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Oh heyyyyyy it’s @Camila_Cabello omg omg omg omg omg💕💕💕 ask me questions about #Romance! #AskCamila.

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#AskCamila がトレンドに入っていました 👏🏻.

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#AskCamila how many days can you resist not to say the n word?.

#AskCamila how many songs are in this album? because im your number one fan here in Africa particularly in Namibia..

📸 | Spotify - AskCamila #10: Fan: “¿Cuándo descubriste que era realmente amor? Te amo. Camila: Creo que lo sientes en tus huesos, no es algo en lo que realmente puedas pensar, lo que para alguien que piensa demasiado es un descubrimiento milagroso..

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#AskCamila Necesito un consejo y en verdad quisiera que mi ídola me lo dé😍 que haces cuando sientes que no eres suficiente para alguien? Saludos desde El Salvador😚❤.

🎥 | Spotify -AskCamila #8 Fan: ¿Cuál fue la canción más difícil de escribir y grabar en el álbum? Camila: Definitivamente la canción más difícil de escribir fueFirst Manporque estaba llorando mientras lo hacía, literalmente tenía que ir al baño y llorar cada 30 minutos+.

@Spotify #AskCamila How excited are you to go back to Portland Oregon on the Romance Tour at the Moda Center on August 1st? Love you so incredibly much Camila Cabello.

@Spotify #AskCamila what takes you the longest to finish, the lyric or the melody?.

Istg if cherry bullet disband i will be so mad #AskCamila.

@Spotify @Camila_Cabello When did you fall in love for the first time? #AskCamila.

@Spotify @Camila_Cabello Do you ever feel a desire to disconnect from life? #AskCamila.

@Spotify @Camila_Cabello If you could only do one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? #AskCamila.

How excited are you to be going on the road again meeting more Camilizers? Btw I love you so much! You’re my inspiration #AskCamila.

@Camila_Cabello Camila your first album was packed with wonderful hits and unforgettable romantic ballads, what is it like to deal with the pressure of delivering a job as good as your first? The charts worry you in some way ? I love u, and Brazil too! Kisses 😘#AskCamila.

Hi Pamela:) question: the political tide be west? Please respond. Thank you. Everett Andrew Williams,. King Of Lithuania #AskCamila.

#AskCamila Hi, Camila. 😊 I just would like to know, maybe, if you did.

When will you admit you copied Lana’s aesthetic and copied SOPHIE’s album cover? #AskCamila.

People always tell me that I looked like you when I had bangs I just wanted to tell you that #AskCamila.

#AskCamila porfavor mandame saludos y cuando vienes a Perú comer ceviche gracias exitos!.

#AskCamila Eu nem me atrevo em A escapada da entrevista ja respondeu!!!! Kkk @Camila_Cabello.

@Camila_Cabello #AskCamila Do you have any regrets of the songs that ended up in the album??.

#AskCamila If you could do your first album all over again, what would you change ?.

Pop Culture once again rule the Philippines Trends HAHAHAH WE STAN #missamericana #AskCamila.

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Q: how to not fall in love with the fantasized version of a person you’ve created in your head ???? #AskCamila #Romance - @adoreruin A: Took me a while to learn this too.

Oh heyyyyyy it’s @Camila_Cabello omg omg omg omg omg💕💕💕 ask me questions about #Romance! #AskCamila.

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