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Updated: November 29th, 2021 06:37 AM IST

FINAL: The @Bengals win in dominant fashion in Week 12! #PITvsCIN #RuleTheJungle

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@JohnHillbery I hate the Steelers the most. And then I actually think I hate the bengals more than the ravens 😬

The game matched the worst loss for the #Steelers since they were beaten 51-0 to open the 1989 season.

next week we have to beat the fucking bengals oh my god dude we are doomed man 😭

What a win for the #Bengals! Get our instant reaction. Plus, did Jake Woo??? Find out⬇️ 📺: 🎧:

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These afternoon games are really good! Big swing for my fantasy teams! Big boost after seeing the Bengals dismantle my Steelers. Now we just need to finish strong!

A lot of focus on the left side, but some success both ways including the big cut back run. Bengals attacking outside the tackles a lot the last 2 weeks. But compared to the Vegas game, 1 negative run vs. a lot last week


FINAL: The @Bengals win in dominant fashion in Week 12! #PITvsCIN #RuleTheJungle

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Some of this is just the bengals getting better and playing better but also this was some bad play. Guys will be getting called out tomorrow for sure. Leaders will rally Steelers will improve before end of season.

It’s 41-10 #Bengals, there are 19 seconds left, Ben Roethlisberger is still on the field and the #Steelers just took a timeout. 🤦🏽‍♀️

@ProFootballTalk playing against the bengals 2nd string defence with their 1st string offence, shit is cringe

Steelers read that screen the whole way. Bengals little too conservative this second half.

@FuckTheVikings8 @Bengals You’re acting as if the packers actually did anything? They won by nothing lmao?

@CinciSeabee Turns out the Bengals know what they are doing with personnel 🤷🏾‍♂️

Look who’s sitting in our section in the 3rd Q!!!! #bengals

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[!NFLbite]NFL Week 12 Game Streams @!rEddIT 🔴𝐍𝐅𝐋 𝐒𝐭𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐬 𝐋𝐢𝐧𝐤📺@nflstreamshdnow 👉Steelers vs Bengals 👉Buccaneers vs Colts 👉Panthers vs Dolphins 👉Titans vs Patriots 👉Eagles vs Giants 👉Falcons vs Jaguars 👉Jets vs Texans 🔴𝐆𝐎 𝐎𝐍🔴NFL Week 12 Live

Prior to today, Horst Muhlmann was the only kicker in #Bengals history to kick more than three 50+ field goals in a SEASON (4 in 1970). Evan McPherson kicked three today and is 6-for-7 from 50+ this year. Think of what that weapon has meant to Baltimore for the last 10 years

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VEJA os melhores momentos! Bengals não tomam conhecimento dos Raiders e vencem fácil em Las Vegas #NFLnaESPN #ESPNnoStarPlus

痺れるプレイ。こーゆーのを待ってたんだよ( ・∇・)

@bengals_sans @Forester932 He’s clearly talking about YOUNG rising star Kirk Cousins

Perfect weekend so far for the Killer B’s. Time for #SurvivorSeries ! Bearcats - ✅ Bengals - ✅ Becky Lynch - ?

@MidgetTamer So fuckin true. This Bengals team was torched by the damn Jets now all of a sudden they got it all figured out

@bengals_sans It’s a rare sight for someone to leave the bathroom at a party alone. People usually went in there with others… 😂🤢

Hubbard piling on the superlatives for @MoellerFootball this weekend.

Bengals defense is playing well, just needs offense to step up and continue the momentum

@spidamann Thank God for Evan McPherson! Lawd have Mercy! Being a Cincinnati Bengals fan gets stressful at times!😩

#Bengals need to step on the #raiders throat this drive. A Statement drive for a touchdown would be absolutely huge.

SE ESTIRA Y TOUCHDOWN💥 Joe Mixon logra la anotación por la vía terrestre #NFLxFOX Bengals 10-6 Raiders 📹: @nflmx

Raiders had a sack to end bengals drive negated by neutral zone penalty, could have held to a fg after on 3rd down stop but had a unnecessary roughness call. Went from punt, to fg, to td for bengals because they’re undisciplined and have been for decades.

Mixon puts the Bengals up 10-6! Live lines: Bengals Raiders +


Both squads are looking to bounce back, which one will? 🤔 @Bengals | @Raiders 📺: #CINvsLV -- Sunday 4:05pm ET on CBS 📱: NFL app

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