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The Trail Blazers will amend Carmelo Anthony’s contract so that it becomes fully guaranteed for the remainder of the season, league sources tell ESPN..

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‘@rodneyhood had complained of soreness in his Achilles during Wednesday’s Kings game & left in the 4th quarter. Stotts, asked why Blazers risked playing him vs. Lakers: “I don’t know that he injured it last game. I know it was bothering him. (But) He cleared all the protocols.”.

🏀 Lakers 136 - 113 Trail Blazers 🔥 LeBron James: 31 Sayı 7 Ribaund 8 Asist 🔥 Anthony Davis: 39 Sayı 9 Ribaund 2 Asist.

@AlexiatheRook THE WAY I’D KINDA TOTALLY DO IT Just imagine. The two of us no tops just blazers barely covering our tiddies. Noshing on fried chicken. Eating sundaes from your local ice cream shop. Sneaking food to a squealing purse..

Lakers pour on points in rout of Blazers for 11th straight road win.

Lakers are now 3-1 in December. Wins against the Blazers, Nuggets and Jazz. Only loss is to Mavs. Chemistry is looking off the charts for this squad and I’m loving it. #LakeShow #LakerNation.

@LakersNation aCtuAlLy BlAzErS nOt A gOoD TeAm. WaIt TiL xMaS - some Flippers fan crying rn.

Three straight road wins against The Nuggets, Jazz and Blazers is fucking impressive..

Had 3 job interviews today. Basketball came up in two of them, and both went well (the other one did too but for different reasons). Then the Lakers player a great game, blowing out the Blazers in Portland, a W that is particularly fun to see. It was a good day..

Lol, the Blazers are really getting Carmelo to guard Anthony David.

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Why do you fucking hate Blazers players’ legs? Also fuck you (not you Jason) too!.

En la tele anuncian que Rodney Hood se ha roto el Aquiles - malas noticias para Blazers y Hood. Esperemos que le vaya todo bien en la recuperación.

@SSJ4Eli What is Brandon Knight doing for them right now? I’m only asking because I have no clue. Niggas ain’t watching the Cavs, but I figure they can throw him in there to balance it out and the blazers could use him till they get to full heath then cut him.

Is this how it ends for yet another Blazers roster? Not sure I’ve seen a team manage three major injuries to three different starters in the same season..

Absolutely gutted for Rodney. Found a home in Portland, took less money to stay with the Blazers and now this injury..

Blazers finna give up 130 points a night lol hood was there best an only defender.

@trailblazers just cant catch a break! Wishing a speedy recovery @rodneyhood, love watching you play on the Blazers!.

Man, Hood has been one of the Blazers’ most consistent players so far. He’s been automatic on catch-and-shoot Js when teams focus on Dame, CJ and Melo. Such the perfect complement to those 3. Can’t believe he’s gone for the year. Ugh..

Maybe Rodney will end up starting for the best team in the league, like Wesley Matthews, only the Blazers will be the best team and Wesley will come back as a vet to ring-chase.

Another MONUMENTAL FAILURE by the Blazers staff. Fuck sakes I’m pissed they let this happen. Fucking ridiculous..

Bruh. Rodney Hood is out with an Achilles tear. Man I just feel bad for the Blazers at this point. So many injuries. Feel better.

Lakers’ 77 points in the first half isn’t a record against the Blazers. Kings scored 87 in a half against them last year..

I mean, it wouldn’t be the Blazers’ 50th anniversary season without a litany of catastrophic injuries. #RipCity.

Rodney Hood has suffered a torn left Achilles tendon, the Trail Blazers announced..

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The Blazers are fully guaranteeing Melo’s contract for the rest of the season, per @wojespn. LET’S GO 🙌🏽.

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The Trail Blazers will amend Carmelo Anthony’s contract so that it becomes fully guaranteed for the remainder of the season, league sources tell ESPN..

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