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João once again taking ZERO responsibility for the slut-shaming he gave Hannah on his last appearance on @wwhl. Clearly he still doesnt respect women. 🤦🏻‍♀️#wwhl #belowdeckmed.

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@realityjunkie43 @aeshascott I do too! They seem to really enjoy each other. I’m wondering what happened between them, cuz they don’t seem to be together. I thought they really liked each other. #BelowDeckMed.

Yo, ive never seen @CaptSandyYawn like that. Travis pissed her off for sure. #BelowDeckMed.

I love Ben, but the more frustrated & angry he gets, the more likely mistakes will be made—burns, drops, cuts. That energy encourages more of that energy. I don’t blame him, I couldn’t do it, but I’m just calling it like I see it. That kitchen does suck though. #BelowDeckMed.

WTF was w/ that attitude & language over the radio from Anastasia? That instigated & encouraged Capt Sandy’s response, when what Travis was doing was more important—safety watch for Joao. Then, Sandy reprimands him for his language, when he didn’t say f***, A did. #BelowDeckMed.

I know I’m being a crazy, shameless, Captain Sandy 👩‍✈️ fanboy today, but who else thinks she should have a talk show, or at least do a motivational podcast? She’s such a great leader and inspirational person. I think she would be great! @CaptSandyYawn #BelowDeckMed #Bravo.

Anastasia annoys me. I think she hates that a real Chef is on board. #BelowDeckMed #BelowDeckMediterranean.

#BelowDeckMed @CaptSandyYawn Congrats on your sobriety and thank you for being so honest about it!! 🧡🧡.

@Andy and @BravoTV the only thing I want for very early Christmas is a #BelowDeckMed reunion.

Anastasia is so clearly Chef Ben took initiative to get the “tacky” covers once he found out food was getting cold, while you whined every single time your food was #BelowDeckMed #BelowDeckMediterranean.

#BelowDeckMed @chrissyteigen is foul mouthed and she & her socialist husband did not credit @realDonaldTrump with the prison reform he has done. Their obama didn’t do it. They’re over the top selfish phonies..

Is it just me or does Anastasia come off as a bit of a know-it-all to Ben, as if this is his first Yacht Chef gig?! Just bc he’s new to this boat, doesn’t mean he’s new to yachting. Girl, stop. Just stay in your lane & do better at your actual job— 3rd Stew. #BelowDeckMed.

@ColinMacyOToole has anyone told you your eggs-trodinary today? 💋 #BelowDeckMed.

@realityjunkie43 Always think about that when they are decorating the middle. Ewww. #BelowDeckMed.

2. Only GOD knows how many lives you have saved & real, true hope you have given to others who are struggling w/ alcoholism to get help & others to keep staying sober! #BelowDeck #BelowDeckMed.

@CaptSandyYawn thank you for discussing your experience, strength & hope. Congrats on your 29! #BelowDeckMed #ODAAT.

#BelowDeckMed @BenRobinsonChef if I told you I only had 3 weeks left to live would you come to my house and cook me meals for the rest of my life even if I lived for 30 years longer? 3 weeks or 30 years I mean same thing 😉.

@Andy @BravoTV GIVE US OUR REUNION!!!! OR A FREAKING MEET AMD GREET TOUR!!!!! WE LOVE #BelowDeckMed and the crew!!!!! 😍😭😍.

@CaptSandyYawn I think the way you manage your people is amazing - you care so much but you can also bring down the hammer - perfect combo #BelowDeckMed.

I love #BelowDeckMed but I’ve been biting my tongue about a pet peeve & I have to say; 5 star dining servers don’t address a table as “guys”, & most definitely don’t if there are ladies at the table!.

João once again taking ZERO responsibility for the slut-shaming he gave Hannah on his last appearance on @wwhl. Clearly he still doesnt respect women. 🤦🏻‍♀️#wwhl #belowdeckmed.

#BelowDeckMed So, are we gunna talk about how much chef Ben looks exactly like Alan Cumming in spy kids?.

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Sure the heck not a luxury yacht. Outdated and the kitchen is a hazard #BelowDeckMed.

I bet the former guests this season are pissed seeing that they were stuck with a 3rd stew while guests later in the season got the amazing Chef Ben. I know I would be. #BelowDeckMed.

Does Annastasia and Jack ever work? I always see the rest of the crew working a lot more. #BelowDeckMed.

@BravoTV why is there not going to be a #BelowDeckMed reunion?!?!? Such a let down!🤬😡.

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