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He arrived a teenager. He left a man. #OnThisDay in 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣6️⃣, Arsenal signed a 16-year-old @theowalcott.

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@iTeymhie @legendarylekzzy Christiano Ronaldo and arsenal Anthony Joshua Scofield Jose chamileon and edsheran.

Burnley beat Manchester United at Old Trafford last night & they’re not celebrating as hard as Arsenal fans are over a draw..

@Stokel_Arsenal @OrXfXXPZHztfWld 銃槍はシンプルで使いやすいのに・・・.

@FabioMarton Então, ele tinha a arma e soube usá-la. Retomo aqui: não temos paridade de armas nessa disputa política. Estamos desorganizados e vendo um arsenal ganhar mais e mais territórios..

@habi_asapix listen man. just keep cheering for your shitty arsenal team and let me live in peace.

Tip para este torneo, a los que les gusta apostar: Métanle over a los partidos de @Rayados. Todos sabemos que es una escuadra con un gran arsenal de ataque y tienen mucho gol. Pero lo interesante es que a pesar de tener buenos jugadores en defensa, dejan muchos espacios..

@AlbachTissiane Adianto que não verá, provavelmente. Boylen insiste em pedir aos jogadores que tirem o arremesso de meia distância do seu arsenal. Por isso Markkanen pouco tem dando esse fadeaway..

Arsenal and united are so bad that we cant even troll each other. The football,the quality of players,etc is absolutely shambolic man..

Martin Keown claims Arsenal can LEAPFROG Chelsea into Champions League.

El volante uruguayo, ¡cada vez más clave en el Arsenal de Arteta!.

@manipwr kkkkkkk se eu me comunicasse com alguém do teu círculo de amizades, eu já teria um arsenal de provas.

@AgueroThings It’s beyond ridiculous at this point, like I understand making 1 tweet about the comeback but 19, that’s too many, even Arsenal fans are getting fed up with it 😂.

@CFCTrenzs_ @goal 😭😭😭 Shit owners man they ain’t doing shit either can’t even buy some kid from Brazil for like 20-30mill yet I’m supposed to be excited for the future jokeman club 😂😂 Rambo was the fucking boy fav arsenal player of the last decade.

Still angry from last night. Mainly because Arsenal fans are acting like they’ve won the Champions League and that Martinelli is the greatest to ever play the game. Reminder you’re in 10th and 10 points behind us. Oh and we won 4-1 in Baku 👍.

you guys ever just see de bruyne and think how tf is he so just saw that first strike of the game against arsenal again. the way he has to catch that ball to hit it is ridiculous.

its 2020 and people still supporting shit clubs like Arsenal and United. Shits crazzyy.

@PrinceKp87 @Arsenal Totally agree. My dad watched a lot more football than me and he just said to me this guy is knicking a living. Slow, boring, no goals, never dragging us through games like other top players do. Both shocking.

Still don’t quite understand how Mustafi continuously gets away with wearing an Arsenal shirt.

Arsenal hayatımızı siktin hayatımızı oğlum sen ne orospu çocuğu bir takımsın adiler.

I will drive Mustafi down to Fenabache tonight and pay them for wanting him if I was Arsenal manager.

This is not the first time Mustafi is causing Arsenal these stupid goals. Mustafi is an idiot, how he earns his salary as a footballer is beyond my understanding..

@m8arteta you need to drop some first team players like mustafi,his not good enough for arsenal.

Alguém Mata esse Mustafi Pelo amor de Deus Só tenho uma pergunta até quando esse bosta vai fuder com Arsenal inacreditável.

@Arsenal Club is a shambles, useless board, how can we have a 18 y/o winger player LB and two clowns at CB. Whatever pundit said these players are uncoachable he is absolutely right.

He arrived a teenager. He left a man. #OnThisDay in 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣6️⃣, Arsenal signed a 16-year-old @theowalcott.