vote him in again! Don’t forget all the other stuff he’s done like destroying & splitting America! we Can’t do this again!.

@SenWarren Today would be a great day for President Biden to cancel all mortgages and car loans across America too….

Crimenzuela para exportar. BBC News Mundo: Cómo opera el temido Tren de Aragua, la sangrienta megabanda de Venezuela que se ha expandido por América Latina - BBC News Mundo. a través de @GoogleNews.

Asian race dynamics become a lot more clear when you treat America as a society of self-interested psychopathic mercenaries and see Asians as antithetical to existing in it except as props and tools..


“Unhappy America! When thy enemies are rewarded with Honors and Riches; but thy Friends punished and ruined only for asserting thy rights, and pleading for thy ”.

@CarlosEGates1 What if America is always on the brink of fascism and this fact is used to keep the current players in power?.

@DrEliDavid @ConceptualJames I thought the Surgeon General was America’s doctor not some bureaucrat..

Grandes de antaño: Rafael Navarro el portero de Goma. Portero jalisciense del América, Necaxa y Selección Mexicana. Campeón centroamericano en 1935. Uno de los personajes mas citados en el llamado misterio de Roma en 1934. Un gran portero que hoy les traigo a color..

America Photo,America Photo by Uniformes Selección Mexicana,Uniformes Selección Mexicana on twitter tweets America Photo

@Fernand33978696 @ACTBrigitte I can tell you are a controlled robot of the leftist, anti-America, lamestream legacy media (CNN, MSNBC, NPR, NBC, ABC, CBS, NYT, WAPO, LATIMES, etc). The influence of these reprobates creates FOOLS! In your instance…. I rest my case..

Thank you President Biden, but to be honest, trump and his white nationalist supporters are more of a threat to our democracy, our way of life and you personally than any al Qaeda leader. Re-direct your focus to America’s real enemy..

@Coll1313 They actually treated the people like this was no longer America and that they no longer had constitutional rights!.

@Liz_Cheney You are the swamp, you are the deepstate, you are a liberal. You hate America and there only way you keep your seat is if you rig your election..

Trusting this thing is really ridiculous. Surveillance and control America has no scruples about watching neighbors without clothes. and learned their secrets..

I hate it when my TV girlfriend gives me and all the boyfriends a lecture about not paying enough attention to her in front of all the boyfriends and America and stuff 🙄.

Comienza el futbol colegial, repito, COLEGIAL y mira esa tribuna. Alguna duda cuál es el deporte nacional de America. @notashipicas @NuestroHipismo.

@shelavaAvinci @NewsNation They did no such thing. Do America hating MAGAt scum ever stop lying?.

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