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The only point of an under-30s Question Time is to show the views of young people, who voted about 70%Remain. And yet, This auduence is Brexity as ****! Congratulations BBC! You are now officially Fake News!! #bbcqt #bbcqtu30.

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Just watched tonight’s #bbcqt. Wow, all these remain parties arguing with each other 😂 It’s so clear that only the Conservatives have a plan. If Labour gets in with help of the other remain parties then the lunatics will have well and truly taken over the asylum..

Climate change, the chance for everyone to ignore reality & virtue signal #BBCQT.

#bbcqt @BBCPolitics @bbclaurak British folk rise up and storm break loose!.

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our democracy is universal for adults (ie. over-eighteens) regardless of how much or how little they are affected by certain policies. And that is how it should be. #BBCQT #GE2019.

but even if that were true… Democracy is not means-tested! We don’t withhold votes from general healthy people because they don’t use the health service. You don’t get to do more democracy because you are ‘more affected’. #BBCQT #GE2019.

for what it’s worth, I don’t buy the premise that younger people are ‘more affected’ anyway. I think politics affects everyone. #BBCQT #GE2019.

#bbcqt the best and only debate of this election that has personally had any influence over my decision for Thursday, thank you👏🏻👏🏻.

#BBCQT so @HumzaYousaf is there any question where the answer isn’t “an independent Scotland”?.

Big shout to @Emmabarnett for that expertly facilitated under 30s @bbcquestiontime. Not easy to keep everyone inline and answering question correctly. #bbcqt.

Cannot wait for this election to be over, the arrogance of some MPs is shocking. Rayner & hamza acting like something out of mean girls. Embarrassing.#bbcqt.

Absolutely fed up with negative comments, brazen unsubstantiated attacks/promises, talking at and over each ! #BBCQT.

Young people deserve the opportunity to own their own home - our rent to own scheme would enable them to do just that #BBCQT.

Watching the most useless & misleading uninformative #bbcqt special, I was wondering whether @LabourParty @AngelaRayner was putting a performance presenting her credentials for a second career ( just in case) as a professional heckler ?.

Friends of the Earth have looked at the manifestos of all parties and found that Labour has the strongest policies to protect nature and combat climate change. 🌍Vote Labour to save the planet🌍 #BBCQT.

“In this so-called partnership of equals, Scotland is frankly the only one being shafted” @HumzaYousaf says Scotland is being ‘dragged’ out of the EU against its will. #bbcqt.

“16-year-olds should also get the vote because they are going to be lasting with it a lot longer than any of you will” This audience member says there should be another referendum on leaving the EU. #bbcqt.

The only point of an under-30s Question Time is to show the views of young people, who voted about 70%Remain. And yet, This auduence is Brexity as ****! Congratulations BBC! You are now officially Fake News!! #bbcqt #bbcqtu30.

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When we’re given the opportunity to vote, five of the seven of you don’t even listen to us. This audience member says he is living in a democratically corrupt country. #bbcqt.

@IBlackfordSNP Thank you for your very calm informed contribution to BBCQT last night You are the only one worthy of the job Well done.

@Socialist_Chris You appear to have missed him being scrutinised by #bbcqt , Marr, Peston, Robinson,BBC head to head, ITV,and a dozen others. Get a life you dozy lefty..

@bbcquestiontime Usually the main highlights of the speech are on the Christmas Day breakfast news, hours before the full speech is broadcast. #bbcqt.

@bbcquestiontime I’ll terrorist should be executed. That If that had been the case with the London Bridge killer, two people would still be Get rid of the stupid #bbcqt.

#bbcqt People moaning about the panel this week are ignoring the fact that politicians do say no if they do not want to be on it. Whether it is all men, all women or a mixture should not dictate the policies. Grow up and quiz who turns up on the real issues..

“There is real anger you can sense from the audience here tonight and I can understand that because we have lived with 10 years of austerity” @IBlackfordSNP says the money the Conservatives spent bailing out banks should have been invested in public services. #bbcqt.

“The problems have got nothing to do with Brexit, the problems have been inflicted by the Tories” This audience member Brexit has been used as a “scapegoat” for other issues in the UK. #bbcqt.

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