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Crunchyroll acquires Rightstuf. FAQ: Right Stuf will remain open and ready to serve you with the best anime, manga, figures, and more.

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This was easily one of the best moments of my career. A giant thank you to @crunchyrollexpo @crunchyroll for inviting me to host the #jujutsukaisen panel — the 12-year-old who was bullied and ate lunch alone in a bathroom stall because she liked anime… she’d be proud 🥹.

Hunter x Hunter has some of the best anime endings to ever exist 🔥.

I would love to play a Pokemon game that FEELS EXACTLY like the best parts of the Anime. Can you imagine an intro scene with MOTHERFUCKING TEAM ROCKET animated by these guys???.

frankly now that the reboot is airing this is the best time to get into it, nostalgia for the 2002 anime aside i personally think tokyo mew mew new is the best adaption of the source material so far and it’s not projected to be 50+ episodes so it’s also much easier to digest….

We are making an anime girl IDOL group, and need help deciding on a name! Out of these four choices, which do you think would make the best stage/group name? 🎤✨🫶.

Her design is meant to be exaggerated!!! The features that make her cute among Japanese fans might be seen as odd or unusual overseas. The best thing I can compare it to is the exaggerated look of many early 2000s anime. Which has actually become a bit trendy recently.

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@missusmummyvt Im he/him :3 im a switch Im just a Psychology student who likes anime i do streaming as a hobby and its some of the best fun ive had :3.

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@Just__An__Otaku Now finally i can focus on watching anime more than see tards fighting over the best cumjar between nami and noelle.


@bedboynsfw crazy how they said fuck it we ball and made three of the best anime OPs in history.

@BlueForger_ Preparado para putearte de todas las formas posibles.

Toriyama really gave us 4 fights that make in the top 10 most important/best fights of all time in anime/manga 🐐🐐🐐🐐.

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If Dune got an anime adaptation I think it would be universally agreed that it has the best worldbuilding oat.

Aaay lo quiero S best personaje, me dio vibes a un personaje de un animé que vi después de escribir esto, quedé.

This sounds like it should be playing during the opening of the best Anime of all time..

- WIBU. wibu kedua setelah wonwoo 🙏🏻 - pernah vlive 6 jam ngomongin anime - member tetap KOMCA (100++ lagu copyrighted) diikuti member svt yang lain - dapat Best Producer Award at AAA 2021 - punya beberapa lagu solo, namun yang paling sering di omongin what kind of future..

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@luffyinutoken 📈🚀@luffyinutoken BEST ANIME TOKEN #Luffy #LuffyToken 💵📈🚀.

First anime: FMA 2003 Last anime: SpyxFamily Best anime: 3Gatsu no lion worst anime:Jojo fans not the anime but the fans.

Regarding the Best Anime convo on stream, my top 10 are 1. Future Boy Conan 2. Lupin III Evangelion Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken Gunbuster Devilman Crybaby Ranking of Kings Mob Psycho Cowboy Bebop Moomin.

@thisisbhumika 5. Anime events, currently anime cosplay event is trendy in kolkata. For family and teenage kids Kolkata is the best city to live ..

本能のまま安全で自由なセックスを楽しめる、夢のようなテーマパーク♡ 💟フル動画はこちらから💟.

アニメイトで予約受付中! 進撃の巨人 アクリルスタンド VE (ライナー) アニメイトで2022年10月 中旬 発売予定 #進撃の巨人 #shingeki.

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One of the best characters of all time. Anime is for adults yo..

ひたすら羨ましい… 知らないと損!超激安なエロアニメ動画▶.

Denji and Power mas makikita ko na yung best duo moment nila sa anime😭😭 Tapos kung paano maging best brother si… — best tatay kamo dejk HAHAHHAHA.

Yo! I need y’all help, I want to do a tier list of the best anime intros. Give me some ideas of what should be on there. Thanks!!! 😁.

Lucas Sinclair ⁃18 ⁃Max’s boyfriend + soulmate ⁃Bisexual ⁃Best friends are Mike, Dustin, & Will ⁃Nerdy basketball player ⁃Enjoys marvel, anime, and basically anything good Lucas’s main account:.

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I’m so hyped to watch smash con. I feel like so many storylines are finally meeting. One day yall will see me on that big stage. Sorry for late night anime posting but I’m so determined to grind this game and become the best.

Mike Wheeler ⁃18 ⁃Best friends with Lucas, Dustin, & Will ⁃bisexual ⁃Likes anime ⁃AV club president - Plays guitar + sings Mike’s main & priv accounts:.

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Watching best anime fight clips online while I’m watching anime, I have a serious problem 🫠.

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