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Did you know the Speaker can enforce Single Subject Legislation on day one? We have the opportunity to end the 3,000 page bills that you have to pass to know what’s in it..

The #Bills are the first team to win back-to-back games at Ford Field (Detroit) since 2016..

Well done! This is what it looks like when people read the actual bills instead of the headlines, you actually find out the truth and why Members like me vote NO. It’s not about gay marriage, it’s about Christian persecution..

Every two and a half minutes the Tories give £10,000 of your money to oil and gas companies. They might as well put it in a shredder. Labour would have a proper windfall tax to help lower your energy bills..

Happy Thanksgiving from The Massares! So very thankful.🧡🦃 & Go Bills!.

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@KrystleNoel1128 @RealChrisJahnke Look I am very impatient! If the Bills are playing subpar I show my frustration! The Bills three losses have been by a combined 7 points. They are 8-3. Considering all the injuries they have shown a lot of resiliency! I think the best of the Bills is yet to come..

@PurpleForTheWin They can’t stop the PATS offense. How… it was looking better before the Bills game and it’s just gotten so bad.

@pulte I have no money for Xmas we have all our money going to bills. Please anyone help us $BeamerGirll11.

@esthpuh you when it’s time to pay bills vs when it’s time to buy photocards.

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@POTUS Breathing pay for your inflated grocery bills, heating fuel and the pain at the pump..

@obj Bro please please come back NYG loves you or go to the bills not no cowboys please come home I’m sorry we lost but we need you right now🫶🏾💙❤️.

@DK_Assist can we get bets on the Bills game voided free of charge since the venue was changed?.

what the fuck am i supposed to do now?? i’ve been saving my money for this sale, literally made a deal that i can try for tickets friday and pay her for my bills after…i can’t keep doing that shit.

@NFLonFOX Is Vikings beat the bills, but after that game I feel like the bills are gonna make a comeback, no hate.

Bills awarded Klein off waivers from Bears, placed Jake Kumerow on injured reserve.

When I was a kid, I don’t have to pay bills, but I got no monieees. Now I got monies, I have more bills than monies 🥲.

@vr92074 @JAYSWISH___ If that’s google I’m hitting the enter button in tht search bar ice spice is 🔥🔥🔥🔥.

@rickimnotavegan Of course you do! I’ve always loved Chiefs no matter what, just like you with Bills.💙.

Bro change your pick to the Bills the game will be over at halftime.

A lot of my bills are now on auto pay and when I checked my account I almost flipped out like where did my money go.

@BarbaraSutton15 I think they’ve gone too far to put things right- greed is the Tories Downfall- I hope people remember that a woman with her three year old daughter walked in front of a train, she could not afford the rent or bills May they RIP - I-hope this haunts the Tories #ToriesOutGE.

@woodwardsports Disadvantage for the Bills. Good chance that turf could claim a few ACLs before they play the Lions. #TurfTheTurf.

@worldcitizenrio @cashapp_qwn If you $3000 is deposited in your cash app account , what will you use it for? :A car :Bills :school :families :vacation :donation :house :food stuff :business.

#kinovembris 17/30 Broken Flowers (2005) Bills Murejs tēlo ar dzīvi neapmierinātu veci, kartējo reizi. bet šī ir forša 7/10.

@PeterVilladolid @LakasNgTimog Utility bills lang tanga ka. Sa meralco karampot lang ang tax don puro non vat. At ewan jo ba walang nag rereklamo ang tanga bg computation nila sa billing hindi bumabalanse.

and while this is totally something i would probably do irl if i could work the nerve up, it’s really bold of my subconscious to think i’m rich enough to afford my AND their bills. or maybe it’s telling me that i’m totally willing to go into even more debt for the band lol.

@lineberger_w @GrandpaNatural Inbox me if you need a sugar mommy I’m ready to pay all your bills.

@bobbystroupe Should have been to an outdoor venue!! Not the facility the Bills get 2 weeks in a row!!🤬.

@RepThomasMassie @KennedyNation People forget (or never bothered to learn) that approving a bill is one thing. Appropriating funds for bills that have passed is.

@dougalmcflurry Tbf the one I’ve just had is A LOT OF FUCKING WORK AND I DON’T CARE FOR IT. But bills paid so you should kill someone who stands on your way and get that promotion.

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