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The City of Good Neighbors always comes through. 💙 #OneBuffalo | #BillsMafia.

Thank you @StevieJohnson13 for the MUCH needed Thanksgiving advice. 🤣 @BarefootWine | #BillsMafia.

It took help from the entire neighborhood for Jordan Poyer to get out of his house. He said he and his neighbors shoveled for two hours so he could get to his car #BillsMafia @WKBW.

Big Dubz made possible by #BillsMafia shoveling out players , traveling to Detroit ❤️💙.

I have recently been informed that the referees ARE, in fact, allowed to throw flags on the Cleveland Browns #GameDayThread #BillsMafia.

elbow may be more of an issue then the team wants everyone to believe #BillsMafia.

Dawson Knox butt & forearm look like they were down before the ball came out there #GameDayThread #BillsMafia.

1st play after a huge stop should be toss to the endzone. Make it happen, Josh. #BillsMafia.

The Jets Patriots game is setting back football to the Stone Age. This is pathetic. #BillsMafia.

#BillsMafia Photo,#BillsMafia Photo by The Encyclopedia of Guys,The Encyclopedia of Guys on twitter tweets #BillsMafia Photo

“I really wanted to get back out there as soon as I could and help our team win football games. I love these guys.” -Jordan Poyer on his motivation to play through injury this week. #Bills #BillsMafia @Batavia_Daily.

I like that decision from Allen, run some clock, don’t force a play n possible interception, and goes down on his own. Let the defense do their thing #BillsMafia.

This man right here @VonMiller was so excited to play his FIRST EVER IN HIS CAREER Thanksgiving day game. #BillsMafia please say your prayers for this man who told us DONT BLINK BECAUSE HE WILL BURN IT ALL 🔥🔥Love you Von 💙💙❤️❤️ PS Watch this YouTube piece. ITS AMAZING ☃️☃️.

#BillsMafia Photo,#BillsMafia Photo by Danielle In The B-Lo,Danielle In The B-Lo on twitter tweets #BillsMafia Photo

Seeing my team eating the turkey means one W!!! #BillsMafia #GoBills @BuffaloBills.

#BillsMafia Photo,#BillsMafia Photo by Gary Ess,Gary Ess on twitter tweets #BillsMafia Photo

This HAS to be the case. It has to be his elbow because holy crap these throws are getting bad. IF it’s that bad though, why the hell is he playing!? #CLEvsBUF | #BillsMafia.

Yeah, that was kind of a soft roughing the passer call. Again, these refs are just terrible. #CLEvsBUF | #BillsMafia.

Stefanski called that one like it was madden. You don’t get an automatic one yard animation on QB sneaks in real life. Yikes. #Browns #BillsMafia.

Great stop on 4th down. Need a touchdown here. Gotta break that second half curse #BillsMafia.

They’re showing Lions highlights on the big screen during timeouts and there are a LOT of Lions fans here. #BillsMafia.

I’ve never seen Jacoby stopped on a QB sneak b4, he’s automatic! Nice job getting him twice! #Browns #BillsMafia.

A Cleveland fan with the double bird flip against the Bills fans in Detroit. #BillsMafia.

Bills committed to the run for once and good things happened! 25 carries 157 yds 1 TD between motor and cook. When we’re at our best we’re a elite passing offence but don’t be fooled we’re gonna need the run game when it matters! #BillsMafia.

She didn’t know I was recording! Worth the drive! Go Bills!!! #BillsMafia.

If these announcers are so in love with tradition, then the Lions will lose. #BUFvsDET #BillsMafia.

Your either with us or against us😤 y’all claiming your bills mafia but be dogging the team the most. Bandwagon activity going on here 😂 #BillsMafia 🦬🦬.

@WillCleveland13 I’ve never stress-ate Thanksgiving dinner before. Thanks #BillsMafia.

I don’t care about any narratives at the moment. This is the NFL, it’s not fucking pee wee. Every game is a challenge. Detroit was on a heater. Stop it. They won a close game. Josh didn’t turn it over in the clutch. What narrative you want them to kill next? #BillsMafia.

Man I Love Football… especially when the the Bills win on Thanksgiving! #BillsMafia.

#BillsMafia Photo,#BillsMafia Photo by Jane,Jane on twitter tweets #BillsMafia Photo

A holding penalty puts a damper on the drive, and the Bills have to settle for a 36-yard field goal. #CLEvsBUF #BillsMafia.

First down flag really put the Bills behind the stcks. Settle for a Bass fieldgoal #BillsMafia    6-10.

Josh Allen literally cannot throw the ball accurately right now with the UCL injury. They may need to make a change. #BillsMafia.

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