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Team’s all here! 💚 Join us for the #ARROW season 7 finale tomorrow! @cw_arrow #YouHaveSavedThisCity.

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How the hell is arrow still on TV (season 7) and Gang Related got canceled after its 1st *I will ask this question every year until they cancel arrow*.

I really want to see a spin-off all about Mia, Zoe, Connor, and William continuing their parents mission. Mia: Green Arrow Zoe: Black Canary Connor: Spartan William: Overwatch #Arrow.

@HHezerS @Kat_McNamara A chi lo dici ieri notte mi ha fatto troppo strano non vedere shadowhunters fino alle 4 del mattino e meno male che c’era ancora Arrow da vedere!😭 Ma stamattina mi è presa una tristezza assurda senza l’episodio su Netflix!☹️ Mi mancano troppo! Mi mancano i Clace😭❤️.

nie jestem gotowa na to żeby obejrzeć 722 i kurwa nie wiem kiedy będę gotowa, ale wierzcie lub już same zdjęcia robią ze mną złe i smutne rzeczy więc sobie płacze. #Arrow.

Did anyone else cry at the end of the arrow finale last night? Only me? 😭 #SPNFamiIy #Arrowverse.

Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, David Ramsey, Katie Cassidy : Découvrez le montant des incroyables fortunes des stars de Arrow !.

en fait je me rends compte que je commence des séries je suis pas à jour dans certaines séries, genre Arrow, Shadowhunters, Flash,Sabrina. pour le reste la suite n’est encore sortie ..


植物と花が壁紙に描かれてるのって初めてじゃないか?わたしの記憶の限りだけども。妙な鮮やかさがあって良い…… #大熱波記念日.

The last 10 mins of #Arrow was bloody awesome 👍🏻😭 Interesting to see what happens and in the 9/10 episodes next season. 👀.

eu nunca irei esquecer os personagens incríveis que vcs foram #Arrow #Olicity.

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Random, I just realized I met the actress who played Beatrice once back in 2011 when I only knew that she was here working as a stunt person on Man Of Steel & Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn. #Arrow.

So next season will be the last season for Arrow and from this scene in flash forward of Arrow S7 finale it is obvious that Oliver Queen the Green Arrow gonna die in 2019😢 #Arrow #ArrowS7Finale.

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I’m convinced that Oliver just faked his I WILL NOT accept that he dies but Barry and Kara get to live after the that is not happening!!!! @CW_Arrow.

This one’s for @madelainepetsch. A scream queen. A gothic heroine. The Crimson Arrow. And the HBIC, always. Hidden depths, sublime beauty, steely resistance. A gorgeous Fleur du Mal. 👠❤️💎💋🏃🏻‍♀️.

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i have a headache really bad so i will make my arrow video in the morning before school.

That Arrow finale is working largely off the goodwill it’s accrued from being largely good for nearly a decade and dangit, it works.

Oh my god fuck Star City forever #Arrow “He’s trying to save you, dumbass.” YES HE DAMN WELL IS, THANK YOU, BRONZE TIGER..

esses spoilers não tão adiantando em nada e eu não quero assistir ao episódio #Arrow #Arrowlastepisode.

NÃO IREI SABER LIDAR COM ARROW SEM FELICITY! (Não tava sabendo lidar com ela ainda na série,imagine sem ela). Saudades meu Olicity,saudades do meu OTA! Consolo da noite: Eles estão juntos em outro universo,pq senão eu não respondo por mim. #Arrow #Olicity.

I’ve come to the realization that I don’t want the arrow to actually end. Damn I’m conflicted. #Arrow.

I couldn’t watch live, but I’m already crying seeing all these tweets 😭😭😭😭😭 #Arrow #Olicity.

Big brothers are the always there to give you an out - for example, an extra 60 seconds to escape before the building What a 💚 @benlewishere @cw_arrow #arrow.

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Happy #Arrow Season 7 finale day! It’s gonna be a scream! 🖤🗣🏹.

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Team’s all here! 💚 Join us for the #ARROW season 7 finale tomorrow! @cw_arrow #YouHaveSavedThisCity.

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