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Updated: July 21st, 2021 03:36 PM IST

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Giannis says today was the first time he’s seen the replay of his block on Deandre Ayton, and it only happened during the team’s film session. “When you talk about the past, that’s your ego talking.”

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Ayton haters like whites supremacists, always there but always hiding until something bad happens and then they everywhere

damn so many people just changed their minds on ayton. don’t forget he’s young & still has a lot of developing to do.

I wish nothing more in life than Lillard being a Sun playing alongside Book and Ayton

Giannis had Ayton in fucking hell this series. He’s gonna have nightmares about this finals for years

I said all playoffs Ayton wasn’t moving me, y’all niggas got tricked of some hook shots on niggas 6 inches shorter than😭😭😭😭

Balancing my disappointment with regular reminders to myself that the Suns went 19-63 two years ago. Book is a dog, he and Ayton and Mikal will grow from this experience in their first playoffs. CP3 & Monty changed this team. Eternally grateful for this season with the fellas

This is all you need to know: Deandre Ayton had 12 points and 6 rebounds tonight. The man he was guarding had 50 and 14.

BTW Next season the aim of Ayton should be to focus on his midrange and other shots, he(and Bam) clearly have the potential to be two-way centers after Embiid

Le piccole cose che fanno la differenza: la difesa sui cambi piccolo vs lungo di Holiday che ha permesso ai Bucks di estromettere dal gioco Ayton.


Deandre Ayton had 20 points on 12 shots tonight. I thought he scored 6 points or sum shyt. They got some explaining to do, as to why they don’t run offense through him waaaaay more

LeadershiP3 and Kobe Booker gotta come off the rock. Ayton could make their lives so much easier this series

Bridges, Ayton, Booker all won their minutes, the Suns bench is dysfunctional since they lost Saric.

Jamal looked like a rookie and Ayton looked like a 15-year

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Paul and Ayton both had 20-10 games. Booker had 40 points. All of them shot over 50% from the field. This series is incredible.

Booker pode fazer 40 pontos todo jogo. Ayton jogar o melhor dele toda a série. Mas se o CP3 precisa estar bem pro Suns vencer, não tem jeito

I love Ayton and i’ll defend him to death but he been offensively been eh since game 3. Need him to heat up

“I’m just so inspired by what Ayton has been able to do. And I think there’s no reason why James (Wiseman) can’t follow that same path.” Steve Kerr hopes James Wiseman can develop into the next Deandre Ayton (via @957thegame)

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Using his incredible defensive instincts, length, and athleticism, Giannis Antetokounmpo recovered and met Ayton way up to make his game-saving block! #NBABreakdown Game 5: Saturday at 9pm/et on ABC

Giannis says today was the first time he’s seen the replay of his block on Deandre Ayton, and it only happened during the team’s film session. “When you talk about the past, that’s your ego talking.”

Σπουδαίο αμυντικό play, με την συγκεκριμένη λήψη να δείχνει καθαρά τον Γιάννη να ακολουθεί την πορεία της μπάλας και όχι να ψάχνει να βρεί σε ποιον πάει. Πριν, η άμυνα των Tucker-Γιάννη στον Booker έφερε μια μη ιδανική πάσα οδηγόντας σε τελείωμα χωρίς ισορροπία από τον Ayton.

Queria estar namorando pra elogiar a namorada dizendo que ela está tão linda que vou chamar ela de toco do giannis no ayton

Giannis Antetokounmpo delivers BIG block (📽️) WATCH #NBAFinals

@El_Breas @vaniss90 nada eso lo soluciona muggsy bogues coge el rebote y empotra por encima de anteto y ayton XD

Πού πας ρε Ayton με Puma σπορτέξ μπροστά στον Freak.

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Las tres canastazas de Middleton en los dos últimos minutos, el taponaco de Anteto a Ayton y el rebotazo ofensivo de Holiday a 40”. El triángulo de Bucks se puso las pilas cuando todo quema y pegó un golpe moral a la serie.

🇬🇷🤯 Incredible work from Giannis Antetokoumpo last night to make this incredible block on Deandre #SunsvsBucks | #NBAPlayoffs

Guten Morgen 💚 Der Block von Giannis gegen den Booker-Ayton-Alley-oop beim Stand von 99-101 aus Sicht der 😮😮😮🔥😍😎 WOW!

pulled this off cuz he never tried to play the pass. turned and immediately started guarding ayton and went where he did.

giannis somehow blocked this alley-oop to ayton at the rim wtf

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That Giannis block is one of the most incredible defensive plays I think I’ve ever seen? The judgment in help, the rotation, the power of the man he met at the top of his jump, the timing, the strength to stop Ayton from throwing it down on him. That’s just absolutely unreal.

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