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Reminder! I will be doing a @YouTube premiere of ASCEND tonight at 9pm PST. Come join the chat and let’s listen together! Link below ⬇️.

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@banebutwoke @multiplebears Just waiting for the inevitable lets get a non-politician involved so they can finally ask Jolyon and Gina Miller to ascend to their rightful place as philosopher kings.

how many full listens will it take for me to learn all the words to Ascend? let’s find out.

happy ascend day @illenials 💛💛💛 i’m crying on the subway listening to in your arms :).

Just went you think @ILLENIUMMUSIC can’t get anymore amazing, he releases Ascend✨.

Ascend just had me working through some emotional I feel like I just had the best therapy session of my life and all I did was listen and cry.

@jessicaxu_ You right. I’m a fucking clown. I’m gonna go listen to Ascend now.

¿Me puedo superar después de Awake? Me puedo superar con esta joya, ASCEND 🔥 @ILLENIUMMUSIC #Ascend.

@noplaceforsheep All the catastrophic events that will come with climate change are what Christians see as signs of the last days..signs that Jesus will very soon ascend down to earth to collect them & take them to heaven.

My future wife is out there crying while listening to Ascend. It’s okay boo, get those tears out..

You ever put on soft warm socks when you’re really cold and just ascend to a new plane of existence?.

When my hair covers my headphones and I’m listening to ascend.

Falling asleep while listening to the Ascend album is the mood/move. Highly recommend..

those words you speak, they cut so deep, i still feel everything, i am not your enemy so why are we still fighting, i am not your enemy so why are you still trying to take me down when every piece of me is underground 🥺 #ascend #illenium.

@brynndalicious If they’re upset the can close the app or mute the word Ascend haha. They should be happy for Sadboi’s / sadgirls.

ascend been out for 3 hours and it’s been on repeat the entire time and i’m not complaining.

no one talk to me for the next couple days Illenium dropping Ascend made me rediscover my sad boy all over again 😔.

brb need to get my bf to dump me so I can experience Ascend from a single perspective.

☀️☀️ Round 2 Headphones: in Ascend: playing Tissues: next to me Illenial Love: always there😌❤️ ☀️☀️.

@ILLENIUMMUSIC legit just dropped the you are going to fricking cry album of the year. Ascend is definitely a beautiful masterpiece..

After the night I just had I shouldn’t be listening to the ascend album. But here we are..

what if laid outside under the and listened to the Ascend aha ha, just unless??.

If we can have a giant @illenials group hug, that would be great. I’m an emotional wreck, Ascend is perfection. 🧡.

Reminder! I will be doing a @YouTube premiere of ASCEND tonight at 9pm PST. Come join the chat and let’s listen together! Link below ⬇️.

Visit the link below and sign up for a chance to win tickets and a M&G for a show on The Ascend Tour 🙂 Info →.

How many of the descendants of the painters and barbers and bootblacks and bartenders who lived in these buildings are now bellowing about keeping out poor immigrants? How many of them were able to ascend the ladder because these people were allowed to become Americans?.

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