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Updated: August 2nd, 2021 10:37 PM IST

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“Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by your dreams in your heart.” - Roy T. Bennett #TeamPW

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“Tomorrow, I turn 95 and look forward to celebrating with Lady Gaga at Radio City Music Hall.” - Tony Bennett #OneLastTime

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Take away the star and add a vaccine passport VIDEO: Oklahoma GOP (@officialOKGOP) Chairman John Bennett doubling down on equating vaccination to The Holocaust. Gun at hand, he rambles about January 6th & need to take action. Morally indefensible, reprehensible, dangerous.

PM Bennett, at the Cabinet meeting: This weekend the members of the Israeli #Judo team showed us that true greatness is not to always win, because there really is no such thing, but to rise again after a fall, lift up your head and move forward. 🇮🇱🥉

Bennett was the only person at the #AZAudit that has so far been willing to push back on the false claims pushed by the former president and his allies regarding the 74,000 in person early voters. He resigns today for being locked out.

Israel ‘Working On’ Obtaining 3rd Doses of Vaccine as COVID Cases Spike,Bennett Says. Israel records 2,112 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday,the highest number in 4 months. So the highest Vaccinated country with >80% double Vaxxed,need 3rd dose in 7 months!

And in the entirely predictable category, Ron Watkins (née. Q, QBert) has begun the process of discrediting audit liaison Ken Bennett with the Telegram faithful.

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Recapping a busy day for the #FlaPanthers: * Bennett inked to a four-year, $ deal. * Defensemen Juulsen, Carlsson re-signed to one-year, two-way contracts ($750k apiece). * RFAs Lammikko, Reinhart, Montembeault and Priskie receive qualifying offers.

The Arizona “audit” is engulfed in infighting. A GOP point person, once called the director of the audit, is close to resigning. His one-time partners locked him out of the building after he shared data with outside experts (data showing that Biden won)

Just Senate liaison Ken Bennett is banned from the audit building permanently, says Randy Pullen, the Senate rep who is overseeing activity in the building. Says the decision to block Bennett on Friday was made by the Senate & Pullen was the one not to let him in.

Ken Bennett told @JamesTHarris on his Morning show that he reconsidered his choice to resign from #azaudit after talking with @FannKfann. Bennett was locked out of the #azaudit last Friday after he shared box counts with three independent election analysts.

2020 Election Integrity: Arizona - Senate Forensic Audit - Live on radio via the @JamesTHarris podcast on KFYI550 Senate Audit Liason & former AZ State Senate President Ken Bennett says has stepped down from his position after being barred from the audit due to press leaks. 1/2

Bennett said “ I was concerned about forced balancing from an outside group (Not Cyber Ninjas). 100s of clerical errors were found. Our thanks to longtime reader @christianllamar for this update. Developing. 2/2

おつころーん~ すごく面白かったw #生神もんざえもん

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7 Effective Ways to Make Others Feel Important: 1. Use their name. 2. Express sincere gratitude. 3. Do more listening than talking. 4. Talk more about them than about you. 5. Be authentically interested. 6. Be sincere in your praise. 7. Show you care. - Roy T. Bennett

If JT goes to Swansea it’ll be great for Ryan Bennett to learn from the master. Not about defending, but shagging a team mates Mrs.

When things do not go your way, remember that every challenge, every adversity, contains within it the seeds of opportunity and growth. - Roy T. Bennett

The world leader in promoting Gandhian principles (Truth, Non-violence) should have been the first. #PegasusSnoopgate

French President Macron calls Israeli PM Bennett on allegations of snooping - The Hindu

◦ . ᥆ᥴᥴ ⌜🌙 ⌝ bennett pequeñito necesita algun tipo de correa porque sino se va corriendo a todos lados y se pierde--

Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Bennett in Father Of The Bride (Vincente Minnelli, 1950)

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Chillin with my buddy Bennett while we listen to jars poppin shut. 😍

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A crook on the lam poses as a psychiatrist in HOLLOW TRIUMPH starring Paul Henreid and Joan Bennett. See it Saturday at midnight ET on #NoirAlley hosted by @EddieMuller. There will be no Sunday encore due to #SummerUnderTheStars.

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Until you step into the unknown, you don’t know what you’re made of. - Roy T. Bennett

Jordan king: I was ‘very encouraged’ after meeting with Bennett, Gantz

While many Britons fear Boris Johnson opened up too early, Israelis are skeptical of the hard talk and unlikely to comply with further restrictions without compelling reason

The lack of historical awareness in this man’s totalitarian rant is simply breathtaking…

Not even published, already damned – why are people running scared of Prince Harry’s memoir? | Catherine Bennett

The Arizona audit is, theoretically, supposed to be overseen by members of the Arizona Senate. Well, today, the Senate liaison was BLOCKED from entering the fair grounds where the sham exercise is taking place

“Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by your dreams in your heart.” - Roy T. Bennett #TeamPW

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Carolyn Bennett and Sarah Welch discriminated against Indigenous staff, say Indigenous staff. Why have Bennett and Welch not been fired? #cdnpoli #lpc

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