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“The President has never asked me to do anything in a criminal case.” Barr This doesn’t mean that I do not have, as President, the legal right to do so, I do, but I have so far chosen not to!

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The Progressive Mind ()

Bill Barr accused of an ongoing pattern of perjury ‘from day one’ by former prosecutor

Ming Solenya Nethery ()

Do you think Barr/McConnell/Graham really give a fuck about trump or keeping their parties crimes hidden?

Roger Slover ()

@el72champs You must be Joking talking about Barr. Holder was a master puppet for Obama and then the AG on the tarmac with Clinton and see is off the you think the American people are stupid. You will find out come November.

Sandy Sunrise ()

Barr Interfering In Some Cases That Are Not Yet Public: NYT | Rachel via @YouTube


William Barr Reopens Probe Into Michael Flynn’s Guilty Plea | Deadline |... via @YouTube

Oliver ()

@TheJusticeDept William Barr and Trump have turned the Justice Department into Trump’s Injustice Department, the #unDOJ #TrumpDOJ.

Carbon lolly caribou ()

it is safe to assime Jr is walking around free instead of in a cell next to michael cohen is the fact barr sat on that case . rachel talked about it this week. the hush money case went poof.

Leendawoman ()

@ninaandtito @thespybrief Maybe Barr can fix this for trump. I’m sure this guy is MAGA and needs to be able to vote.

John Heidenreich ()

AG Barr Colludes With Mockingbird Media To Brainwash America via @YouTube

#TwoBarrels4Trump ()


Bridgebum ()

@MSNBC @gtconway3d He has no legacy left, his children and grandchildren should change their name; Barr is now a four letter word for dishonor, disloyality, and cowardice.

Nadia Sindi ()

Trump-Barr divide worsens as the president bucks a request to stop tweeting, and the Justice Dept. declines to charge ex-FBI official McCabe

Teri Robins ()

@SethAbramson @josephabondy I am also 100% agreement. What do we do now? Get him before the House & offer him immunity? Would Barr still try to indict him? One thing we can count on is this mess is too big for trump to control. Too many moving parts. Nixon finally learned that. Senate Rs were normal then.

RAM Francis ()

I wonder if Barr is going to experience a little bit of Sessions

ConspiracyDailyUpdat ()

@SaraCarterDC: A ‘Barr Fight’ over Roger Stone?

ConspiracyDailyUpdat ()

@SaraCarterDC: Joe Biden: Pres. Trump ‘Weaponized’ AG Barr’s Office

Shalen Bezona ()

@wallisweaver Well, since Barr is in the mood to be handing out crap everybody wants, I want to win the lottery - in the millions. BONUS: It won’t undermine the authority of his position; I am not in any way friends of his boss. See? It can be done.

Jude ✝️🦅🗽🇺🇸I STAND WITH TRUMP🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸 ()

Full Transcript of ABC Bill Barr Interview Shows Most Content Not Included In Broadcast via @thelastrefuge2

Caitlin Howard ()

@tribelaw No! This was staged. Think about how Trump would really act. He would have sent an onslaught of tweets. We are being played by Barr.

Lorrona ()

Tom Fitton: How DOJ-Deep State is Preventing AG Barr From Doing the Right Thing on Anti-Trump Coup - YouTube

BKS ()

@45rapedkatie5 I think that after the election & cleaning up after #Barr our congress must write laws prohibiting all the shit the Trumps did! Right not many things like Justice is practice, nothing is law, same w/authority of Justice Department, Congressional oversight, & shore up emoluments!

Lester Dent ()

@BokoskyGeno I take Barr’s words a bit differently than most. Barr is unflappable. He couldn’t care less what Trump tweets. It doesn’t affect him. But it does make it hard (not impossible) to do his job without the chattering classes accusing him of being swayed or doing Trump’s bidding.

ABerman333 ()

This is so bizarre, odd that Barr has no idea what he is talking about. He just did what Trump told him to do. But Barr wants to do that quietly and make people think he decided, not Trump.

SD Hall ()

@SpeakerPelosi Why can’t Barr be disbarred? At the end of the day, he’s just an attorney.

John Hausman ()

As for the Thursday stop tweeting interview—that was, as Laura Ingraham noted, meant to make Barr a more effective Trump lackey, not to defy him.

ConspiracyDailyUpdat ()

@SaraCarterDC: [email protected] praises Barr intervention in Roger Stone case: ‘I am cautiously optimistic that real justice will be done’

Henry Joy ()

@Scaramucci @realDonaldTrump I disagree, Barr isn’t breaking. This is routine song and dance. A chance for him to protect himself while still being a lap dog. Words with no actions to back them up, mean nothing.

Adam Schiff ()

Barr admits he intervened in the sentencing of a man who lied to Congress to cover up for the President. He’s only upset that Trump’s tweets made the political nature of his intervention obvious. Barr fools no one. He’s a witting accomplice to Trump’s attack on the rule of law.

Donald J. Trump ()

“The President has never asked me to do anything in a criminal case.” Barr This doesn’t mean that I do not have, as President, the legal right to do so, I do, but I have so far chosen not to!

Donald Trump Jr. ()

Have you noticed unhinged Democrats & media attacking AG Barr more & more lately? It’s because he’s an existential threat to the Swamp Creatures who’ve run roughshod over our Govt & our country for far too long. Raise your hand if you back Barr in his war against The Swamp. 🙋🏻‍♂️

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