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Updated: January 20th, 2022 08:37 AM IST

Never understood why Marc Bergevin turned his back on the #Habs old-timers. Things changing now with Patrice Brisebois and others invited to news conference for new GM Kent Hughes this afternoon #HabsIO

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“The Canadiens are in desperate need of Hughes and his business expertise, because Bergevin has left behind an unholy mess on the business side, doling out contracts like they were party favours.” Yuuuup. Jack nails it again.

Ontem tivemos o anuncio que Kent Hughes é o novo GM do Montreal Canadiens. Ele substitui Marc Bergevin, demitido ainda em 2021 e é o 18º GM dos Habs.

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The one thing Bergevin was never able to do was balance his team’s back end with its front end. Price covered up for a lot of that bad back end and so it worked for small samples. It sounds to me like Hughes gets it. Time will tell but I’m feeling optimistic today. #Habs

If I got to ask Marc Bergevin one question he couldn’t avoid, and couldn’t lie it would be: Why did you have a vote for that captaincy?!?

Kent Hugues m’a impressionné mais j’ai bien aimé les propos de Gorton aussi. : le Français de Hugues est similaire que celui de Bergevin à son premier jour.

Cette philosophie diffère beaucoup de celle de Marc Bergevin →

Tout ce bruit pour un gars dont le français parlé est meilleur que celui de Bergevin? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@jacktodd46 The middle ground between Bergevin crying when talking about players and Gauthier calling everyone Mr.

Never understood why Marc Bergevin turned his back on the #Habs old-timers. Things changing now with Patrice Brisebois and others invited to news conference for new GM Kent Hughes this afternoon #HabsIO

@mathiasbrunet Je donne la chance au coureur même si j’appréciais beaucoup Marc Bergevin. #GoHabsGo !

Bergevin Photo,Bergevin Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@puckopossum C’mon Kent Hughes you can do it save the habs, put your back into it Help them win, show them how Steer the franchise away from hell now Grab your skates and grab your bucket Bergevin can fucking suck it While you’re at it drop Maill*ux C’mon Kent Hughes get ‘em!

Bergevin à passé autant de temps sinon plus que Hugues aux states mais pourtant Bergevin c’est un québécois

From what I can tell, in his first day on the job Kent Hughes has already exceeded Marc Bergevin in terms of social media interaction with the fan base. 😉

I’m not sure I agree with the sentiment that Hughes is inheriting a better team than Bergevin did in 2012. MB got Pacioretty, Subban, and Price all entering or in their prime. Alongside a grizzled Markov who had a lot more hockey in him #GoHabsGo

@vuduquebec @JetteCarole Bergevin était DG pour 10 ans et regardez où le CH est présentement. Hughes a un sérieux problème ou 5 joueurs se partagent la moitié du plafond salariale. Ce sera très difficile de faire pire que Bergevin.

@JetteCarole En tout cas si il a un vocabulaire francophone plus élaboré que Bergevin et Ducharme réuni ça va être gagnant

Whereas Marc Bergevin held the two-headed title Executive Vice-President and General Manager of the Montreal Canadiens, Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes have each taken singular title roles. Hughes does not hold an executive role within the organization. #GoHabsGo

Stop feeling bad for Bergevin. He was dealt a pretty good deck of cards and didn’t make the most of it. Yes the team made the Finals. Yes they made the ECF. But both times it was clear they weren’t a Cup winning caliber team and that both runs were just good stories

4) Bergevin inherited a team that went .500 the year prior. This current Habs edition is on pace for the worst record in the Salary cap era I believe. I don’t care about the injuries and COVID this team is still egregious in every possible way

2) Bergevin inherited a young trio of Price, Subban and Pacioretty along with solid pieces like Markov, Plekanec and Desharnais. He also was given a 3rd overall pick that he used on Galchenyuk. Gallagher too. Hughes is inheriting Suzuki, Caufield and Romanov (not as good lol)

1) Bergevin if i recall barely inherited any bad contracts. Hughes now has to deal with the Anderson, Gallagher, Price, Petry, Savard and Dvorak contracts. It’s gonna be very tough to deal with

The notion that Hughes is inheriting a better overall franchise than Bergevin did in 2012 could not be further from the truth.

Hughes travaille en anglais, parle en anglais à sa femme et assurément souvent en anglais à ses trois fils. Donc, oui, il se peut que son français soit un peu rouillé au début. Comme Bergevin en 2012… Laissons-lui du temps.

I still can’t believe that that Marc Bergevin chose Dominique Ducharme over Joël Bouchard… Joël would have been a prefect fit for the Habs moving on. For the sake the team was still winning even when Dom was out with covid. Coaching wasn’t a factor in that playoff run imo.

i just hope kent hughes is funny cause i need more habs memes. bergevin was able to provide a lot of funny content.

@19Simon19 Hughes has depth, tradable assets with value, high picks in better drafts, better prospect system, etc… Bergevin inherited worse contracts and Markov was coming off debilitating knee injuries and was never same. Bergevin wasn’t gifted nothing but he left system in better shape

Ma grand-mère portait le nom de White et parlait mieux français que Ducharme et Bergevin réunis… Hughes vient de Montréal et parle bien français.

@JFreshHockey You speak it better than Marc Bergevin already Le temps pour toi de stepper up

Kent Hughes has a lot more to work with than Bergevin when he started. Let’s see what he can do with it.

@EricMacramalla I suspect the ones who matter will keep their complaints to themselves. Hughes has the resumé they need right now. Bergevin was a catastrophe on the business side and that does not fly in the 21st century.

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