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Updated: October 9th, 2021 08:36 AM IST

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Happy Birthday, Uncle Bernie. We miss you more each year.🖤

Bernie Twitter

“Bernie Sanders instiga lucha interna demócrata por paquete de gastos” #Economía 📊 por @OriRivas91

Bernie macs Milk n cookies joke would get him life in prison today lol rip to the god

@TheeKHiveQueenB @admiralmpj The irony is that the candidates whom I known that won the indie voters are Biden and And they did that WITHOUT throwing Democrats under the bus. So the Bernie/Yang ppl need to stop deluding themselves about the indie voters myth.

remember when Biden used the public option to counter Bernie’s Medicare for All plan in the debates and then Biden was elected in a pandemic and we never heard about the public option again and the media didn’t ask any questions about it

@ChidiNwatu @tedcruz SHE isn’t talking about anything, it’s Bernie Sanders, who is probably your hero you commie

Why does it seem there are 47 Senators who want credit for supporting Biden’s agenda while Bernie Sanders fights for it, challenges 2 Dem Senators standing in the way, and takes all the heat from MSM, who portray him as extremist unwilling to compromise w/them? Very convenient.🧐

@lindsemcpherson False equivalence. Bernie is standing up for people in need and the future of the planet. Manchin and Sinema are standing up for themselves and their corporate donors. Can you grasp the difference there?

@LeeCEldridge Bernie is basically a communist. Always wAs. Just a little more popular now.

@leftylucieb @ReedCoverdale I voted for Jill 2016 then got suckered in by Bernie and also never voted for him again. I did vote for la riva in the general tho i think.

Liz Warren was marketed as the better Bernie candidate by ever shitty neoliberal asshat wine aunt on cable infotainment

@CallumBenx She may be back or she may choose not to return & then they’ll recast the character. But by the time Bernie does return, she’ll have missed Gray’s reveal. I’m not really bothered about anything else. Her input for it is important. Now it just means more focus for Carters re Tina.

Mfs who believe in CPUSA 2036 are literally all just people who used to be Bernie bros but “radicalized” after he lost the democratic primary

@bras68 Been in and out there over the years , just kinda keeps dragging me back in Bernie

@HoIodomor Using the Bernie mailing list to lock them in a fireworks warehouse and lighting a big cartoon fuse

Bernie makes a great point on Maddow, re: Manchin’s arbitrary demand for a $ top line. Bernie says “I could tell Chuck Schumer that I wouldn’t vote for any reconciliation bill unless it includes Medicare for All. But that’s not how a caucus works.”

I think @BernieSanders has been extremely patient and has put together a common sense plan. It’s hurtful to watch the unnecessary struggle. The country deserves better. Bless you Bernie.

@JacquelyneHowa7 Can’t unsee photo of Bernie at round table with Putin & Jill Stein. Before 2016 election.

@RyanJ_Crowley Yeah, I see too many Browns fans that are that way. Been a fan since I was a kid in the mid this is a helluva team! The best I have seen since Bernie was on the with a better D. There are ups & downs in a ride with them and enjoy every moment.

@SenSanders @DWDrummer13 Bernie it is a REPUBLIC. It was established to prevent people like you to turn it into a socialist state

@SykesCharlie In Bernie’s 30 years in Congress, has he ever shown the slightest willingness to moderate either his rhetoric or his policies in order to get legislation passed? Perhaps there’s a reason he has never gotten any legislation passed that didn’t involve naming post offices.

@BernieSanders Another thing, Bernie, 2 people are NOT standing in the way of your Venezuelan Socialism. 52 people are, which is how it works in the Senate.

@SykesCharlie Oh come on. This is classic Bernie. I’d be worried if he didn’t pull some nonsense like this.

@alaynatreene @axios Bernie being Bernie isn’t a Scoop. Getting Specifics from Manchin and Sinema would be a Scoop…Get busy and pretend to be a reporter who is actually working on a Scoop instead of grasping attempts to drama build for your owners to distract. #BuildBackBetterPlan

Bernie Sanders blasts Manchin and Sinema for scuttling $ bill via @MailOnline

@BernieSanders Hey Bernie, throw some facts in with your arguements every one and awhile.

@SykesCharlie Its Bernie and Kyrsten, battling it out for who can be the wingiest wing-nut. Guess who wins? Biden.

Bernie fell right into the trap that was set for him. Now the unreasonable leftist mob narrative lives for another few news cycle.

@TrumpJew2 Hey Bernie it’s called the constitution that is how and why the senate has 100 so your 50 can’t tell the other 50 what they can and can’t do

@vodkasnowflake @Cam_Cawthorne Strange thing is Bernie used to call illegal immigrants a Koch Brothers ploy. Now he takes their money and pushes activist. All he is doing is using them for his gestapo and political aspirations. They just haven’t figured out yet they are being used.

Happy Birthday, Uncle Bernie. We miss you more each year.🖤

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