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⚡️ Ukrainian forces have put civilians in harm’s way by establishing bases and operating weapons systems in populated residential areas..

If people think the castration video of a Ukrainian POW is bad there are pics of Ukrainian POWs heads on spikes in Russian occupied towns. This is savagery and the norm for the Russian war criminal military. Russia did this in Syria too. Tell me again @amnesty about that report.

When I worked at Amnesty we took time on detailed reports putting events in context. Amnesty’s release on Ukraine today does not. The result suggests Ukraine bears more responsibility for people killed by Russian strikes than Russia itself. It is both bizarre and misleading..

Oksana Pokalchuk, the head of Amnesty International Ukraine to resign over disagreements with @amnesty’s leadership. “If you don’t live in a country, that’s being torn apart, you’ll never understand what it means, to blame the army of its defenders”. #StandWithUkraine.

Amnesty Photo,Amnesty Photo by olexander scherba🇺🇦,olexander scherba🇺🇦 on twitter tweets Amnesty Photo

I just spoke with a senior employee from Amnesty International. Their sum-up: “It’s a dark moment for the movement, there’s no other way to put it.” Also: We threw a party the Russian state was eager to attend for its own political purposes.” More in this (long) thread 👇.

Blaming Ukrainian soldiers for defending Ukrainian cities in Ukrainian cities in the same week as Russians publish the castration video of a Ukrainian PoW… Seriously, @amnesty, what were you thinking?.

.@amnesty any reports about what russians have been doing to Mariupol residents? Or on russian filtration camps? Maybe about forcibly displaced, incl hundreds of thousands of kids? Murder of POWs? Tortures of nuclear power plants personnel? Or abductions in the occupied towns?.

Today, Moscow tries to discredit the Armed Forces of 🇺🇦 in the eyes of Western societies and disrupt weapons supply using the entire network of influence agents. It is a shame that the organization like @amnesty is participating in this disinformation and propaganda campaign. 2/2.

Zelenskyy denounces Amnesty’s selectivity and shifting blame from perpetrator to victim.

@amnesty The Amnesty lunatics tweet this while defending Russian invaders who are raping Ukrainian women and girls..

🇺🇦🇺🇦 Amnesty International accuses Ukraine of stationing troops in civilian facilities Ukrainian forces are endangering civilians by establishing bases and using weapon systems in populated residential areas, including schools and hospitals, Amnesty International said today..

Amnesty Photo,Amnesty Photo by aare~anjuwon 👀,aare~anjuwon 👀 on twitter tweets Amnesty Photo

@barbudo_el @amnesty Цікаво чи залишиться хоч одна 💫правозахисна💫 організація котра в контексті цієї війни не обісреться ріденьким.

ΤΩΡΑ Σύμφωνα με τον Ουκρανό ΥΠΑΜ, κάθε προσπάθεια να αμφισβητηθεί το δικαίωμα της Ουκρανίας στην άμυνα από αμφιλεγόμενες οργανώσεις, είναι αηδιαστική, ανεξαρτήτως των νομικών επιχειρημάτων που επικαλούνται..

Den som utsätter Ukrainas befolkning för fara är Ryssland. Men Svenska Amnesty har mage att peka på Ukraina. Fy fan..

@YevhenPrykhodko @amnesty Нехай у генерального хуйла під стінами кремля та у вусатого таргана під його дворцем у Мінську попротестують. Чи їм сцикотно там таке витворяти, бо знають, що розгонять їх шобло дуже швидко та ефективно. Та й як же це так взагалі на гроші хазяїна та клієнта його ж і оскаржувати?.

MRP & Amnesty Temui Mahfud MD, Desak Perlindungan Orang Asli Papua Reporter: Andrian Pratama Taher Jumat, 5 Agu 2022 19:38 WIB.

Donc, Amnesty en Finlande avait commencé à suggérer une minoration des exactions par les forces armées ukrainiennes… en se basant sur un site de désinformation pro-russe… C’est quel niveau de sérieux ? 1/3.

@amnesty, russia uses civilians as a shield and terrorize entire world with nuclear - haven’t seen a word from you!.

Международная правозащитная организация Amnesty International заявила, что военные Украины размещают военные базы в больницах и школах, что нарушает законы войны. Просто долго не могли понять, что за новая школьная форма у этих украинских школьников.

Amnesty Photo,Amnesty Photo by Новости. Как есть,Новости. Как есть on twitter tweets Amnesty Photo

If the Ukrainian military needs it, then let them shoot at the Russians from my house, I give my official consent..

@amnesty Russia is shelling Nikopol from the territory of the nuclear power plant in Energodar. thereby the Russian occupiers expose the whole world to nuclear danger.

Amnesty Photo,Amnesty Photo by Maryna Maratkanova,Maryna Maratkanova on twitter tweets Amnesty Photo

@amnesty Ви там зовсім озвіріли, недоумки! Рашисти кожен день нас бомблять, вас це не смучує? Від усіх вас користі 0. Тільки таку хуйню писати можете, продажні шкури. Приїдьте поживіть в Україні, бажано в прифронтових містах..

@amnesty A peaceful city is being shot from the side of Energodar, where the nuclear power plant is, without the opportunity to answer! #nikopol #RussiaTerroristState.

Amnesty Photo,Amnesty Photo by Andrii Zatsepin,Andrii Zatsepin on twitter tweets Amnesty Photo

@amnesty This article has an error in the title. The correct name is Amnesty International justifies the war crimes of Russian terrorists..

Vaya, la #Rusia de #Putin ha activado una de sus.

Amnesty Photo,Amnesty Photo by Con Ucrania,Con Ucrania on twitter tweets Amnesty Photo

@amnesty Lie! Russia is bombing my city Kharkiv every day - schools, academies, civil buildings, private houses! Every f₴king day and night! Shame @amnesty.

Amnesty Photo,Amnesty Photo by Alina Pavliuk,Alina Pavliuk on twitter tweets Amnesty Photo

Is there any organization in the world that hasnt been paid off by Putin?.


@amnesty I think this is unacceptable to blame any of the war on the Ukraine. Russia invaded Ukraine..

@amnesty As a seriosly organisation you are died for me. What make a russian forces for you mean? Killing, genocide ukrainian people are for you ok? Zynism pur.

@amnesty Russia has introduced its troops into Ukraine, and it is they who are killing our civilian population. Do you think this is a normal tactic? are you idiots.

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