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Three serious injuries in the last two years. Stay strong and get better soon, Boogie. The game needs you 🙏.

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@SlykDaRulerRyck @hoopsjake Boogie was a huge question mark anyways. Obviously we were all very hopeful for pre injury boogie numbers but injury prone players dont really get magically less injury prone you know?.

Oh and can I also say that Boogie walked up to me, told me he was going to kill himself, I had to be dragged away from the conversation and then he proceeded to tell everyone at the convention that I was angry with him..

#NBA | ¡Devastadora noticia! Se confirmó que Boogie Cousins se rompió el ligamento cruzado anterior de su rodilla izquierda mientras realizaba trabajos de entrenamiento en Las Vegas. El pívot que había firmado por un año con los Lakers, se perderá toda la temporada 19/20..

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미쳤다미쳣다미쳤다미쳤다그먕미쳤다아아아아아아아ㅏㅇ 저노래를 하는 강동호라니!!!!!!!!.

@jumping_boogie 物によっては3万点伸びて曲の中盤からずっとNEWRECORD表示されることもw.

Lakers should hire Kenneth Faried in replacement of boogie Cousins. Or Nene. And should consider a former big big fella as Dwight Howard, a luxury piece to add..

Vaya palo tremendo la lesión de Cousins. Un jugador que, al margen de ser buenísimo, nos ganó a muchos por su carácter peculiar y por su entrega jugando cojo las últimas Finales. Todo el ánimo para Boogie.

@jumping_boogie 赤ちゃんが最初に認識する色は赤、形は丸、つまりヒトが最初に認識する物はりんご🍎 アダムとイブがりんご食べて楽園を追放されたのもニュートンがりんごで引力見つけたのも白雪姫で魔女が毒りんご使うのもぷよぷよの主人公がりんごなのも納得である🍎.

スタッフブログ更新しました! チェック!→ #山崎まさよし.

@jumping_boogie 赤ちゃんの脳内ニューロンの形認識部分は丸いものへの認識から始まるからな.

@monaka_Astraea 7はスーパーチャンス待ち グレチケはグランドチャンス待ち.

月間マスオブ埼玉達成😁 県ラン上位はこれを毎月やってるってマジ? 多分変態だと思うんですけど(名推理).

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I am just a ball of craziness, the good kind lol Boogie will never be bored again for the rest of his life being with this Gemini 😌.

Hope these two have a great time at the Sadie’s Barnyard Boogie! #summitcheer.

@frog_js 2>3>1>ir Sat 1 weakest of the sat trilogy, Sat 3 got ZIPPER and BOOGIE and that’s all that matters, and Sat 2 is just their best hits from front to back..

샘들 나 평생 처돌이한테 임자로 낙인찍힘.

Boogie Cousins has torn his ACL, and the Lakers need to weather this blow by picking up one of these five big men..

@Carowinds @Carowinds i love the waterpark and next year cant wait to try the new boogie board slides your adding im a proud passholder been going carowinds about 40 years and i bring alot friends on my pass at discounted rates..

Brotherhood. Players around the league send their best wishes to Boogie 🙏.

Wow. Really sad to hear about Boogie’s latest injury, not even as a Lakers fan, just as a human. He’s been through so much lately, and this obviously just makes things a lot more complicated for 😔 #GetBetterSoon 💜💛🙏.

Three serious injuries in the last two years. Stay strong and get better soon, Boogie. The game needs you 🙏.

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DeMarcus Cousins injuries: Feb. 2018 -- Ruptured Achilles April 2019 -- Torn left quad August 2019 -- Torn ACL Gotta feel bad for Boogie.

Here’s a preview of Boogie’s career with the.

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Injury was described to @wojespn as Boogie bumping knees” with another player..

Watch @LilDurk & A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie (@ArtistHBTL) in #USaid video.

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