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Patrice Bergeron gives the entire roster hugs as they make their way off the ice..

Patrice Bergeron: too soon, “too raw” to decide whether he’s coming back..

Bergeron Photo,Bergeron Photo by Matt Porter,Matt Porter on twitter tweets Bergeron Photo

Patrice Bergeron isn’t ready to discuss his future right now: “It’s too early right now. It’s too fresh.”.

Q: Do these sting any more as you get older? Bergeron: “Yeah, of course. They do.”.

Bergeron Photo,Bergeron Photo by Sophia Jurksztowicz,Sophia Jurksztowicz on twitter tweets Bergeron Photo

Patrice Bergeron after Game 7: emotional moments with teammates ….

@bathroomrugz @JFreshHockey bruins fans when bergeron retires and their franchise is finished.

Love seeing this…all class from Patrice Bergeron as he hugs all his teammates as they leave the ice. (H/T @ConorRyan_93).

Bebendo não pela eliminação mas pq não suporto pensar na mínima possibilidade que existe de Patrice Bergeron se aposentar.

I know it sounds crazy, but if Bergeron is back I think this team will actually be better next season. I want to see a full season of Lindholm-McAvoy. I want to see a full season of this top-6. I want to see what some of the young guys can add. #NHLBruins.

@LeafsLunch1050 @mickey_canuck WAY BETTER! Run it back don’t let Tampa Boston Florida off the hook Tampa I mean they get older they might go on another deep run Boston older and Bergeron may be leaving and Florida went all in. Toronto has the youngest team and best opportunity to run it back. #LeafsForever.

Patrice Bergeron on his future: “It’s too early right now. Not after - it’s too fresh right now. It still stinks from a hard fought series. … obviously I’m gonna have to think about it but I’m not there right now”.

Second half of the NASCAR Pintys Series race at Sunset Speedway MA Camirand Raphael Lessard Treyten Lapcevich LP Dumoulin Kevin Lacroix Gary Glutt Alex Tagliani Brandon Watson -1 JP Bergeron -1 Andrew Ranger -1 Mark Dilley -1 Sam Fellows -1 DJ Kennington -3 Dexter Stacey -3.

@ConorRyan_93 Hate the Bruins, hated Bergeron for obvious reasons being a Canuck fan but no doubt. What an unbelievable player, leader and star. If this is the end, nothing for respect for Bergeron.

@snedjd @scottmatla 0% chance that Bergeron ends his career w/ a crappy team like the #Habs .. these media guys just keep pulling shi* out of their as* & testing to see how bad it smells .. lol.

If Patrice Bergeron’s name was Fred Jones, how much would Hab’s fans really want him to come while we rebuild?.

Marchand sobre essa ser sua última corrida com Bergeron: “É por isso que este provavelmente dói mais, é o desconhecido para o próximo ano com ele. Ele fez tanto por este grupo e sacrificou tanto que teria sido bom fazer uma boa corrida para ele. Então é decepcionante.” #NHLBruins.

I know this would never happen and it might be a bad idea anyways, but Bergeron would be fun for the Pens..

Very disappointed about the end of the Bruins’ season. They couldn’t win at home in the Final in 2019, they couldn’t win on the road this year. I dunno where they go from here. Not sure if Bergeron has another run in him. A first round exit isn’t acceptable..

Bruins are about to go from Bergeron and Krejci as their 1-2 punch down the middle Haula and Coyle if Bergeron retires or leaves as a UFA 😬.

I’m definitely not ready to live in a world where Patrice Bergeron is not a Boston Bruin..

@branchis9 Patrice Bergeron has requested a trade, the New York Rangers are rumored to be his preferred destination.

@Bergy4Selke The Bruins just lost a close 7 game series to Carolina. They needed at least another forward or an upgrade to win that series. Bergeron is a very difficult piece to replace. Now the gap between beating Carolina just got way bigger..

it does not matter because bergeron will win easily but joe pavelski is a better defensive forward than elias lindholm in virtually every way.

@_TyAnderson Bergeron should change to a defenceman. He might win the Norris.🤷🤷🤷🤷.

@NHLBruins Bergeron said he cannot commit to coming back We need a new Franchise Center & a 2c. Scheifele is on the Trade Block and may be available at a discount. Our surplus is LD, Gryz and Reilly free up $ Foligno would free another $ We need to act now..

@courtlalonde I like Cassidy, Bruins need offensive talent. If Bergeron retires I would be targeting Mark Scheiffle, as he wants out of Winnipeg.

mudando de icon pra homenagear meu gêmeo de aniversário nesse nosso mês (e talvez porque eu não queira aceitar que esse pode ter sido o último jogo do bergeron).

Hope that wasn’t it for Bergeron. He’s an incredible player and seems like an even better person..


@Raekownz I think outside of Crosby Bergeron is the most respected captain in the league. You have to buy in and be a Bruin to play there. His international resume is impressive too..

I know there’s a lot of speculation regarding Bergeron’s future with this, but it’s also just a great move by the captain of the team after a hard-fought seven-game series loss..

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