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Q: Do you really think you can beat Weidman in Madden ? #AskDC - @chrisweidman A: @chrisweidman.

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If you beat Stipe this weekend would you entertain the idea of possibly fighting one more time at HW to tie the number of HW title defenses #AskDC.

How does it feel knowing fine well you lost to Jon Jones twice and he is the goat #AskDC.

Hey DC do you do wrestling seminars, if so would you hit the east coast ? #AskDC.

@iMoya18 @ChoyJesse #askDC why you keep getting your ass whooped by Jon Jones 😂.

Wanna hook up me and my boy @ChoyJesse with VIP access for his first UFC event?😂 #AskDC.

#AskDC Is trending so come on motherfucker’s, hit me with that difficult shit. Nothing off-limits. Let’s dance.

#AskDC how different do you think the fight will be this time vs Stipe? #andstill.

#AskDC what is most likely after this fight. Fight Jones, fight ngannou, retire..

#AskDC how do you think your ufc career could have played out differently if you started earlier?.

Is there a fighter you think doesn’t get the recognition he or she deserves #AskDC.

#AskDC is it hard mentally trying to push forward knowing that jones is baiting you for a fight?.

#AskDC would you be willing to fight any UFC fighter striking only, no grappling?.

#AskDC Do you feel the eye pokes effected the outcome of the first fight with Stipe?.

#AskDC If you beat Stipe, you telling the goat to get his shit together again? @dc_mma @JonnyBones.

@dc_mma Do you still plan to come to UFC 243 IN Melbourne to either commentate or view as a fan? Would die to meet you :) #UFC421 #AskDC.

#AskDC [email protected]_mma Do you ever see yourself becoming a pro wrestler for WWE or AEW? Good luck for the weekend champ #askDC.

You scared to fight jon Jones even if it’s at heavyweight aren’t ya? @JonnyBones @dc_mma #AskDC.

@dc_mma #AskDC how does it feel being the first ever Fake Double Champ?👊🏻💪🏻 Ps: HAHAHA U GOT KNOCKED TF OUT BY A GUY ON COKE😂.

The thing about #AskDC that everyone is missing is that we are on the verge of runaway climate change and we need a complete re-think of the global economy to ensure a just society & avoid planetary catastrophe..

@TonyAli03 is a very skilled wrestler but I got hands you think I can beat him#AskDC.

I know nothing about mixed martial arts but ask me about technology and a little bit about compound semiconductors to ride on #AskDC hashtag 🥊😇😀👩‍💻.

Q: Who has hit you the hardest in your career? #AskDC - @timplu21 A:.

Q: My daughter passed away in a car accident a few years ago. I understand how difficult everyday life becomes. Just wanted to let you know that I have nothing but respect and admiration for you. #AskDC - @Get_Miggy A:.

Q: Do you really think you can beat Weidman in Madden ? #AskDC - @chrisweidman A: @chrisweidman.

Q: What keeps you motivated even at your lowest? #AskDC - @TheSlayerPapi A:.

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