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Andrew Scheer telling Indigenous people to check their privilege is pretty rich.

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Charlene Desrochers ()

Gotta love old white men like Andrew Scheer. They steal money and then tell everyone else to check their privilege.

Connie Walker ()

BG: Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says he is committed to building an open and positive relationship with Indigenous people — but some First Nation leaders say he has done little as an MP to build ties with reserves in his own riding.

The Rational National ()

Andrew Scheer Calls Indigenous Protestors “Privileged” via @YouTube

Mr. Panetta ()

Canadians who should check their privilege: • Andrew Scheer • Stephen Harper • Doug Ford • Stephen Lecce #cdnpoli #onpoli

ᗩᔕᕼ👽 ()

ALSO this white bastard STOLE money from the conservative government to pay for his children’s tuition BUT HE WANTS TO TALK ABOUT PROTESTER PRIVILEGE i am confusion andrew scheer.

Atomic Blonde 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ()

Yes, someone who has the intellect of a door knob is more “Prime Ministerial” then Andrew Scheer. 🤦‍♀️

Trapdinawrpool ()

Andrew Scheer is a full on racist who is a true reflection of his party A new leader will not change the fact that this is what the CPC is at its core


@SA_CaseReview @AndrewScheer Protectors NOT Protesters Andrew Scheer. Please educate yourself and use the correct words when describing us. Meegwetch !!

The salamander horde ()

Andrew Scheer on national television, tells Canada the red laser dot dancing on peaceful protesters’ foreheads from RCMP sniper rifle scopes, lunging attack dogs, ‘as much violence as needed’ plus handcuffs & arrest are ‘luxury & privilege to be parked’ His ‘Canadian Values’ ?

Anna Nicole Kim ()

andrew scheer literally said the phrase check your privilege in a sentence to the press about indigenous protesters someone needs to be on deck at his pressers with a spray bottle full of lemon juice from here on out

Time passages ()

Here’s the thing. A large group of white privileged students from Ryerson University yesterday caused rush hour chaos for thousands of commuters in Toronto. If the police won’t do their job it’s time for citizen arrests. Andrew Scheer got it right. #ShutDownCanada @RyersonU

I am no prophet; I am no warrior - I am a musician ()

Andrew Scheer needs to check his own #privilege. I pray the pasty-faced parliamentary plutocrat proceeds to perish: his blathering betokens nothing more than semi-subtle supremacist whistling.

Irene B. ()

This may end up being how Andrew Scheer will be remembered. Kinda like Ritz quip re “death by a thousand cold cuts”

Jen Waters ()

Goodnight to everyone except for Andrew Scheer, who I hope gets approximately 1600 cracked and bleeding cuts on his hands overnight, and maybe his mouth is accidentally sewn shut.

Susana D ()

@marwilliamson F Andrew Scheer. Said Indigenous People are privileged because we are shutting Canada down. Well in Saskatchewan where the racist Scheer is from my nephew lost his life to drugs tonight. He was a life long ward of the state. Such privilege Andrew. Stay in your own lane.

Susana D ()

Yes, so much privilege Andrew Scheer. Lost my nephew to drugs tonight. He was a foster care disaster. F U Andrew 😰

Lorne Nystrom ()

Jim Karahalos will enter the Conservative leadership race. The big thing going for Jimmy is that is smarter then Andrew Scheer. @MerlinofCanada @AndrewScheer

S ()

imagine being told to check your privilege by *checks notes*

Roy ()

Didn’t think I could dislike Andrew Scheer anymore after the election, but here we fucking are. Check their privilege? Who paid for your kids private school? @AndrewScheer

Ms. Rowsdower ()

@andraydomise @WordsandGuitar Yonge and Dundas shut down my kid is there protesting now! Yeah!! in your face Andrew Scheer!

Paul Loewen ()

This whole thread, in response to tone-deaf comments by Andrew Scheer.

Christopher Curtis (checkmark) ()

Read the Iroquois Confederacy’s response to former Tory Leader Andrew Scheer’s “privilege” comment.

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Henry McRandall ()

@MumilaaqQaqqaq Outgoing federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is nothing but an out-and-out racist & bigot. He needs to just prance away into his fascist wilderness.

Alphonse Williams ()

@RosieBarton Breaking News: Andrew Scheer accuses RCMP of failing to do their duty. Suggests solution to situation is to turn the nation into a police state run by the government. (Did I get that right?)

NorthBelle🇨🇦🇿🇦 ()


Jess. ()

Andrew Scheer is the epitome of white privilege. Mother fucker isn’t even quailed to walk my dog yet he’s been handed job after job to live off taxpayer money. Lost the election and forced to resign for stealing party funds, but refuses to stfu and go away. I’ve had enough!😡

Patter ()

@Eagleperch23 Right Andrew Scheer is literally the biggest waste of taxpayer dollars. I’m glad he lost and looks like the ships going down worh him.

Prettymz 🇨🇦 ()

Andrew Scheer the con artist that embezzled money from his own party should focus on looking for another job himself.

C ()

@CP24 Why hasn’t andrew scheer done anything for the workers locked out in his riding??

Robin Mazumder ()

Andrew Scheer telling Indigenous people to check their privilege is pretty rich.

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