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Updated: July 27th, 2021 07:37 AM IST

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Alex Nedeljkovic, who was unlikely to be qualified by Carolina because of his potential arbitration award, is on his way to Detroit in exchange for a third-round pick and the rights to pending UFA Jonathan Bernier.

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Bernier lawyer makes case for why defamation suit against Warren Kinsella should proceed

This is how petulant and dug in as leader for life Bernier is that he can’t even convince Sloan to run under the #PPC banner. #cdnpoli

PPC leader Maxime Bernier makes stop in Lethbridge during southern Alberta tour @LethbridgeNews

Lockdowns, pipelines and the separatist movement were just some of the many items discussed by People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier during his visit to Lethbridge on Sunday. @TherienEloise

@ScuderiaFerrari I remember jumbing so bad when I saw this Ferrari during the Torino Opening Ceremony

Cet échange est vraiment étonnant, Nedjelkovic, finaliste du Calder et gardien numero 1 des Canes en Playoffs est échangé contre un choix de 3e tour + Bernier (sans contrat). Et il signe avec les Red Wings pour pas si cher ! #LGRW

In the span of about two weeks, Erin O’Toole, Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, and Maxime Bernier have all been in #CalgaryCentre … @AnnamiePaul we need to get you out here for an event!! 🌿

I have traded Adam Gold 2 the Detroit Red Wings for a 3rd round pick and the rights to Jonathan Bernier

Fun Fact: if Bernier decides to resign with Carolina, this would be the very first season he would play for a team that is based in the Metro Division

[BLOGUE] «Féminicide après féminicide on monte aux barricades, on se scandalise en disant qu’il faut faire quelque chose, mais rien n’est concrètement fait au final.», écrit @Franco_Bernier dans son billet. - #JDQ

PPC leader Maxime Bernier stops in Smithers during pre-campaign tour @SmithersNews

@Laissonslespre1 On va encore dire que je suis complotiste ...

I had Don Waddell as a great GM before today. Trading Nejdelkovic for a 3rd and Bernier is one thing. Refusing to re-sign him for a AAV????? IS THIS A FUCKING JOKE?????

@lazchance If the Pistons trade Derrick Rose for Haliburton. This goalie was 3rd in ROY last season. Bernier to Rose isnt perfect but solid vet abt to enter free agency


also jonathan bernier was the one thing that kept the wings watchable these past seasons and ill always remember him for that. thank you for everything jo im sad to see you go

Okay so bernier was our best player and I selfishly wanted to hold on to the wall he was but nedeljkovic will be 🔥 and young enough when we are contending so SUDDENLY IM NOT MAD AT RETAINING ON PANIK .. holy shit our GM trumps all other 31 GM’s

@The_HockeyNinja To win-now myšlení chápu, ale i tak za něj podle mě mohli dostat víc. Draftovali ho ve 2. kole a vypiplali ho, aby teď odešel za 3. kolo a Berniera, co bude UFA? A nevím, jestli zrovna Bernier je gólman, co jim vychytá SC.

@Canes Dear @Canes, You are getting one heck of a goalie in Jonathan Bernier. He has stood on his head for 2 years as the Wings struggled. He has been outstanding. Thank you for Ned. We will take good care of him and offer Capri Suns and orange slices ❤ Sincerely, Red Wings Fan Moms

Thank you for your time and dedication with the #RedWings, Jonathan Bernier ❤️ To you, Martine, Tyler, Brady, & Ivy, I wish you all the best in your next venture in Carolina. (The last picture is me telling Jonathan how much I love his wife Martine 😂) Cutest family they have!

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2x$3 is a pretty low-risk bet to place on the first option though. And given how bad the rest of DET is, I don’t think it really helps them enough to pull them away from Wright or Bedard if it works out. There’s a compelling argument that Bernier is likely the better G too.

The Carolina Hurricanes have traded Alex Nedeljkovic to the Detroit Red Wings for a 3rd round pick and pending UFA Jonathan Bernier. What a massive L.

Alex Nedeljkovic, who was unlikely to be qualified by Carolina because of his potential arbitration award, is on his way to Detroit in exchange for a third-round pick and the rights to pending UFA Jonathan Bernier.

Detroit Red Wings free agent goalie Jonathan Bernier will test the free agent market to see what’s out there for him, per @renlavoietva. He will be available to sign anywhere once FA opens on July 28. #LGRW

@Richardlabbe @MarcCassivi Tu vois Richard, je trouve ça étonnamment positif cette réaction. Ça prouve que le club avait réussi à atteindre profondément le coeur de ses fidèles supporter avec une histoire plus courte mais intense (Ligue des Champions, NASL/USL, MLS, Bernier et autres joueurs).

Noooooooooooo 😭 I thought Bernier wanted to stay? Yzerman have other plans? #RedWings #LGRW

@Lowetide Bernier is a great option. He is also, famously, the only athlete to ever give Nelson Mandela credit for his hockey skills:

@Lowetide Bernier is very much an option no one is talking about who I actually like a bit.

Last RT: Bernier was signed by Holland and could be a candidate for Edmonton as he approaches mid-career.

Usa: Plus t’es à droite, moins tu te fais vacciner. Au Canada, idem: les fans du Parti populaire de Maxime Bernier sont les moins susceptibles de se faire vacciner.

Max Bernier Show - Ep 59 Watch my recent interview with criminal defence lawyer Nicholas Wansbutter of @DontTalkTV about the various setbacks our civil rights and liberties have suffered since Justin Trudeau got elected.

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