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The prolific painter is the subject of a new exhibition in Muncie, Indiana.

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Luke Redpath
Luke Redpath ()

@garius There’s also an Apple TV app with his entire series.

Brian Q 📼
Brian Q 📼 ()

@LindsayWashburn I would love to see a back alley fist fight between this guy and Bob Ross!

ʟʏᴅs ()

Both of my parents have never heard of Bob Ross and I’ve never been so disappointed in them both

the artist formerly known as dan werneck
The artist formerly known as dan werneck ()

Alexa, give me a compiled list of every single color Bob Ross ever used in his TV show, listing the ones he used the most

Carla Brown
Carla Brown ()

Funnily enough Bob Ross is trending and he makes a little cameo appearance in this

JakaMoto ()

@_finejustfine_ I found a Bob Ross energy drink in New York one time and things haven’t been the same since 😂

Bob Ross Photo,Bob Ross Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Dr. Songo
Dr. Songo ()

We put Bob Ross on in our spare room if we have a party so if anyone gets too drunk/has a whitey they can have a little lie down to the soothing sounds of Bob.

Falling Tree Radio
Falling Tree Radio ()

With Bob Ross trending again this morning, it’s time for another nudge towards @hannahsdean’s @BBCRadio4 doc from early on in Lockdown 1!

Geraint Morgan
Geraint Morgan ()

Tony Hart, or as I like to think of him, the British Bob Ross

Sgt.Esterhaus ()

A joy! to see our very own 🇺🇸 Bob Ross is trending this morning. A man of many talents with a stiff brush.

Stephen Stapleton
Stephen Stapleton ()

@bob_ross I forgot about those three. Sadly, more High-street names will be joining them this winter.

Barbara Good’s dungarees
Barbara Good’s dungarees ()

@WiccadWitch I adore Tony Hart. As much as I’m enjoying Bob Ross every night I do think the beeb could have reshown Tony, if only for 5 minutes. He was outstanding with charcoal and chalk

Ali 💚
Ali 💚 ()

Used to love this programme. My 3 yr old loves watching Bob Ross, think we will find some episodes of Hartbeat too.

Heather Buckman
Heather Buckman ()

Lovely to see this again. @BBCFOUR Can this be aired alongside Bob Ross?


While the Americans had Bob Ross, we had Tony As a kid I loved Take Hart, and Hartbeat.

Pitti, der Liebe
Pitti, der Liebe ()

Guten Morgen 🙋🏻‍♂️ Die heutige Darf man zu jemandem du fotografierst, wie Bob Ross gemalt hat sagen? Wünsche euch einen fantastischen Tag.

Cornel WestSide Gunn
Cornel WestSide Gunn ()

@JustEsBaraheni I suggest watching one episode of Bob Ross Joy of painting. The end credits are loud enough to wake you up at exactly the right time.

Charlie. ()

@pqwnee Imagine if she accidentally put Ross’s name in place of bob’s. Everyone would be celebrating.

Carla Easterling
Carla Easterling ()

Bob Ross - Northern Lights (Season 8 Episode 13) via @YouTube Sweet dreams. #legendsgrow🌹

8675309 ()

@princessinvisbl I haven’t ventured over there yet. I’ve been jumping back and forth from the Love Boat and the Bob Ross channels 😆

Christina Hollis
Christina Hollis ()

And before the sainted Bob Ross, we in the UK had Tony

GamingYoshi Fanatic
GamingYoshi Fanatic ()

@NintenMessenger That is one epic and festive tree indeed! 🌲🌲 Really like the Luigi and Bob Ross ornaments lol

BlkButterfly ()

Bob Ross Joy of Painting and Happy little killing of

bunny || 📌 anisd
Bunny || 📌 anisd ()


Rob ()

@NZXT Barry, Steve, Michelle, Jason, Stacey, John, Tammy, Mina, Bob, Ross, Joey, Stefanie, Josie, Rochelle, Michael, Curtis, Lisa, Seth, Amanda, John, Vladimir, James, Barbara, Ian, Zachary, Carley, Brittany, Ryan, Sarah, Cindy, Tiffany, Matias. Should I continue, or is that enough?

Martina Sánchez
Martina Sánchez ()

📌 Un repaso a la vida de Bob Ross, el entrañable maestro que enseñó a pintar a millones de niños americanos a través de la televisió

Ash ()

So I’ve been rewatching Euphoria this past week and got reminded how much I love Lexi’s character for just being herself. This scene with her dressed as Bob Ross has me dead all over again 😂.

🌊🏊🏾‍♀️ ()

I need someone with Bob Ross’ energy around me for the next 3 months or else I just don’t know mahn

postage negotiator
Postage negotiator ()

bob ross / marie kondo as immovable object / unstoppable force everything sparks joy in someone

Smithsonian Magazine
Smithsonian Magazine ()

The prolific painter is the subject of a new exhibition in Muncie, Indiana.

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