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No dia 26 de Julho, em Athabasca (Canadá), o Capitão Matheus Carvalho Moretto, do 11º Batalhão de Infantaria de #Montanha, @cmlexercito concluiu com aproveitamento o curso de Complex Terrain Leader..

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Hearing from a lot of people about this. Athabasca University has been a distance-learning university for 50 years! @demetriosnAB, explain to me like I’m 5 why this is a good idea? Forcing 500 staff to move to Athabasca makes no sense. #ableg.

The president of Athabasca University says the Alberta government’s demand that the online school relocate 500 staffers to the tiny rural town is so backward and self-defeating it threatens to put the institution “on the path to ruin.”.

@WaterSHEDLab Maybe this entire fiasco is being driven by a UCP donor who’s a realtor in Athabasca..

Alberta will help pay to relocate 500 Athabasca University staff: Advanced Education minister.

First, why am I tweeting about this when I’m a City Councillor for Spruce Grove? Well, my ‘day job’ is as the Marketing Manager for Athabasca University, a job I’ve held since November of 2013. I was elected to my first term as Councillor for SG in 2017 and again in 2021..

Conservatives: We love homeschool, we want teachers to teach in their homes!! Also conservatives: Distance learning is evil plight against local economy, all 500 staff plus 1000-1500 family members and 40,000 students must move and live in Athabasca..

Minister @demetriosnAB, how do you propose moving 500 staff, their spouses and children to Athabasca when logistically, this is an impossible task. Have you considered:.


Great thread from someone who really understands Athabasca University and rural Alberta..

And kids! Not every kid can just be expected to be okay with a move to Athabasca. What about their friends, their connections, their activities? This ain’t your 1950’s nuclear family where what dad wants, family does..

Athabasca residents aren’t asking for 65% of the staff (roughly 500 of us) to move up to Athabasca. Even our Athabasca based staff think this is absolutely bananas! And just like me, they don’t want us if we don’t want to be there. Do you blame them?.

Making us move to Athabasca and work at campus (by the way, those building CANNOT handle an influx of 500 staff, not even close) does nothing for our mandate and most importantly, for the students we serve. Don’t forget the students. Athabasca University does not exist to.

I do my job and I do it well. And balance my duties as councillor in the city I CHOOSE to live in. Do we want Athabasca based staff? Absolutely! No one is arguing that. But it has to be reasonable, fair and realistic. And we have to be consulted (we haven’t been). #Athabasca.

I’ve never worked out of the Athabasca main campus, though it’s very nice, I enjoyed visiting and really looked forward to our annual convocation ceremony we’d have up there each June. And while I like the town, I wouldn’t live there. It’s just not a fit for me, just like.

I commuted to work for years in to Edmonton. Depending on my work, I’d head up to Athabasca once a month or every couple of months to meet with staff and connect with other members of the Advancement team. That commute is hours and can be no joke in the winter!.

~ What is so important about the economy of Athabasca that now they will even pay to relocate the 500 staff? Maybe they better build them some housing as well? Where are they supposed to live?.

The Athabasca University thing reminds me of the 2017 municipal election in FtMac, where the winning candidate had “ending fly-in workers” as a key campaign plank, to bring more workers to the city..

This demand that Athabasca University move 500 staff to the town of Athabasca is bizarre. It is the type of demand that tin pot dictators make. There is no defendable rationale for it from any policy perspective. Further, I can’t even imagine it’s good politics..

Look, I love Athabasca. Almost the entirety of my mom’s side of the family still lives there, and has for 5 generations. But forcing people to move there as a condition of their employment, with no clear benefit as to WHY it would help the University, is just stupid. #ableg.

Today at 2pm ET/11am PT, Dev Randhawa, Chairman & CEO & Ray Ashley, VP Exploration will present a live webinar. With 16 projects in the Athabasca Basin, we are exploring for high-grade uranium in this area. Register here: Hosted by @RedCloudFS $FUU.

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@SpencerBeach1 @demetriosnAB That was a move that had a hugely negative impact on rural Alberta. The UCP will claim to be a champion of rural AB, but their track record shows otherwise. This isn’t about attacking Athabasca. The community deserves a plan. So does AU. What the UCP has proposed isn’t feasible..

This is an excellent example of looking for simple solutions to complex problems. Throw money at a problem! (super fiscally conservative by the way), that will work. Where will 500 (x3 for families) live in a community of 2800?.

Went to Athabasca Falls today (Monday), too many tourists for me to really enjoy it, but wanted to get it off my bucket list! Went back to Kootenay Plains after and enjoyed this secluded waterfall instead!.

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Wait til we find out the UCP are moving Edmonton to Athabasca to bolster the rural vote. 👀.

Old Crow Medicine Show went on google maps on the way to Edmonton and looked up landmarks and small towns nearby to use in their show and I love it. “Down home girls from Athabasca” “Let’s get a bunch of beer and go down to the Saskatchewan River” #efmf2022.

@DuaneBratt Honestly. Athabasca has always been the goto when seeking to complete a degree alongside parenting and work. I really do not understand why they are being targeted..

@DuaneBratt I thought Athabasca University was always intended to be an online institution..

@DuaneBratt Another big lie by the UCP Advance Education Minister. It’s impossible to relocate in Athabasca 500 staff. I don’t see a teacher living in Edmonto with his family moving in this small community when he can make the same work from his home in Edmonton. It’s ridiculous..

What developer owns land in Athabasca? And with a huge labour shortage, who’s actually going to perform the work? And guess how much it’s gonna cost to bring in workers, when even huge city developers are struggling to get houses built..

The staff of @AthabascaU own homes, have kids in schools, and spouses in highly specialized careers of their own (with no opportunities in Athabasca)... #abpse #abpoli.

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