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Updated: November 26th, 2021 02:37 PM IST

Turkey and football. Happy Thanksgiving, #BillsMafia!! 🙌

#BillsMafia Twitter

Compared to @ClayTravis and his pitiful prognostications, the @FOXBetLive site isn’t much better for bettors Bills 31 🏈 Saints (+) 6 ❌ #BillsMafia

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#BillsMafia left a good impression on #Colts owner Jim Irsay:

Sean McDermott says Marquez Stevenson handled himself well, especially after not playing for a few months. Says he is looking for ball security out of his returners. #BillsMafia

#BillsMafia Photo,#BillsMafia Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

I’m just happy for all the #BillsMafia that traveled to NOLA that they are getting to enjoy this game 🥰💙❤️💙

If the NFL wants to run it back and give the Bills another preseason opponent on Thanksgiving, we are playing in Detroit next season. #Thanksgiving #BillsMafia

Josh is gonna have to overcome this o-line all night with plays just like that #BillsMafia

Did Daboll have too much turkey before the game? What are these fucking play calls? Luckily Allen got us a first down. #BillsMafia

JA17 with the run for a BUF first down Buffalo 10 - New Orleans 0 Q3 | 13:25 #BillsMafia @outletliquorny @picassospizza

Defense looks good tonight. Let’s put another one in right now #BillsMafia #LetsGoBuffaleaux

Big 4th down stop as the Saints looked like only the center knew the play was starting. We’ll take it! #BillsMafia take over with good field position

ADDISON WITH THE TACKLE FOR A LOSS ON 4th DOWN! Buffalo 7 - New Orleans 0 Q2 | 12:46 #BillsMafia @outletliquorny @picassospizza

Left tackle stood straight up at the snap. Don’t think he knew what the play was #BillsMafia

👀 where’s that get off and attack been! My goodness, what a stop! #Bills #BillsMafia

The #Bills have to keep reading Siemians eyes. He’s eyeing down every receiver #BillsMafia

Go Bills! Here is a life-size, paper maché Josh Allen that staff made for our lobby at our day hab where we provide services for people with developmental disabilities. We are all big Bills fans obviously. @JoshAllenQB #BillsMafia #BillsThanksgiving

#BillsMafia Photo,#BillsMafia Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Turkey and football. Happy Thanksgiving, #BillsMafia!! 🙌

#BillsMafia Photo,#BillsMafia Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Congrats to Steve Tasker on being named to the list of @ProFootballHOF 2022 Semi-Finalists! | #BillsMafia

#BillsMafia Photo,#BillsMafia Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@BuffaloBills Defense MUST come up with some stops right now they have looked powerless against this colts offense #Billsmafia

Hey @BuffaloBills Enough will the fuc*ing lazy arm Do your fuc*ing jobs FFS. Somebody needs to get cut/fired. #BillsMafia

@WHEC_JRoberts It was a throw away into the turf and it wasn’t in the red zone. But do go on TV talking head. #Bills #Billsmafia

@amandadavey23 They are absolutely targeting #BillsMafia with that bad calls. Remember the bogus taunting penalties that the league implemented? The refs have been targeting us on purpose all season.

Mario Addison needs to be benched. RTP and blatant missed tackle on this drive, both on third down. #BillsMafia

Those at the game… NOISE IS GETTING TO WENTZ! MAKE SOME MORE!!!! #billsmafia #GoBills

How does no one finish that sack??? There is no reason Carson Wentz should have escaped there. Embarrassing. #INDvsBUF | #BillsMafia

Is the tide turning with that fumble and almost turnover? I think so. Time for the #1 defense to step up. #Billsmafia

@NFL yalll always find away to cheat tha @BuffaloBills and #billsmafia that wasn’t a first u scum bags

IND fumbled and recovered by IND Buffalo 7 - Indianapolis 14 Q2 | 6:01 #BillsMafia @outletliquorny @picassospizza

@DM3BIB I know the truth on why Buffalo is getting screwed by the refs. They are definitely targeting #BillsMafia with the bad calls on purpose.

Because Efe Obada has been so underutilized this season, every time I see the number 93 on the field, I still think it’s Trent Murphy 😂 #INDvsBUF | #BillsMafia

Reunited in the 716. 🙌 #BillsMafia @MoneyLynch | @Fred22Jackson

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