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Dana White & Hunter Campbell say that they are working on Belal Muhammed vs Shavkat Rakhmonov 👀 #UFC286.

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Will have plenty more to say about this on Monday but these are the fights to make: Leon x winner Burns/Masvidal Colby x Belal Belal deserves a top fight, Colby hasn’t fought in a year+, Burns is active, the Masvidal story is right there (if he wins). Easy..

You could fought Belal today, but you choose to make weight and don’t fight and make 25,000 zero confident and your skills.

Since Colby Covington weighed in as backup anyway they should have just booked him and Belal Muhammad to fight on this card.

If Colby Covington really wants a title shot, he should have fought Belal Muhammad tonight and that would have settled any debates about the No. 1 contender. #UFC286.

🇵🇸 BELAL MUHAMMAD VS SHAVKAT RAKHMONOV 🇰🇿 J’ai tellement hâte de voir ce combat, ça va être exceptionnel….

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What else does @bullyb170 need to do?Countless championship opportunities have been afforded to fighters with resumes that pale in comparison to Belal’s..

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‼️HOW TO KNOW IF YOURE AN MMA HIPSTER‼️ You want Belal to get a title shot over Colby 😭💀.

Colby getting the next title shot while Belal has to fight a title eliminator.

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(من أعمالنا ) 🚩تصميم هوية كوفي همس .. 💡فكرة الشعار بالصورة الثانية .. . . فكرة الشعار بالتعاون مع @belal_203.

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@RyanThomasMMA He was more interesting last time out I thought! And Colby is just as boring as a fighter and less deserving as a challenger so I’d prefer Belal personally.

Colby pulls in big numbers. Belal doesn’t. It’s that simple. Belal does deserve it. But Colby is the next best guy behind Leon and Usman. Colby vs Leon in London will be massive. He’ll wind up the crowd insulting England. Plus it sets up a potential Colby vs Conor megafight.

@hektic_one Not saying he deserves it but id rather watch leon vs colby then leon vs belal.

@UFCEurope @Leon_edwardsmma So Belal is there but still he doesn’t deserve a title shot?.

@BenTheBaneDavis For f*cking Real man, Belal Muhammad is the Uncrowned Champion man Deserved that so much.


@w23_w0 @SpinninBackfist They should’ve done Colby v Belal on this card to decide who gets the title next. I’m not the biggest Belal fan but if Colby is next for the title you have to feel bad for Belal..

@espnmma I have a feeling this won’t even come to fruition. Dana trying to screw Belal but them tables always turn….

@FonzoMMA We got rid off Usman and Belal in one night, awesome stuff plus Colby title fight.

@CutGuyMMA fr it’s just funny asl seeing belal eat shit who tf wants to see him fight for a title.

@ColbyBotV2 Seems Dana has announced it’s gonna be Colby. I can’t wait to see these pressers, Colby is gonna have to work double tho to carry Leon thru selling the fight. Belal is honestly getting screwed, but no one cares bc he’s just so boring 😂something about his face I just don’t care.

@OasisMma I think expect masvidal all three islam,colby and belal have best chance to wrestle fuck leon.

@bullyb170 @lamFarhan Islam vs Leon Belal vs Usman Shavkat vs Colby This should be then. 😂.

@AmmarRashidT @SpinninBackfist Not a big ppv guy, belal is a prelim dude,after all it’s a business, if he beats shavkat then ufc might think he’s credible enough to be publicised and sell.

@NewYorkRic Masvidal is the least deserving of anyone. He ain’t winning against burns anyway though. Belal vS Leon just isn’t a draw whatsoever. They would have to co main event for jones and Stipe or something..

@MMAFighting UFC has always favoured White (DW)Players. While as Muslims Players like Khabib, Islam and Belal had to do more to get a Title shot. The respect for likes of Khabib and Islam grows more when you see how much difficult is it for th em to fight the system and the actual fight..

Why should Belal fight Shavkat?? He’s fought everyone put in front of him to no avail so what will he get from fighting him? He should go to PFL if this is what awaits him. To have a fighter spend his best fights trying to contend for a title is damaging to their career..


@AjDuxche i dont like belal but it’s impossible not to feel bad for him atleast a little loo.

@SpinninBackfist I think its unfair to belal, but I understand why colby is next and i think we all know. Not really a fan of belal really, people like entertaining fights. And colby can sell. Gonna be tough but if belal wins, title shots next. And damn, this shavkat’s a beast.

Shavkat deadass is about to be 18-0 with another finish against Belal ✅#UFC286.

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@BenTheBaneDavis @ColbyBotV2 Dude did you watch the first round of Belal vs Leon? That was like watching CM punk all over again..

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