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Happy 50th Birthday to our all-time home run leader, @carlosdelgado21!.


This @BlueJays logo design is amazing. 🤩 🎨 Designed by @paintsbyparkin, an Indigenous artist from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. #IndigenousPeoplesDay.

#BlueJays Photo,#BlueJays Photo by Sportsnet,Sportsnet on twitter tweets #BlueJays Photo

“It’s very emotional. The first thing I did was send a message to my family. I was feeling very, very happy.” - #BlueJays writer Keegan Matheson on returning to an air conditioned room..

#BlueJays Photo,#BlueJays Photo by Keegan Matheson,Keegan Matheson on twitter tweets #BlueJays Photo

Samad Taylor x 2⃣ The No. 16 @BlueJays prospect socked a pair of homers, including the go-ahead shot for the @BuffaloBisons:.

@GodsRighteous @Jomboy_ Bro we played the BlueJays, Rays, Red Sox, Twins, White Sox. Astros are just our daddy.

Watching baseball makes me sad these days and scrolling through #BlueJays Twitter probably makes me even sadder. Still love this team to death though. It’ll get better soon 🤞.

Captain Kirk’s 3-run homer seems like it was from a time warp ago and in a different galaxy #bluejays #lostinspace.

3-4, units * Phillies 1st 5 TT over ❌ 1* Dodgers 1st 5 under 5❌ 1* BlueJays 1st 5 under 💸 1* Angels -1❌ 1* Braves 1st 5 [] -120💸 .5* Twins 1st 5 []❌ * Mariners ML -130💸 MLB YTD: 150-138, + units #SportsBetting #GamblingTwitter.

Appears as tho the @mlb caved to internet backlash and changed up the design on what would have been the best @BlueJays hat of all time. Photo 1 was available as of noon today. Photo 2 is how the product now appears in their online store. 🇺🇸😭🇨🇦.

#BlueJays Photo,#BlueJays Photo by Bob Kronbauer,Bob Kronbauer on twitter tweets #BlueJays Photo

Bradley Zimmer off RHP Trevor Kelley - mph, 24 degrees (349 ft Flyout) mph Sinker #BlueJays @ #Brewers (T9).

Enjoyed watching the #BlueJays W (not for Wrestling🚷) vs the Yankees with my sons📺 #FathersDay.

#BlueJays Photo,#BlueJays Photo by CanuckSt®️uck.com🎸🏒🇨🇦,CanuckSt®️uck.com🎸🏒🇨🇦 on twitter tweets #BlueJays Photo

@Burrow2Moss @BlueJays Yes, and I responded with the sad truth about the blue jays 👍🏾 I understand that grasping a concept like regression can be hard for a fan of a franchise that’s consistently mid but please try to stick with me.

@alejandro_kirk @BlueJays The #BlueJays best player this year. If only he could pitch.

Other than the outrageous and arrogant “next level” pr stunt, this team was overrated since day 1. #bluejays.

#BlueJays 3 @ #Brewers 8 [T3-1o]: Bo Bichette (looking; 2) RHP Chi Chi González (2) Seq (6): si SI ch ch SI SI s3: Sinker.

#BlueJays 3 @ #Brewers 8 [B5-3o]: Jonathan Davis (looking; 1) RHP David Phelps (2) Seq (7): FF ff kc FC KC ff FC s3: Cutter.


@BlueJays @alejandro_kirk Unfortunately so is most of the Jays pitching staff. So many disappointing outings by Berrios and Kikuchi. It is obvious why their former clubs were not interested in signing them for extended time. When a rookie is your best starter a championship unlikely.

#BlueJays 3 @ #Brewers 10 [T9-1o]: Teoscar Hernández (swinging; 1) RHP Trevor Kelley (1) Seq (7): SI cu CU si ch SL CU× s3: 78mph Curveball.

#BlueJays 3 @ #Brewers 10 [Top 9th, 0 out]: Pitching Change: Trevor Kelley replaces Brent Suter..

@bridgetbaseball That would be an awesome top 4 for sure. Shortest straw starts the 5rh game lol.

@waIty__ IVE HAD 4 TALL BOYS TOO… + Popcorn and Other Goodies… Please @BlueJays I’ve travelled all the way from Alberta!!.


@BlueJays 😂🤣😂🤣 acting like they won a World Series while the Yankees won the series and the jays 4-6 against the Yankees this season lol delusional at its finest.

@Marquitosonyt @BlueJays Never have anything intelligent or worthwhile to say. Didn’t celebrate anymore than when the Yankees walked off earlier, but dum dums need to hear themselves talk, trying to block out thier own insecurities with arrogant, oppressive idiocy..

Seeing a lot of doom and gloom on the TL tonight, but I do think this team is going to be more than fine. They have the starting pitching and bats to go on long winning streaks and they will most definitely address the bullpen before/at the deadline! #BlueJays.

@CappedCrib @BlueJays At least I’m not up after midnight trolling a team that mine didn’t even play 💀💀💀.

#BlueJays need to trade for a starter and 2 Bullpen arms now! I don’t care what the cost is? They gotta go for it! #NextLevel right! Just go for it!.

@polito_kevin @BlueJays Dodgers arent doing anything this year. Kimbrel sucks. Dave roberts sucks. Muncy sucks. Beuhler out 🗑🗑🗑.

@BlueJays Montoya can’t manage . Surprised they brought him back . They need pitchers and a better bat . Simien and Ray are missed.

@DEGHawkLeaf @BlueJays He can’t make a move alone .. no one really trading yet if you did now you would have to give up more so … I agree with you on the missed yes there was a blown save but they had 2 good chances to score more then one run .. but it’s over on to tomorrow.

@BlueJays Could you imagine what the Yankee fans would be like if fireworks went off at the end of a game agasint their sensitive team when they lose, how upset and angry they be.

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