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One cold, wet Saturday afternoon in February 2000 I went into Blackwell’s Music Shop in Oxford and this little box caught my eye. I was instantly hooked — on the exquisite pain and tremendous joy of this music. The fruit of that enduring obsession is published this week….

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@spittinchiclets Before leafs fans complain, yes Blackwell shoved Paul into his own goalie.

The Leafs gave the Kraken two 2nd’s and a 3rd round draft pick for Gio and Blackwell to make their push for The Cup….and lost in the first round. Unreal..

@ArponBasu He was pushed in. Nothing you can do. Blackwell was lucky to not get called there..

In the eighth inning, @Ryanammons21 keeps the Cougars off the scoreboard. E8 || CU 5, COC 7 Troyer, Blackwell & Taylor due up for the Tigers in the ninth inning..

Colin Blackwell is a great depth forward to have. Absolutely flying around causing chaos out there..

Unequivocally Kerfoot, Mikheyev, Engvall, Holl need to 100% gone. Kase, Blackwell Lyubushkin if contract friendly. #leafs.

On This Day in 1909 John Chapman made his debut for @DerbyshireCCC v Warwickshire at Derby. A year later, against the same county at Blackwell, he scored 165 batting at number 10 - this is still the world record score by a player batting at number @ACScricket.

Blackwell Photo,Blackwell Photo by David Griffin Photography,David Griffin Photography on twitter tweets Blackwell Photo

@Puckov_Eh @kristen_shilton Yeah the refs really helped by giving Tampa more penalties. Blackwell should have had one clearly on the Campbell incident and Spezza threw a check and elbowed a guy in the head no calls there.

@onthebenchcrew Blackwell shoved him into Campbell and the goal post after he held him for 30 feet. No idea how there was no penalty..

@LoriLightfoot I dont know how u ever got ur position of power. Your double standards are so sickening.

@LandonHuffman @HuffmanRacing_ I just heard a story about your dad at Greenville Pickens Speedway back in the day lol him and the old owner Blackwell… if it’s true… lol your dad is one of the few that gave it back to Tom lol… my dad called your dad the Apple car guy lol.

1000% #LeafsForever owes Colin Blackwell for that comeback. Took a puck to the ear in the first, came out like a man on a mission in the second..

Colin Blackwell, hardest worker on the leafs. I swear Ive seen him on the ice more than anyone else..

@CAEZMEH @spittinchiclets You think blackwell should be getting the penalty???? Are you unwell?.

@spittinchiclets How the hell does Blackwell not get called for a penalty there. Paul was literally gonna walk around Campbell and bury that til he got decked.

Great hustle by Blackwell but how many shots do Tampa block it’s why it’s only showing 10 shots for the Leafs 😤🤬.

@RC3POX2Point0 @LeafsAllDayy Same with Blackwell and Spez. All 3 were on my hit list after game 4. All 3 answered the bell.

@Aoyarzabalpiano @sarahfritzwritr Very lovely. I certainly thought that your version was very fluid, and your style effectively displayed the emotion the song was initially intended to evoke. I could feel the drama and the romance; yet it was nicely subdued by the combination of the timing and the darker notes.😉.

@_NickRichard Campbell was massive, Blackwell low key looked very impressive when he was on the ice..

@_NickRichard Tbh with you this was the best Leafs team we watched and it’s only gonna get better. Imagine when Robertson takes his step next year and we can have a 4th line: Steeves-Blackwell-Holmberg.

Blackwell with that dirty push on I could’ve sworn I didn’t hear any TOR fan complaining about that not being a penalty?.

@timandfriends “Blackwell throws Paul into Campbell” more accurate headline for you..

Does anyone have standing desk or like adjustable desk units recommendations? I’m starting a remote job in a few weeks and would like to invest in one now before I destroy my back.


Still sad that Gio and Blackwell had to go but this was a perfect result.

@DavidSchenker36 @bob_kawa Spezza, Blackwell, Kase, kampf, Simmonds, and at times Nylander and Kerfoot. Forward group was pretty deep..

Professor Caroline Blackwell, a ­microbiologist whose work led to the acquittal of Sally Clark in the UK, is also backing calls for Kathleen Folbigg’s release. Sally Clark was convicted of killing her two children, prior to Ms Folbigg’s trial..

@ADTate39 Imagine if they got a first rounder like they should have for Gio and Blackwell. Could have had two top 25 picks.

@DennisGutez Spezza, Kampf and Blackwell all played solid. As did Ilya. Fact is, the big boys only played spurts. I still think Marner was crap half the series trying to be too cute out there..

I really don’t know what else to say. Matthews went and put up 60. Giordano and Blackwell got us to playoffs. Marner put up 100 and played good playoff hockey with Tavares, Gio and Campbell. Really thought it was our year. Refs and the man who turned into prime Hasek got us..

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