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Μόλις είδα το σποτ #BH90210 και ρε παιδιά ΑΝΑΤΡΙΧΙΑΣΑ λέμε.

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Hey @FOXTV! With all the negativity and horrible stuff in the world, we need more @BH90210! It’s such a fun, light show that takes us all back to a much simpler time! Everyone I talk to loves it!.

Someone finally answer why @DohertyShannen has been eating non stop for the last two weeks? #BH90210.

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From last night: find out what happens when two Steves defy the laws of time and space with our podcast on the #BH90210 revival finale!.

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ICYMI: POLL : What did you think of BH90210 - The Long Wait?.

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#BH90210 @torispelling @jenniegarth SO many ideas for Season 2. Here’s one: Arrive in Canada no funds for separate rooms everyone has 2 live on the set together. Set is the Walsh house. Please recreate Walsh house! DM for more ideas!.

Μόλις είδα το σποτ #BH90210 και ρε παιδιά ΑΝΑΤΡΙΧΙΑΣΑ λέμε.

[email protected] and @jenniegarth on season two of #BH90210: We’re going to keep it under wraps for as long as possible.

@sburke35 @NattieFink I wasn’t sure how I felt after the first but now I’m hooked!!! I hate these abbreviated 6-episode “trial” seasons!! #BH90210.

@FOXTV more #BH90210. So many shows now are too serious and are not an escape from reality like they were back in the day. Maybe more shows like #BH90210 will make the world less angry all time..

every week #BH90210 gets me so hyped I can’t sleep - I seriously feel like I’m 12 again. I really hope it gets renewed 🤞🏻.

@UmTalal_37 ❇ Direct ❇ links for ❇ video ❇ releases Sham Wilayah Presents #BH90210 And The Best Outcome Is for the pious.

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Ok. So hear me out. What if this were how they announced an actual #90210 reboot?!? #BH90210.

@withBAGpod Not with the “We’ll be back for more next season” as I had hoped! #bh90210.

I may have shed a tear tonight - not ready to say goodbye to this zip code again! Hoping for a Season 2, @foxandfriends. 🤞🏻 #BH90210 🌴.

I loved #BH90210 ! It was the best show of the summer and I hope it returns..

WHAT how they gonna not have all 7 of the cast not come back? They can’t do this to me 😩 #BH90210 #renewBH90210.

@jenniegarth @BH90210 Yes, please! There are more stories to tell, and I love the concept of new and nostalgic scenes! #RenewBH90210.

👍👍 for #BH90210 only had to suspend belief that there were people who would actually rather watch a reboot of The OC..

@withBAGpod @BH90210 You got it! Let’s bring it back for a season two! #BH90210 #RenewBH90210.

[email protected] VOTE & RT POLL : What did you think of BH90210 - The Long Wait? #BH90210 | #renewBH90210.

@withBAGpod It was a pleasure to see you all back together again 💜💜 #BH90210 #renewbh90210.

Love the chemistry between @jenniegarth @Jason_Priestley #BH90210 off the charts.

All I can say is, @DohertyShannen better not be the one getting fired on #BH90210:.

Tautulli (MoePlexServer ) BH90210 - The Long Wait was recently added to Plex..

@BH90210 Thanks so much to the Cast in front and behind the scenes! @FOXTV we cant wait for Season2 #renewbh90210 #BH90210.

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