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Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton are the Presidents who should be getting arrested, not President Trump..

Bill Clinton was guilty of a global fundraising conspiracy involving massive illegal foreign contributions from China, Venezuela, and other countries during his 1996 presidential campaign. His campaign was fined $2,000. He was never arrested..

Manhattan is considering charges against Donald Trump for hush money payments for an affair he denies. Bill Clinton, who paid Paula Jones $850,000 to go away, was unavailable for comment… #TrumpDerangementSyndrome.

Bill Clinton helped dismember Yugoslavia, his sanctions on Iraq killed 500,000+ Iraqi children. George W. Bush launched a war based on lies in Iraq which killed over a million people, used depleted uranium on Fallujah, destroyed Afghanistan and ran a global kidnap+torture….

Bill Clinton Photo,Bill Clinton Photo by Going Underground,Going Underground on twitter tweets Bill Clinton Photo

Söz konusu şirketin adı Benenson. CHP, 7 Haziran 2015 şeçimlerinden beri ABD merkezli bu şirketle çalışıyor.   Benenson Strateji Şirketi 1996 yılında Demokrat Parti ve Bill Clinton’un ekibinde çalışan Joel Benenson tarafından kuruldu. Rothschild tarafından fonlandığı biliniyor.….

The Presidential Advisor Who Introduced Epstein to Clinton Found Dead By Hanging With Gunshot Wound to Chest:.

Bill Clinton lied to the American he should be prosecuted for his crimes..

Bill Clinton Photo,Bill Clinton Photo by Giordano Bruno,Giordano Bruno on twitter tweets Bill Clinton Photo

It’s been 30 years since the standoff at #Waco, when the US government burned 75 innocent men, women, and children alive in a church ⛪️. A freaking CHURCH. Still waiting for that ICC arrest warrant for Bill Clinton’s crime against humanity at Waco. #NeverForget 🔥.

Bill Clinton Photo,Bill Clinton Photo by Lori Spencer,Lori Spencer on twitter tweets Bill Clinton Photo

The man, the myth, the legend! Bill Clinton always leaves us feeling inspired and full of hope for a brighter future.🌟 #BillClinton #legend.

Having covered those days, will have to disagree with the notion that no one blinked when Bill Clinton had to pay a huge sum to Paula Jones.

Is that the fucking Bill Clinton kid??? Istg, the dude just spawns in the most random places 😭.

Bill Clinton needs to be arrested immediately after the stunt you are pulling. He can spend the rest of his life in jail.

President Bill Clinton, Rudy Giuliani, Dodging Pras Michel’s Attempts To Serve Subpoena.

@FoxNews Whatever you think of Trump, this will backfire on the democrats. It will be seen by many as an attempt to deflect away from their own failures…and crimes. They will be reminded that even Bill Clinton wasn’t arrested….

Regarding Trumps impending arrest for paying Stormy Daniels alleged hush money! I wonder how much Bill Clinton has paid out?? Do we see him arrested🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔. Seriously, it just shows how frightened the Dems are of Trump..

@Theo_Chilton Bill Clinton-2 is a perfect illustration of this. I’m sorry but if you don’t think there was corruption up and down the Clinton Admin you’re a total moron..

Let’s assume for a moment that Donald Trump paid a few thousand dollars to someone he had an indiscretion with. You are going to arrest a former President for this? Bill Clinton admitted to an affair. Bill Clinton is on numerous flight logs to Epstein Island. Not to mention 100’s….

@GayPatriot Bill Clinton, GW Bush, and Donald Trump were all born the SAME YEAR. And Biden is older.

@johncardillo @StephenM Bill Clinton was/is a player for the Globalists. Therefore he gets a pass on ALL of his nefarious endeavors. Donald Trump is not a Globalist. He’s an American Patriot. If they can’t find something, ANYTHING to hang him on after endless scrutiny and investigations, they’ll….

So they want to arrest Trump for the same thing Bill Clinton did! How interesting! Thks Bongino for the info! Should Bill Clinton be arrested also?.

Does anyone care who Trump slept with? Look at Bill Clinton, how many times did he go to Epstein Island? Anyone who should be getting arrested is Bill Clinton..

@filmore2610 @FoxNews Not only he was impeached, but a judge also fined him..

@subjectnail @mattgaetz Check your username: learn history - the nazis fled to Ukraine. Ukraine ARE the nazis. They have the swastika on their uniforms. Clinton and bill gates actually went to the island many times. Trump caught a ride from one city to another but never to the pedo island..

Remember When Bill Clinton Paid Paula Jones $850,000 in Hush Money?.

@catahouligan_ Bill Clinton, Adam Schiff, & others paid hush money to women & nothing happened to them. Adam schiff paid his hush money out of congressional funds & still nothing. This is another setup by dems who used Jan 6th setup by Pelosi to launch an even bigger riot when arresting trump.

@ungerbn103 IMHO, it is largely because of Clinton that some people think both parties are the same. Good old boys, making deals to enrich one another. Like Bill hanging out with Haley Barbourt. The deference to the $$ world. As in This Town by Mark Leibovich..

Issue: Apparently, breaking the law and trying to overthrow the US government is really no big thing for the GOP. But: Bill Clinton getting a BJ was enough to completely close down the democratic party and had 1000 investigations. Truth: GOP was jealous of Bill getting a BJ..

The Bill Clinton kid is the greatest mystery in human history. #legendary.

Indian conspiracy: 36 Sikhs were massacred by Hindutva activists in IIOJK in March 2000 on eve of the then US president Bill Clinton’s visit to India #Chattisinghpora_Massacre.

Bill Clinton Photo,Bill Clinton Photo by Dilawar Hassani,Dilawar Hassani on twitter tweets Bill Clinton Photo

@HongshuanZhang Ever since HW lost in 1992, republicans have gotten further right Not to mention I’m not a huge fan of bill Clinton either, so it’s really a coin toss.

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