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Arkansas enacts bill banning transgender students from using bathroom of their choice in public schools.


Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders signed a law prohibiting transgender people at public schools from using the restroom that matches their gender identity..

Arkansas Photo,Arkansas Photo by NEWSMAX,NEWSMAX on twitter tweets Arkansas Photo

NO. 8 ARKANSAS STUNS NO. 1 KANSAS 😱 Razorbacks are heading to the Sweet Sixteen!.

Great game by Arkansas! Congratulations on the win. Proud of our guys. Fighting through adversity all year! That being said my coach has never jumped on a table shirtless for a round of 32 victory..

Arkansas bans transgender people from using the restroom, which begs the question… do they want trans people to defecate the hallways?!.

Jordan Walsh was huge down the stretch for #Arkansas in their upset win over #Kansas to advance to the Sweet 16 🗣️ 10 PTS 2 REB 2 STL 3-5 FG 1-1 3PT 3-4 FT ▫️ Special defensive talent; one of the best all-around motors you will see in college basketball and 2023 NBA Draft Class….

“I think we did a good job of fighting through adversity this year…We fought through a lot this year and it didn’t end how we wanted it to, but we fought.” - Anthony Black after Arkansas’ loss to UConn.

How they ever thought they could beat Arkansas remains a mystery..

Arkansas Photo,Arkansas Photo by Will Watson,Will Watson on twitter tweets Arkansas Photo

Anybody questioning this young man’s character & whether or not he cares about Arkansas & being a Razorback is a 🤡. Nick Smith Jr. essentially risked being a lottery pick 🔒 just to come back & play & fight with/for his brothers & this state!👆🅰️🐗.

2 Governors signing laws about children. Arkansas vs. Minnesota..

Arkansas Photo,Arkansas Photo by 🍷🐝🚄Auntie Ouakam🚄🐝🍷,🍷🐝🚄Auntie Ouakam🚄🐝🍷 on twitter tweets Arkansas Photo

@Michell33650674 @HoppyToad1 Same. I will be 65 in 2 months. Arkansas women are just giving up the hard fought progress made over my lifetime. I do not get it. It makes me tired..

This was a huge 3 from Newton that was the beginning of UConn separating from Arkansas and eventually blowing the game hit another big 3 earlier as well..

Arkansas upset defending champion Kansas to gain Sweet Sixteen bid.

Arkansas Photo,Arkansas Photo by New York Post Sports,New York Post Sports on twitter tweets Arkansas Photo

A state park visitor hit a sizable jackpot during a recent dig..

This is a great second-round game but it’s not better than the Kansas vs Arkansas game..

@SMatthewsfarms Thank you. I enjoy the hiking and we are lucky in Arkansas , we have many state and national parks that have wonderful trails and sights. Thank you again, I do hope you enjoy the photos and videos ..

@BigBoyVol Thanks. I’m hearing from some friends in Arkansas too. I’m in the middle and not totally sure what’s happened!!! No TV today….

This kid is an Arkansas kid that put his NBA career on the line to play this year. We love you Nick..

5 Prospects I think the NFL will be higher on come draft night than the general public 1. Drew Sanders (ILB Arkansas) 2. Eli Ricks (CB Alabama) 3. Jaelyn Duncan (OT Maryland) 4. Keion White (Edge Georgia tech) 5. Luke Schoonmaker (TE Michigan).

@StarkyLuv73 Yes sir they do. Quick story: I love traveling the blue highways across America. I was in one small town in Arkansas, stopped at a mom-pop grocery store, one without an automatic door. An old lady was struggling with her bags getting out, so obviously I opened the door (cont).

Full List: Florida Notre Dame Georgia Tech Providence Oregon St SMU San Francisco Richmond George Mason Belmont Duquesne UC Davis Hawaii Sam Houston Louisiana Tech Pacific Portland UNCW Howard George Washington Loyola Chicago Central Arkansas Delaware Northeastern Chattanooga….

🗣️North Alabama Baseball looks for the W on the final game of the weekend series‼️ 🆚 Central Arkansas 📍Conway, Arkansas ⏰ 1:00pm 📊 📺 ESPN+ #RoarLions🦁⚾️.

Arkansas Photo,Arkansas Photo by North Alabama Athletics,North Alabama Athletics on twitter tweets Arkansas Photo

And meanwhile in the Arkansas Gov. Sanders signs a law that makes it easier to employ children.

Arkansas, unlike Bama, has actually won a natty in basketball Where tf does this arrogance and hatred of fun come from 😭😭😭.

Idk if the ARKANSAS FANBASE CAN SEE THIS….???!! . But Great win yesterday that’s the third back to back sweet16 appearance…!!!! I’m gonna to cheer you guys on as !!!! LET IT … RAIN …CATS…. AN….!!! Lol.

@AK_Anderson1 Riiiight!!! Continuing to elect people who make times so tough in Arkansas that they need to put their kids to work in order to make ends meet. Sad AF!.

@APriar94 @ArizonaTyjo The SEC, as many have said, is a physical conference. You saw that yesterday with Arkansas, Tennessee and Alabama. Kentucky is physical. You have to wear teams down in the tournament..

Intentionally waited to post. The inclination is to be reactionary…and as our listeners know, we resist that. All that could be said: 48 fouls, no Bill, winged Kevin, Arkansas’s coach is a goober… It was a successful, fun year. Can’t wait to talk about next year. #RockChalk.

@WhitlockJason Arkansas was the better team that day. Just like the other seven times Kansas lost this season. The other teams were better that day..

@EricPMusselman thank you for such a great season!!! Our whole state is proud of our Arkansas Razorbacks!!! #WPS.

Arkansas Photo,Arkansas Photo by Scott Davis,Scott Davis on twitter tweets Arkansas Photo
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