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BREAKING: @MsCharlotteWWE has RE-INJURED #TheMan’s knee after the suspended @BeckyLynchWWE jumped the barricade at #WWEAlexandria..

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Watched the Becky lynch segment again from the ppv. That segment was really trash. They doing too much for this feud and it’s not making sense whatsoever..

Both Becky Lynch and Kofi getting over was completely out of their plans. Daniel Bryan in 2013-2014 was the last time anything has been this over in the company; that was also not their plan..

#WWEEliminationChamber2019 Results, Highlights- @DanielBryan retains title, @BeckyLynch goes rogue- WATCH VIDEO.

Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston at Mania is THE ONLY OPTION. There ARE NO EXCUSES. These two have put on TWO CLASSICS IN ONE WEEK. KOFI IS HOTTER THAN BECKY LYNCH. The entire world is cheering like kids again hoping Kofi finally gets what he’s deserved for 10 YEARS #WWEChamber.

I don’t watch wrestling, but I get that everyone loves Becky Lynch now but the constant Stone Cold comparisons are so cringey.

And that’s the bottom line coz Becky fucking Lynch said so.

Becky Lynch with straight hair >>> 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤.

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just realized Becky Lynch showed up to #WWEChamber in her Anti-Ock Suit.

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As for Becky Lynch, she will be handed her receipt in due time. If re-injuring her knee isn’t enough to keep her from barging herself into my business, then I’ll simply need to get more creative in my means to take The Man out. Indefinitely. 👸🏼.

Becky Lynch skips right over the Stone Cold comparisons and moves right to Kill Bill. #WWEChamber.

[becky lynch us hugely popular, could easily be someone to lead WWE into the future] kickoff show panel: “becky lynch was an idiot. she gets what she deserves. she has no business doing anything” #WWEChamber.

[email protected] injures her knee further during a #SDLive event in Alexandria, La., Saturday.

BREAKING: @MsCharlotteWWE has RE-INJURED #TheMan’s knee after the suspended @BeckyLynchWWE jumped the barricade at #WWEAlexandria..

I don’t even really follow professional wrestling these days, but I know enough to say that Becky Lynch fans are just the sports entertainment equivalent of Conor McGregor fanboys and Nicky Minaj Stan’s. Y’all some weirdos. 🙊.

@TamDalzell IT WAS A CALCULATED RISK. 😅 But I get to boo Lashley! Cheer/boo the Revival! Maybe see Sasha & Bayley as new women’s tag champs! WITNESS THE VICIOUS MURDER OF RIC FLAIR BY BECKY LYNCH!.

Booker T Shoots on Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey Main Event of WrestleMania via @YouTube.

What do Becky Lynch and Daniel Bryan have in common? - Year of WWE TV being overlooked. - Opportunities stripped away not given. - Fans thinking they caused the change in a main event that WASNT SUPPOSE to happen, and they TOPPLED THE MAN! ( it was scripted whole time).

In six weeks time Becky Lynch crashes Raw in a Guinness truck and sprays Charlotte and the McMahon’s. #RAW.

Looking forward to Becky Lynch killing Ric Flair at his birthday party in two weeks. #RAW.

Let’s appreciate Seth Rollins the true main event of WM. Not Ronda Rousey and Becky lynch..

One thing I do like is a main story threaded through #Raw. And the fact it involves Becky Lynch. To dedicate this much TV time to her shows #WWE knows they have something special here..

“Your abs are still awesome by the way” - Becky Lynch to Finn Balor. She ain’t lying man ... - Teti #RAW.

Actual shot of me trying to win Becky Lynch’s love with my bad Pearl Jam guitar covers.

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“Your abs are still awesome by the way.” Becky Lynch speaking straight truth! #RAW.

Finn Balor and Becky Lynch. Trainer and student together on TV. This is good. #WWE #Raw.

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