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Updated: December 2nd, 2021 01:37 PM IST

BLACK SWAN. BLACK ROSE. BLACK PEARL. All black everything with some EXTREME glow ✨✨✨


@najulia_n eu sou muito apaixonada por todas as performances de black swan, a música é toda completa

Gente sério eu nunca vou me cansar de Black Swan, mais ela música é TOTALMENTE JIMIN! Ele exala arte, ele coloca todos os sentimentos dele ali 😭😭😭😭

@bts_bighit can you please take a test photoshoot with their black swan outfits and post photos bestie i will be grateful thank you <3

@UncleFlee So in the movie Black Swan the main character has a problem with skin picking and she sees she has a cuticle rip. She proceeds to tear the skin and it goes like halfway down her finger. I’m not nearly as dramatic but I do bleed.

No cmc eu estava com bastante sono, cochilei até um pouco na performance de Black Swan 🚶‍♀️, mas com o susto da live ter caído estou 100% acordada 🤨 Q pressão é essa bts q vcs passam nas armys?

それにしても昨日のBlack swanは良かった。テヒョンさんは着座ならではの雰囲気があったし、7人全員儚さと強さを感じる美しさに魅せられた。ダンサーさんが動くと羽音を感じさせたりであの世界観最高だったな。あー!生で見たい!!(オンコンの感想が下書きに残ってた☺️) #BTSARMY

Dakota Johnson Channeled Black Swan in a Little Black Feathered Dress

Eu só desejo tb ter essa oportunidade de ver Black Swan num show por aqui. Essa música tem um significado gigante pra mim, pois foi ela que mudou tudo o que eu pensava sobre BTS. E UM BOM DIA!

te hasztagi tak sie ulozyly ze az bym chciala zobaczyc chalixy tanczace do black swan

BLACK SWAN Photo,BLACK SWAN Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

jamás me voy a cansar de decir que black swan es arte realmente

211127 - FANCAM - Black Swan - BTS PTD @ SOFI - 4K 직캠 來自 @YouTube

Esta gente vio a Jungkook de Black Swan en vivo y aún sigue en pie?!!!

jikook don’t be shy jusko mag hubad nalang kayo bukas sa black swan to fake love 😩

Seing the pictures ahahahah i think I’m not ready for fake love and black swan live ahshshzhzhzb ok nnt baru tgok


PTD in LA Day 1 Setlist (@BTS_twt) ON FIRE Dope DNA Blue & Grey Black Swan Blood Sweat & Tears Fake Love Life Goes On Boy With Luv Dynamite Butter Airplane Baepsae Dis-ease Telepathy Stay So What I Need U Save Me IDOL WAB: The Eternal Answer: Love Myself Permission to Dance

BLACK SWAN Photo,BLACK SWAN Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

l’enchaînement black swan, bst et fake love je n’aurais pas survécu

トレンドになっているblack swanとかlove myselfとかを見るべきではなかった。くそ行きたすぎる🥺🥺🥺

@BMcGleenon Bitcoin was already looking weak before this black swan event, and I think this has the potential to drag it below levels that technical analysts had previously stated as crucial for the bull market to endure.

voy a mostrarle a mi psicólogo esos clips de jungkook y jimin mostrando pecho en black swan




guys if i see black swan live i will literally levitate…. if anyone here knows me they know i’m a black swan enthusiast. best choreo best everything

it’s the way one of my outfits is black swan themed/inspired and it’s possible they’ll perform it 🥲

Arkadaşlar Black Swan performansı gelecek yaa BLACK SWAN en en en sevdiğim şarkı ve ben bunu izleyemeyeceğim offf birileri çeksin yaa lütfen lütfen lütfen 😭😭💜 #PTD_ON_STAGE_LA

all the videos of them rehearsing,,, black swan live with an audience,,, this is my villain origin story

black swan es mi canción favorita y la van a presentar, estoy sintiendo la verdadera envidia hermanas 🥲

BLACK SWAN. BLACK ROSE. BLACK PEARL. All black everything with some EXTREME glow ✨✨✨

BLACK SWAN Photo,BLACK SWAN Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Disposal of the nuclear contaminated water is not Japan’s private matter. It cannot be handled with too much prudence. Strict supervision must be exercised to prevent the “black swan” of destructive nuclear leakage from turning into a charging “gray rhino” of nuclear pollution.

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