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Breaking News: Google released Bard, its AI chatbot, to compete with rivals like OpenAI and Microsoft and stave off threats to its search engine primacy..


Google has invited people in United States and Britain to test its AI chatbot, Bard, as it continues on its gradual path to catch up with Microsoft-backed ChatGPT.

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Some early questions about Google Bard after a day of using it.

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Googleの新チャットボット「Bard」はリアルタイム情報と正確性に課題があることが判明 他のチャットボット、ChatGPT、Bingと比較して劣る部分も.

Google opens up access to Bard AI chatbot, its rival to ChatGPT.

“Would you like to try Google Bard?” Buddy, I don’t even use the self checkout at the grocery store..

Google is wasting no time giving Bard a chance to enhance the Messages app.

グーグル、対話AI「Bard」を公開 チャットGPTに対抗.


Google、「Bard」への登録受け付けを開始 ~生成AIとのコラボを初期実験/利用できるのは18歳以上、まずは米国と英国からスタート.

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Lets ask some free AI chat searches What PSU do I need for an RTX 4090?.

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Yeah. Drama today at the office. @sundarpichai is trying to replace himself with Bard, but the board has locked him in his office in a straight jacket. Times are tough..

グーグルが会話型AI「Bard」を一般公開、“ChatGPT対抗”を急ぐ事情と共通する弱点の中身 #最新記事.

2か国限定。日本はまだでした。>>>Google opens early access to Bard, its AI chatbot.

لغاية دلوقتي في الأسئلة الفضفاضة بخصوص مواضيع معينة، إجابات Bard شاملة أكتر قصاد إجابات gpt اللي إجاباته عامه على قدر السؤال بس فيها حاجات ناقصة كمان لو الردود طويلة، الـ formatting في Bard بيخلي تلقي المعلومة أسهل نسبيا عكس الستايل الموحد اللي بيكتب بيه gpt.

As I was bored I asked Google Bard to write me a poem about @IainDale. It probably needs work lol..

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Google permitirá más usuarios para el chatbot Bard. En la próxima fase, Google abrirá una lista de espera para usar una herramienta de inteligencia artificial similar a la tecnología ChatGPT que Microsoft comenzó a desplegar el mes pasado. Por @liedtkesfc.

试了下 Bard,不支持中文,连让它翻译中文到英文都不行。.

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Google LaMDA dil modeliylr çalışan Bard yapay zeka servisini hizmete açtı. Şimdilik sadece Amerika ve İngilterede ve sadece ingilizce olarak hizmet veriyor. Yapay zeka konusunda yavaş olmakla suçlanan Google, bu hamlesi ile yapay zeka yarışında ciddi olduğunu göstermek istiyor..

想去加入google bard的waiting list,却被告知,现在还不支持我所在的国家。 应该把节点调整到哪个国家?.


Google Bard on Chainlink Labs + Google + Series C investment. Google invested $10 million in to Chainlink Labs. Sequoia Capital invested $12 million. $GOOG $LINK.

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グーグルの対話型AI「Bard」が公開、米国と英国で #AI #Bard.

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@xlr8harder I wonder if Bard is fast because usage is much lower at the moment. Generating Python, I found Bard added comments without prompting but GPT I had to prompt to get comments..

@MKBHD Are you suggesting that Google Bard is more crazy than how Bing Sydney replied to users on the first week? Sydney went berserk!.

In competition with Microsoft-backed ChatGPT, Google invited people in the US and UK to test Bard, its newly launched AI-powered chatbot.

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Companies are rushing to occupy the new and exciting space of generative AI. Find out more at 🚀 #engineering #interestingengineering.

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With @DecentraBox, you can store your valuable data securely and privately without worrying about third-party access or potential data breaches. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that your data is stored on a network of decentralized nodes, $BRISE $ETH $BTC $BITE $HOBBES $BARD.

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@Kevin_Indig Don’t have access to Bard yet, but from what I’m seeing on Twiter, Bing AI is clearly the better option..

And Bard’s response to Bing: fake news!! The misinformation wars begin. #AI #contentmoderation.

見切れているのでわからないとおもいいますが、こちら13+のFIRE BARDくんです。初見です。いや何でお前SS一発で出るの? Burn My Soulは3回やっても行かなかったのに… つまりBurn My Soulは実質14以上ってことお?!.

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