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New Junk Aesthetic came out on this day in 2009, which means 11 years ago from right now I was sitting in front of my local Best Buy on a lawn chair with a 6 pack blasting the album. It was my own CD release party. I was asked to leave.

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Metroid Mike 64
Metroid Mike 64 ()

Nice try Best Buy. You did this last time and still delivered on time. I’m not falling for your tricks. See you tomorrow! 😃

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mya ☽
Mya ☽ ()

Do y’all even understand how happy i am like Ive had to work since I was 15 just to help my mom provide for my siblings and I, I don’t even think I’ve ever had my own room and now I’m 19 moving into my own apartment with my best friends, bout to buy my own car and shit😭

just joshhunt
Just joshhunt ()

Benevolent Hue is the best looking emblem in the game. Go buy this!

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Kira 💙💜💖
Kira 💙💜💖 ()

would any of my amaaaaaaazing followers help me find where to buy these/similar shoes? been looking for them forever with no luck and I’ll be your best friend forever if you do (RTs appreciated!!) 🖤🖤🖤

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Claude ℄
Claude ℄ ()

PS5 preorders are sold for now! Amazon: Sold Out Best Buy: Sold Out GameStop: Sold Out Target: Sold Out Walmart: Sold Out

Switched ()

A night with her, she’ll be my accomplice when I break into a best buy and get the ps5 I will proceed to leave her hair samples all over the crime scene so I get off free, while she goes to jail

New York Post
New York Post ()

Where to buy phone cases: The best places to shop online

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Samsung Mobile NG
Samsung Mobile NG ()

They say Thursday is the best day of the week as it has no problems & is always cool. Would that also mean the WindFree AC is the best AC you can use, because it eliminates 99% of harmful bacteria, with no direct wind that irritates the skin? Buy Now -

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⟭⟬ Crystal⁷ ⟬⟭ Pinned Tweet 📌
⟭⟬ Crystal⁷ ⟬⟭ Pinned Tweet 📌 ()

It’ll be $ for 40 units, and best believe I am filling out forms to buy all of it. Thank you to generous ARMYs who continue to fund and help out, so please do fill out forms to request funds! It’s meant to be used! We gotta do this for Bangtan!

Gary Sanchez Resurgence Bandwagon
Gary Sanchez Resurgence Bandwagon ()

Follow-up: is there any benefit of ordering from a specific site (GameStop, Best Buy, etc.)?

Jack Cassell
Jack Cassell ()

@JayzTwoCents I have a 2080 ti I don’t plan on buying a new card unless a ti version comes out like a 3080 ti with like 20 gigs of vram I just wanted to see how it would go so I open Newegg and beat but Newegg went down at 9 came up at 9:03 and they were all gone Best Buy one refresh and gg

WhiteDelightTM ()

@BoomanLames Yeah, NewEgg crashed so I’m probably going to give up. Don’t want another Best Buy shit show like last night wasting my time.


@redxbt The top 5 ways to spend two grand are: - Decent bottle of Barolo - A night in a big city penthouse - Business class flight upgrade - Guest passes for Glastonbury - Personal trainer However if you don’t own a dishwasher, the best way to spend 2 grand is to buy a dishwasher

Louie Sly ➐
Louie Sly ➐ ()

Best Buy this Best Buy that, this bitch still says coming soon so what best buy ya’ll at to cop the ps5?

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@GirlGlitcher Queen did you hear that Best Buy is cancelling people preorders and refunding their money because they can’t fill preorders, they went over. Truly sad, truly sad.

KeЯn ()

@ohhte You tried Best Buy?? It took me hours but it finally went through and I heard it went through for other people too

Wario64 ()

PlayStation 5 DualSense Charging Station is up for preorder ($) Amazon Best Buy PlayStation Direct

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Samsung India
Samsung India ()

#GalaxyNote20 puts a whole new world in your pocket. This is the powerphone that forever changes how you work and play, and the best time to buy it is during #SamsungDays. Now own it at ₹62999 with ₹9000 Instant Cashback & ₹6000 HDFC Cashback. Buy Now:

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Mars ()

refreshing and cute concepts are my fav and txt literally do it the best this is about to be so good buy my silence im never shutting up

Watching the Thr🏵ne
Watching the Thr🏵ne ()

I got to the “processing payment” moment for a PS5 on Best Buy. Then it never processed lol

CJ 💂🏿‍♂️
CJ 💂🏿‍♂️ ()

@wholesomeszn I been wrestling with Best Buy app for hours bro

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Rogue_hunter ()

@Sazime @BLeePPeeLB Best Buy has been iffy for 4 hours, and the hidden amazon link died fairly quick. Saw on Waypoint that the Sony pre-order chance emails went out tonight, good luck

Johnny Alias
Johnny Alias ()

Best Buy not letting me order the PA5 after entering my payment information is maddening

kristine steimer
Kristine steimer ()

@Fwiz @geoffkeighley I sat and refreshed Best Buy for an hour and then gave up. I’ll get one eventually haha

Cody Garza
Cody Garza ()

@TurbulentGamer Meanwhile I’m stuck on the checkout screen on Best Buy website 🤦🏻‍♂️

Jon Scarr 🇨🇦🎮
Jon Scarr 🇨🇦🎮 ()

Pre-orders for both PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition are now sold out at Best Buy Canada. Congrats on everyone that got in! #PS5

📌👨🏽‍✈️ ()

If this tweet gets 15 likes imma buy the best lipgloss on the market for a random female

DMVfan123V2 ()

Miles Morales demo looks so amazing I’m sending my Avengers copy back to Best Buy I know I’m a massive Marvel/MCU shill but why did I buy this at launch 😭😭😭😭😭😭

jordan buckley
Jordan buckley ()

New Junk Aesthetic came out on this day in 2009, which means 11 years ago from right now I was sitting in front of my local Best Buy on a lawn chair with a 6 pack blasting the album. It was my own CD release party. I was asked to leave.

Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson
Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson ()

We made a book! 📖 The @AllWeCanSave anthology of women climate leaders will be out in one week! 🥰 And if just 5% of you — *YOU!* — buy a copy it could be a best seller‼️ So what are you waiting for?! Order yours here:

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