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Allez les Bleus! 🔵 @_OlivierGiroud_ has signed a contract extension with the Blues! ✍️.

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Bruins see a reflection of themselves in Blues @GlobeKPD via @BostonGlobe.

#Nowplaying TSUPPARING BLUES - 鈴木茂 (Caution!).

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届いた! 僕はこのデザインかなり好きです 19-20シーズンも頼みますよ@ToniRuediger #Hustle.

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Test de diction du mercredi: Blues-Bruins-Bruins-Blues Bruins-Bruins-Blues-Bruins Blues-Bruins-Bruins-Blues-Blues-Bruins Bruins-Blues-Blues-Bruins-Bruins-Bruins Bonne chance à tous #NHLPlayoffs.

なんか最近事務所PVに力入れてくれてる??うれしみ 人生blues衣装ダサいからA gonnaみたいな感じになりそうだけど.

Blues & Volunteer 2019- Watt a night! Photos now out on our Facebook page and have a read at what’s on the Universities website about us too (link below) Another huge CONGRATULATIONS to all of our winners, you make the Sports Union what it is 💛💙.

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LARGE IT UP 💪🏽 Go bold in an array of pinks, oranges, yellows, greens, blues and mauves in matte and shimmer finishes 🤩.

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@jakehplayz Also, I will take the Blues winning the Stanley Cup and a few years of the Cardinals being bad over ANYTHING!!.

@slwein Ugh, I am going to have to root for another Boston team that I cannot stand bc it will be a cold day in hell when I root for the Blues..

Tonight, #WeAllBleedBlue. For the first time in 49 years, the Blues are back in the Stanley Cup finals. Congratulations! @StLouisBlues.

Allez les Bleus! 🔵 @_OlivierGiroud_ has signed a contract extension with the Blues! ✍️.

@dave_spector 日テレが大手霊園とタイアップ→日曜5時の昇天→笑い死になら本望か.

Wishing my beloved blues every luck in the world tonight. I may be a thousand miles away but my spirit will be at fratton tonight 🤞🤞🤞 let’s get it done boys, no surrender!!.

@Music__Mentor @bestsongiheard 10. You Better you bet 9. Slip Kid 8. Who Are You 7. Young Man Blues 6. I’ve Had Enough 5. Behind Blue Eyes 4. Is It In My Head 3. The Punk and The Godfather 2. Sea and Sand 1. Won’t Get Fooled Again.

🏒 Stop whining and singing “The Blues”🎺already ... St. Loozers let San Jose score w less than a minute left in the game , and that “Hand Pass” was too close to call regardless 🤷🏻‍♂️ ... But next time those blind Refs should put their “service dogs” on skates just in case 🏒🥅👀😆.

@Acid_Blues Also bis zu dem Daddy klang das echt gut und hätte ein super Kopfkino werden können 🤔.

много кому в ленте выпал розовый вы понимаете что вместе мы можем создать эмо душу.

Cohabiting Blues - Living together unmarried can leave you vulnerable should things go wrong somewhere down the line. There are options, however you must act fast. #cohabitation #relationships.

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My dad said my face looks more clearer n younger cause i stopped smoking ae leiloa stamaloa theres a winny blues in my work bag . Kele le stress le lava maneh.

du coup en y réfléchissant un peu : 1. Asako I & II (finalement) 2. Passion 2. Happy Hour 4. Heaven is still far away 5. Intimacies 6. Touching the sky of Eeriness en attendant de voir The Depths, I Love Thee for Good et ses documentaires.

It’s football day and I’m extremely nervous but surprisingly pretty confident. Under the lights for the final time, we have every reason there is to win tonight. The roof of Fratton Park is going to be shaking 👏🏻 Up the bastard shagging blues 🔵⚪️🔵⚪️.

@Acid_Blues Naja die machen halt auch nur ihren Job aber ist halt schon super, wenn ich zurück komme und mein Schreibtisch aussieht wie mein Schreibtisch zuhause xD.

Saw @bad_day_blues last year in Times Square - NYC and they are amazing..

The Blues are victorious on a very special night in Boston. #FinalWhistleOnHate.

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🏆 Branislav Ivanovic wins the Europa League for the Blues!.

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