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A Frostmourne Replica sword is now available for Pre-Order on the Blizzard Gear Store. The Sword will not ship until February 2023, but you can Pre-Order it starting right now! #warcraft #WrathClassic.

Blizzard Photo,Blizzard Photo by Wowhead💙,Wowhead💙 on twitter tweets Blizzard Photo

Warzone Mobile has surpassed 15 million pre-registrations on Google Play Store, making it the fastest mobile game to reach that number in Activision Blizzard’s history..

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Blizzard stop doing stupid shit challenge impossible difficulty.

@PownicMania5000 Don’t forget though, Activision-Blizzard went through similar problem like a lawsuit until they get acquired by Microsoft. We won’t know if it will be the end of WBD until we see if it gets worse still..

Blizzard: “Players get overwhelmed by the amount of characters they can play” Fgc:.

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Can’t wait to give blizzard my social security information to play overwatch 3🥳.

@IGN Since Microsoft owns Activision Blizzard, possible chance of getting a Master Chief skin for Soldier 76?.

@KWCH12 The snow days we Got during the blizzard of 1971. We had to make up on a Saturday. We got nothing done, unless you count humming The Pink Panther theme classwork! :).

@LadronHonesto @Eurogamer_es supongo que los conservaran a menos de que blizzard quiera que los quemen vivos.

バトグラアプデ来てたけど両端金ピカクエストがナーフされないのまじ???? もしかしてアヤラがまだBlizzardにいるんか???.

@OCervejeiro_ Carai Capcom seria um negócio de matar a sony (não que a Activision Blizzard King não seja HEHEHE) 🤭.

Made it through the first quarter of kh last night on stream. In less than 4 hours we beat past deep jungle. So we have fire thunder blizzard and cure, and we are on our way back to traverse town.

@PatStaresAt I have no idea why people still play Blizzard games, they are not good at making games any longer..

Microsoft CEO Assures Investors That acquisition of Activision Blizzard is Going Well, Calls Out Sony.

They rather need the money heavy or blizzard has the best balls to even think of this.

Krl meu irmao mendigou um tempinho de jogo pra a blizzard e eles deram 3 dias de wow. Blizzard se eu ja te critiquei, eu mantenho cada uma das criticas porem as vezes vcs sao massa 👍.

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