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Very unfair and ignorant comment by Bieksa suggesting Mathieu Perreault is not a legit hard nose player because he has never had a fight in the regular season. He should know better. Perreault almost always plays a feisty, fearless game.

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Sam 🇨🇦
Sam 🇨🇦 ()

@SpecmenceCBJ Bieksa is the He is not scared to give his own opinion regardless of how unpopular it is. Right or wrong, you gotta respect him for that! He makes me learn about the game every time he speaks!

Chaz ()

@StGeorgeCross17 You’re right. Bieksa is the only one I actually listen to whenever I have it on. I had to rewind to see if I actually heard Amber right. Mind blowing

Chiggy ()

@ChrisRWiebe They’re straight up awful, Cassie Campbell is by far the worst of the Sportsnet workers. Bieksa is one of the very few sportsnet workers that I take seriously.

Stuart ()

@dreistrash I’ve loved Bieksa as an analyst. Probably one of the best pickups the broadcast booth has made in years.

Bob Irving
Bob Irving ()

Very unfair and ignorant comment by Bieksa suggesting Mathieu Perreault is not a legit hard nose player because he has never had a fight in the regular season. He should know better. Perreault almost always plays a feisty, fearless game.

mostly wish i cheered for some other team
Mostly wish i cheered for some other team ()

What a bizarre segment from Bieksa just calling Perreault a baby for not backing it up and fighting after his big boy hits lmao good lord we are completely out of ideas for things to talk about in this Habs-Jets series

Adam Tabor
Adam Tabor ()

@kenmargil Because someone at CBC said, ‘people seem to like Bieksa. Who is he friends with?’

Landon Carriere
Landon Carriere ()

@Darcymason Yeah honestly I’m being a little harsh. I don’t hate him, I just find his commentary not very engaging. But compared to Bieksa they all sound meh.

Darren LaRon
Darren LaRon ()

@DanyAllstar15 Where are you hearing Avery that you think he’s so good. I liked Burke and I like Bieksa. What are you expecting for intermission panel discussion?

MichaelSax ()

@The_Dojoe Comparing Bieksa with Kessler clearly suggests you don’t know hockey, each player or their on air personality.

Riddlefox ()

@KellyHrudey @CassieCampbell have no chance to match Bieksa in an actual discussion. They were embarrassing and outclassed that intermission

SpecmenceCBJ ()

The Dubois clip for those asking. Bieksa is hilarious lol #CBJ

Muffin Man
Muffin Man ()

@NikLynam I like bieksa, except for the night of the 55 incident. They all treaded lightly. Cassie Campbell even decided to make things up.

SpecmenceCBJ ()

As a Jackets and Canucks fan, I enjoyed Kevin Bieksa clowning on Pierre-Luc Dubois during the intermission more than I should have #CBJ

Colton Di Stefano
Colton Di Stefano ()

Bieksa owning Cassie Campbell and Kelly Hrudey on @hockeynight is the new norm. Kelly and Cassie are complete idiots #GoHabsGo #GoJetsGo

Dave Dawson
Dave Dawson ()

Bieksa. 100 percent on point, as usual. Dubois looked soft and unimpressive. What say you, #GoJetsGo fans?

Bill not that exotic Price
Bill not that exotic Price ()

Kevin Bieksa is the only reason to watch intermissions. They need to give him coach’s corner.

Tracy You In Hell UCP
Tracy You In Hell UCP ()

So I wonder how much it cost @Sportsnet to FedEx the orange ribbon to Bieksa in California or if he’s a crafty dude and made his own #hnic #GoJetsGo

Adam ()

Bieksa and Kesler on my screen…just need Perry to complete the trio that ruined my childhood

Adam Graham
Adam Graham ()

@BaseballJones44 Yep. That game and the game where Bieksa scored in OT off the stanchion to win the Western Conference were the highlights.

Aavco Cup
Aavco Cup ()

It’s playoffs so take everything #NHLJets Maurice says with a grain of salt but the way he described DeMelo’s injury suggests that it was not a high ankle sprain as speculated by Bieksa. Soft tissue injury could be a regular ankle sprain or even something groin related

Bieksa Photo,Bieksa Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
🇨🇦 Kent
🇨🇦 Kent ()

@NHL_Campbell @mikecote24 Didn’t you see Bieksa on tv? Guy made a career of tough hits and he must have had SOME internal conflict not saying “keep your head up”. He towed the line like a good little boy and used the mandated adjectives to describe the hit.

Ben Carter
Ben Carter ()

First it’s Kevin Bieksa on the panel and now they’ve got a show starring Ryan Kesler. Oilers fans ought to be able to sue Sportsnet for this.

Pavel Barber
Pavel Barber ()

@CZabby19 Yeah you’re right. Let’s use Sean Avery instead of Bieksa, Hrudey, and the plethora of other NHL analysts who clearly call this a dirty/illegal hit 😂

Grant Ziliotto - 🇨🇦🇮🇹🏒⛳️🍷🕶
Grant Ziliotto - 🇨🇦🇮🇹🏒⛳️🍷🕶 ()

@DerrickCSteeves Not Bieksa who played hard nosed,he said “it’s not defendable”…. The guy took a 180 foot run at him… disagree

Ryan Wild
Ryan Wild ()

@DiamondDrury @KnucklesNilan30 Every analyst? That’s pretty strange man, you sure we watched the same program? Because bieksa called it a bad hit, hrudey called it a bad almost every hockey media writer I’ve seen speak on the topic has called it dirty with the exception of one jets guy.

Coranus ()

@trumpetm06 @Eklund The announcer, bieksa, Campbell, Friedman all said he should’ve played the puck with his stick. Some played nhl or are olympians. They definitely know. Also, yeah it’s easy from my couch cuz I’m not coked up throwing tantrums in the box like Scheifele was before this hit

Randy Millage
Randy Millage ()

It’s 3 days since the Toronto Maple Leafs snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Now the front office is making excuses instead of packing their bags & Kevin Bieksa has still not been hired as Head Coach. Meanwhile, Leaf fans await next year’s disappointment!

Pavel Barber
Pavel Barber ()

@griffdoell47 I’ve listened to many NHL players. It’s heavily in favour of charging. Bieksa, Carter etc all played too. Just because some NHL players defend it doesn’t mean it was legal or that other NHLers disagree lol

Aavco Cup
Aavco Cup ()

@mb_jfb I tend to agree with Bieksa that it appeared to be a sprained ankle. You can se it get twisted. He even suggested high ankle sprain. I think something similar happened to him once.

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