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Argos could legitimately beat every team or lose to every team, every week. Still have them in the Grey Cup, but this whole CFL season has been bananas in the best possible way..

#Argos say Andrew Harris is done tonight with an upper body injury @TSN_Edge #TSNEdge @CFLonTSN.

Andrew Harris came off during Toronto’s touchdown drive feeling his right shoulder/ pec. After talking to #Argos medical staff, Andrew Harris has gone to Toronto’s locker room @TSN_Edge @CFLonTSN #TSNedge.

RECAP: Ticats hurdle Argos in bounce back win 🗞 | #Ticats | #CFL | @TireExperts.

#Argos Photo,#Argos Photo by Hamilton Tiger-Cats,Hamilton Tiger-Cats on twitter tweets #Argos Photo

@ragemax ゴクゴク! _ 。U U     // U。U|。     || o∴。∴     | V∴ 。U|。     ∧ VU。∴|o    / \ V∴。Uノ|    | (゚)Y ̄ ̄ ̄ ノ    |    ̄ ̄ ̄厂    \     /     /    |.

@ragemax オエーー!!!! ___     ___/   ヽ    /  / /⌒ヽ|   / (゚)/ / /   /   ト、/。⌒ヽ。  彳   \\゚。∴。o `/    \\。゚。o /     /⌒\U∴)      |  ゙U|      |  ∴。||.

CFL Week 10 Game Recap: Ticats Rally Late To Race Past The Argos: Week 10 of the CFL season saw the Ticats rally late to race past the Argos 34-27. Hamilton battled through an early injury to option B at quarterback Matthew Shiltz… via @ByMikeMitchell.

#Argos Photo,#Argos Photo by CFL Headlines,CFL Headlines on twitter tweets #Argos Photo

@ragemax @argos_M1111 鳩とか公園でこういうの気にせず摂取してそうなのに.

#Argos should’ve kicked this field goal 30seconds ago… take your chances with the onside kick… easier to chuck up a 50yd Hail Mary, then kick a 50yd FG… #CFL.

@argos_M1111 あっ、間違えてボトルに入れたおしっこ渡しちゃった.

Jays were dispatched in eight-run loss to Guardians in plenty of time to switch to a full fourth quarter of Argos - Hamilton. Which is a seven point contest at present..

The TiCats keep the *holds nose* first place Argos within striking distance for the rest of a horribly mediocre #CFL East..


@Argofans @Ben__Grant Apparently point total if we end up being tied in the standings at the end of year #Argos #CFL.

If @DTonOB is watching this game, he has to be losing his damn mind that the Argos punted.


@Dead69Trees Based, when he appears on the registry in 2 years I know he will be innocent just cuz.

Max Latour fitting in with Haggerty and Bede on the sidelines after the Argos extend their lead by 3 points..

#Argos Photo,#Argos Photo by Nick Small,Nick Small on twitter tweets #Argos Photo

Daniels had a highlight reel catch and run on that drive, but it stalls once again inside the 20 and Bede adds another FG. 24-17 #Argos with 4:39 left in the third. #CFL.

Great team win tonight. The team showed just how good they can be on all sides of the ball and we’re still not fully healthy. It wasn’t a perfect win but to finally finish a football game is huge for this team, and I can’t stress that enough. Argos suck. 🐯 #Ticats #CFL.

Very Frustrating game to watch for the Argos. I should probably stop tweeting about it..

Recap: Ticats hurdle Argos in bounce back win: The Hamilton Tiger-Cats leaned on both of their available quarterbacks to earn a big win over the Toronto Argonauts on Friday night at Tim Hortons Field.  via @CFL #CFL.

#Argos Photo,#Argos Photo by CFL Headlines,CFL Headlines on twitter tweets #Argos Photo

In week nine, the Ti-Cats were outscored 28-6 in the second half by Toronto. Tonight they outscored the Argos 20-6 in the second half to pull off the 34-27 victory 👀 Ham -110 💰 Over 💰 @fanduelcanada.

#Argos Photo,#Argos Photo by TSN EDGE,TSN EDGE on twitter tweets #Argos Photo

@OttawaJay It’s easy McLeod Bethel Thompson Sucks ….The Argos won’t win another game this season…They’re friggin.

Ticats beat Argos 34-27. Hamilton comes back from a 24-17 deficit in the fourth quarter. Nicely done!.

@bobano Argos not going for it on 3rd and inches changed this game. Coach played to lose then Hamilton went back to shiltz and went B2b td drives..

@BigBBfan1 In a league that could have 3 TDs scored in under a minute, that was absolutely horrible by the #Argos..

I know it’s a long shot but why were they not kicking the field goal and trying the on-side kick? #Argos.

If only the Argos would play proper defence 🤦🏽‍♀️ #FridayNightFootball #CFL.

@rgchernick The holding on the punt return. Clearly holding. From front view he was holding the Argos jersey for like four seconds. Refs have struggled tonight but that call was bang on..

Had a fucking feeling this was coming. Way too many missed opportunities on offense letting HAM hanging around. #Argos.

Argos special teams back to their old tricks. Shoddy tackling on a kick return for a TD that luckily was called back for holding. Two separate players missed tackles before the hold. Lucky for the hold..

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