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I love Tamar and don’t care about Tom’s feelings but “dancing on Tom’s grave” was a textbook case of bad jury management, and not only with Tom’s vote, which she never had. Her only path to win is to take Ricky to F2. #cbbus2 #bbceleb.

ICYMI: Double Eviction results and the latest HOH winner was revealed overnight. #CBBUS2 #BBCeleb.

While I love my gurl Tamar, Tom didn’t deserve that. She should have done that for Kato!! #BBCeleb.

Also that audience GROAN when Lolo won HOH. I 👏 am 👏 living 👏 for 👏 that 👏 #BBCeleb #CBBUS2.

Kandi went on the block the most and deserves America’s Favorite houseguest #BBCeleb #CBBUS2.

@ShawnMtheType She can’t win. She had to get one of them out tonight so that the other would take her. And she loses in a landslide against Kandi or Dina. She can’t win this game. Played the middle too long. She had to make sure only one of the trio was left at final 5. #CBBUS2 #BBCELEB.

@tomgreenlive I don’t know if you know by now but Tamar had the power you were losing your mind about. 😂 #CBBUS2 #BBCeleb.

If Tom had to go, I’m glad it was the next to last episode because the house is gonna be pretty boring without him. He was the only one who realized it was only a game and tried to just have fun with it #BBCELEB #CBBUS2.

@CBBUS2LiveFeeds Ok I love that Ricky just let himself be honest and authentic. Seeing your family will do that to you. So conflicted about who should #BBCELEB #CBBUS2.

The best move imo for Tamar is to win Veto take Kandi down then vote out can beat Dina and Ricky can’t play #bbceleb #cbbus2.

Tamar has got to win this veto and pull Kandi down to send Lolo packing. #BBCeleb.

The comp is going to be an all day event because of her mouth #CBBUS2 #BBCeleb.

@JulieChen That “best friend” isn’t paying my house/car/medical payments id throw them to the damn wolves!!! #bbceleb #cbbus2 for normal people that kind of money could help so much😂🤷🏻‍♂️gotta do what you gotta do.

Natalie said “I do not trust Tom as far as I could throw him; and trust me, I could throw him pretty far” I wonder if she realized that that made no sense because if she could throw him pretty far, that means she could trust him quite a bit #BBCELEB #CBBUS2.

All the fun has been sucked out of the #CBBUS2 house since @tomgreenlive and @Kato_Kaelin are gone so can we speed this up now please? #BBCEleb.

Lolo has plans to send Tamar out by this statement #CBBUS2 #BBCeleb.

okay so i’m gunna need Tamar to winn veto, save Kandi, & force Lolo to go on the block & leave :) then Tamar or Kandi wins Final HoH & take each other, evicting Ricky & Dina. Perfection :) #CBBUS2 #BBCeleb.

It’s really quite was my favorite #bbceleb player to watch on the feeds, so he has my vote(s)! ✅💯✅ #cbbus2.


I would laugh if Ricky put up he and LoLo were talking before the show ended sounded like LoLo was talking about Tamar winning too much. She needs to go #BBAD #BBCeleb.

Ricky won HOH!!!!! Lol! Those of you pressed by the gold room are so mad right now! #bbceleb #cbbus2.

So sad to see @natalieevamarie to leave #BBCeleb I didn’t get to watch yet but social media spoiled it.

NOW is the time! Vote for the #BBCeleb Houseguest you think deserves to win $25K: #AFHG.

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I might be biased, but “Break Up w Your Girlfriend” is my favorite track off of @ArianaGrande’s new album! Right @Kandi?? Oh wait, she’s still in the #BBCeleb house..

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