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The Police Commissioner is here to remind you that the season finale of #BlueBloods is on NOW..

#BlueBloods Photo,#BlueBloods Photo by Blue Bloods,Blue Bloods on twitter tweets #BlueBloods Photo

We did it for you @DonnieWahlberg #BlueBloods love you #thefaceofablockhead.

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From the tweets ive seen tonight, im very much looking forward to catching up on #BlueBloods online later.🙌🏻💙 sounds like a amazing season 12 finale.🙂💫.

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12 seasons in and I have yet to see a bad episode of #BlueBloods See you in season 13!! 🖤💙.

Despite the lack of screen time together for Jamie and Eddie, their individual storylines were both strong enough to stand on their own. #BlueBloods.


@BlueBloods_CBS It’s was awesome episode tonight thank you for blue bloods twelfth 💙💙💙Season see you next season blue bloods 13 season.

#BlueBloods Photo,#BlueBloods Photo by #OgBlockHeadForLife Donniegirl❤️ and dannygirl❤️,#OgBlockHeadForLife Donniegirl❤️ and dannygirl❤️ on twitter tweets #BlueBloods Photo

@BlueBloods_CBS Never a dry eye after an episode and this one didn’t disappoint! The writers and actors on BB are the VERY BEST!💙💙💙 Can’t wait for next season!.

@DdubsTXEMT1980 @DonnieWahlberg Did you see my post? Yes there shouldn’t be a limit on something like this. #BlueBloods.

#BlueBloods Season 12 Episode 20 Review: Silver Linings (By @AuthorJackOri).

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Yai #BlueBloods great work #BH sisters and family @jennyraej1979 @tammys85 and others ❤️ 💙 ♥️.

@BlueBloods_CBS I really hope Baez isn’t leaving the show!! That’s the quickest way to get me to stop watching 🤔🥴.

Awe snap! Erin is running for DA, finally! Such a great episode! @DonnieWahlberg @BlueBloods_CBS #bluebloods.

I knew it! So happy to see Anthony at family dinner. 💕🤗😭 @StevenSchirripa @BlueBloods_CBS #BlueBloods.

@BlueBloods_CBS watched since the very First episode. I love this family, the stories, action, witty fun banter especially between Erin and Anthony. Hope there is a new season of this stellar show every single year with no end #BlueBloods.

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.. Jamie and Eddie #BlueBloods.

@BlueBloods_CBS Great finale tonight! Can’t wait to see what next season looks like!.

Its official, #MagnumPi let me so down the last 2 seasons that I love #BlueBloods now (and I never liked it before). Go Erin, and Baez got the cute baby girl..

HOT FROM TEAM TVF: #BlueBloods Season 12 Episode 20 Review: Silver Linings (By @AuthorJackOri).

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@BlueBloods_CBS No, we should be thanking you for your terrific work week after week..

@BlueBloods_CBS I know in this day & age people want to discuss sports & TV programs live. In this case the Mountain & Pacific time zones have not seen the episode yet..

@BlueBloods_CBS Another very good, thought-provoking episode & a satisfying last episode of the season. Only appropriate that the episode ends w/ a Reagan Sunday dinner! Looking fwd to next season~.

@patrickbeaudr16 @BlueBloods_CBS I hope so. And they don’t necessarily have to play it out on screen, for those worried about it becoming a soap opera. There’s just been too many hints that these 2 really care for each other..

I was fine the entire episode until the last scene with Baez, great season finale 😭😭 #BlueBloods.

@BlueBloods_CBS Already hyped for season 13. Just one question. When are Danny and Baez going to get together.

He visto el episodio S12 | E20 de Blue Bloods! #bluebloods #tvtime.

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@StevenSchirripa What an episode tonight. Loved it. #BlueBloods #seasonfinale 💙💙💙.

‘#BlueBloods’ EP On Tonight’s Season 12 Finale, “Big Swing” For (SPOILERS) & Season 13 Hints.

#BlueBloods Photo,#BlueBloods Photo by Woody,Woody on twitter tweets #BlueBloods Photo

@BlueBloods_CBS Great season-end episode. Love my summers but Fall can’t come fast enough!!.

@BlueBloods_CBS It was great seeing Anthony finally invited to family dinner 🤘🤘.

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